Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Months Before July...

Such an original title huh?? Its the best I can do right now. My brain is sucked dry as I make the final touches on my brandy new son Caleb!! 

Thats right folks, Im still pregnant. 8 more weeks of preggo bliss. Its been a rough one, between the normal discomforts of a 7th full term pregnancy, sickness, illness and a bought with migraines that lasted long enough to acquire several hundred dollars of ER bills due to MRI's and narcotics to help me ease the pain.

All due to a root canal ( I will die swearing that caused it.)

So excuse me if I prefer never visiting a Dentist again!

But God is good and saw me through a very rough patch. With some good friends, prayer and a VERY special friend who forever changed the meaning of Psalms 91.

I am healed and will add another praise report to my ever growing Praise book.

I also will repeat how Good God is because just a few short days after I recovered and regained strength, I was able to recover on the 14th floor of a beautiful resort for a week. Swimming and listening to the sounds of the sea with the 7 most important creatures in my life!!

I did a lot of this

and this too!! Hubby and I took turns taking the kids down to the beach and pool since Lil Miss Penelope  prefers running away over swimming. It was just easier. The kids waved and screamed 14 floors up at whichever parent was happily left behind.

I met some really nice people that week. Most just stopped me to ask me if all the children were mine. I didn't mind answering the questions and chatting with them about our every days.

I met another nice woman who's husband owned a private jet and flew them from Oklahoma to the seashore for their vacation. 2 hours in flight verses 19 plus hours... Yup. My kinda hubby!

After our week, we were sad to leave. A beach vacation is so our speed. Relaxing, no schedule and a beautiful condo that I didn't have to clean. What more could I ask for?

We didn't make any advanced plans. Took each hour as they came and really enjoyed.

Many people cannot say that about their vacation. But its how vacations should be.

At night, we retired on our balcony and watched the colors of the sky wheel and fell asleep whenever we wanted.

Ahhh, the life.

but its back to reality. School is out in our little red house and our calendar is full.

My Oldest went to her first PROM!!!....with a B-O-Y!! She was just 14 at the time but because we knew him, his family, his siblings... and he knew my hubby's ability to snap his neck in an instant, we made an exception.

She was beautiful and she had a BLAST!

I felt old as I waited up in bed for her. She came in my room as soon as she got home and chatted all about it. I smiled and let her talk and talk. Hannah lay next to me and asked a million questions too... and patiently, she answered them all.

It certainly was a big milestone in our house. As a mom of 5 girls, I know this is just the beginning of many"coming home late night chats..." but it doesn't make it any less surreal.

The next picture of my bedsheets is a strange one... but to me, its everything. I went to Homegoods and purchased a set of expensive sheets as we were in desperate need of sheets....

Well, the said sheets are the reason I may or may not dive into bed by 8 every night....

and find every reason I can to never ever leave the comforts of my blue room!!


Never underestimate the power of GOOD sheets. 

I think this is what heaven must feel like.

I have had them for over a month and the novelty still has not worn off. Perhaps if I had them before my horrific migraines, just laying on the sheets would have CURED me!! ;)

to make matters even BETTER, I finally found the PERFECT curtains for my bedroom and our long awaited dresser ( the very last piece to our set we have been waiting for) arrives Thursday.

With that said...

I might never leave my bedroom. Its just too delightful for words!

I also got my act together and made my Baby Caleb his love-y blanket. Im just obsessed with monkeys now and insist everything he has, has monkeys on it. But not just any monkey... brown and green monkeys! It looks blue in the picture because it was taken late at night but its green. I assure you.

and his clothes will have the same as well as towels and washcloths and onsies and anything else I can get my swollen hands on!

Last but not least, My sweet Banana had her first co-op dance as well. Since the dance was a few weeks after co-op ended, she was SO happy to see her friends again and have some fun.

Well, folks, thats it. Sorry for the boring post but my creativity seems to be gone. I hope to get it back after delivery. In the meantime, pray for my hubby and children... and for my neighbors and friends and members of my town.... or just anyone I might come in contact with. I may be a tad bit cranky due to my size... and I may have slight road rage...

and I may or may not have almost told off about 20 people...

Its a tough job but someones got to do it right??

Ta Ta




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