GiGis Favs

God- I strive every day to deepen my relationship with Him. 

My Husband- He is the peanut butter to my jelly. He is my better half. In the ever-so-cheesy words of Jerry Maguire...He completes me. I met him when I was 18 and we were married at 20. We fought against all odds and made it when many people hoped we would fail. He is my Romeo and my Soldier... My cat. We grew up together, learned about life together and suffered heartache together. I was created to be his wife in this world. Period!

My Family- I love them. Its that simple. They are my everything. They keep me busy, keep me grounded and keep me sane. I love my busy house. I love cooking for 8+, I love the stares I get when we go out in public. I love that we are the party. I love that life is never boring. I love that all I ever need is them and thats fine because that still is SO MUCH. I love the hustle and bustle. I love how unique and different each and every one are.I love that when I am old I will still have a crowded house but most of all I l love that love multiplies and never divides.

Coffee- Maxwell house Master Blend from my coffee maker only. every day, twice a day to function

Beth Moore- I have done 6 of her studies... Daniel,Esther, Revelation, James, The Patriarchs and David.I am currently trying to influence my women's bible leader praying to do another Beth Moore. They have been relationship changing and I get giddy with excitement on bible study days

My Little Red House- Our house was a complete answer to prayer.It was built in 2007 and we were a part of every step. It was God-breathed into existence and we give him all the glory and honor. When you see me mention it, im not bragging. Just still amazed at His goodness.

Shopping- I love it... end of story.

Chunky jewelry, perfume and make-up- Gotta have them all the time... along with huge sunglasses...

Food- Im a fat person at heart. I love all foods. Especially wings!! and Italian... and mexican. Oh and Spanish too.


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