Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I entered my garage today and tripped over our high chair, scooted 3 pairs of dirty shoes out of the way, and saw a parade of bikes,scooters,wagons and trikes all laying around our "play area" rug. Among the other messes I noticed mattresses...lots and lots of mattresses. Twin mattresses, box springs, headboards,crib mattressES, cribs,port-a-cribs, pack and plays,king headboards,twin headboards and full headboards. A queen size air mattress was also thrown among the mess. This was just a quick glance on our way to our garage freezer... because we have outgrown our huge stainless steel 22 cubic ft. fridge/freezer combo???
 Where did these all come from??? I currently have one queen bed  and one pack and play in the master bedroom, 2 toddler beds,two twin beds and one full bed upstairs??? Hmm puzzling. I have noticed that we tend to collect other peoples mattresses. Either as gifts or voluntarily saying... "yes, if your giving it away, we will take them."
 Are we stocking up for the future? Only God knows. Perhaps subconsciously Im preparing for 100 other kids? Wouldn't that be nice. Hey, at least they'll have a place to sleep right?

Sky High...

Someone very dear in my Little Red House has very high cholesterol. Its not me, but the person I am talking about shall remain nameless (you know who you are!!) Much to his dismay a new lifestyle plan will take shape in our home starting TODAY!!
 Before our family trip to the dentist this afternoon a trip to the store is in order. Greens and veggies are on the list! Gone are the days of sweet treats and yummy gooey snacks at night. Evening walks and runs will take there place. In 39 days our pool opens and daily swims and races will happen. As a family we will embark on this journey and lower those numbers faster than wall street can!
 This will come with great resistance and many tantrums but I will not back down. After all, you know what the bible says...

" A quarrelsome wife is like a constant dripping on a rainy day...."
Proverbs 27:15

...and you all know how men hate to hear the drip ;)
wish us luck and say lots of prayers. We will keep you posted.

Monday, March 30, 2009

I Wish This Was My Little Red House...

Hubby and I discovered this a few days ago and it captured our hearts. This is everything we would love our little Red Home to be... minus a few things and certain community restrictions 9 gotta love that HOA). But they really capture the essence of our hearts. Enjoy the video!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Babble...

 Well, I got my wish. It stopped raining after a whole week of damp wet weather. Unfortunately along with the sun came 50 mph wind gusts so once again my brood and I are trapped indoors. We did manage to drift off to church this morning, enjoying our fellowship and noticing the big empty pew in front of us where our friends would have sat.
 Yesterday we had some last minute business to take care of at our friends home. They had left the day before for Alaska. We had a key and felt their presence everywhere. I walked the empty rooms in their home and imagined all the love and laughter shared. A crib still stood in one corner,curtains remained on the walls and a few odds and ends that they didn't manage to give away lingered in the garage. The house was just an empty shell, the soul of the home ( all 8 souls ) were in a very loved white suburban about to embark on a long journey.
 Our home will be very busy this week. We have a lot to prepare for and lots of work to accompany. I volunteered 3 dozen candy filled eggs for our church easter egg hunt and also need stuff and hide an additional 10 more dozen for our own hunt. I have invited a few close neighbors to join in on our yearly tradition! How fun!
 Dugin is back!! Well not yet, but will be next week.We pick her up from the airport on Thursday and can't wait. Its been too long since she has hung out with us at the sunnypatch. Along with her visit, we will have day visitors passing thru for a few hours.
 Along with all that preparing, I need to decide on Easter dinner, make a very detailed shopping list and decide who needs socks/shoes/stockings and dress shirts. This friday is shopping day and since I only shop twice a month, my list can sometimes be two pages long. Inventory on the pantry needs to be done and along with the usual shopping items I need to add foyer paint, easter wear, and garden supplies to my list.
 Next week Hubby and I begin teaching childrens church so we must work on our lesson plans somewhere in between making our home school plans.
  Our seedlings are growing strong! The sunflowers are reaching high and the stems are big. I feel good that we actually might have beautiful home grown flowers this year!! Our science has consisted of plants,life cycles and soon will be hands on as we plant the remaining veggies that we have. I was reading this great article on self watering containers and really want to make my own watering system. Supplies are few and mainly consists of 5 gallon plastic storage bins. Its very similar to container gardening. If I plan correctly, I can have a whole garden growing in containers on my back patio!!! (what a great home school project right?)
 Well im off. Sunday is the day of rest in our home. After church we hang out, chill on the couch and have fun. Dinner will be done early followed by a family friendly movie. 
 Tomorrow is monday and for my faithful readers...I don't have to tell you what happens then.
Enjoy your weekend and the great week ahead!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Rainy Day:

Its a rainy day today....

The older girls are playing games on the couch.
The baby is crying
Daddy is in the bedroom
#3 and #4 are somewhere fighting

To Do List:

Clean kitchen from big Saturday breakfast.
Brown meat to cook in crock pot for dinner
Fold Laundry
Go to friends home to pick up some things
Stop at Aldi to re-stock "essentials"
Have hubby switch pantry locations (need something bigger)
Still plan garden/soil/raised beds and figure out what to do/where to grow them
Have Daddy explain how dams work (discussing the great big dam in China with the kids)
Get house and clothes ready for Sunday Church

Currently Reading:

Backyard Homesteading (we can't put it down)
Just In Case. How To Be Self Sufficient... (a great read)

* I gave away my Passionate Housewives Desperate For God to my dear friend who is moving to Alaska, So Im craving it. Add.., Pick up another copy.... to my to do list. This is a book you can never get sick of.

Oh, add "A Full Quiver " to my list of must reads... I keep telling Hubby that Sis Deborah could be right. She was a dear friend in our old church who came up to me after the birth of #5 and said..."your going to have 13 kids..." and then walked away...... Sigh.....

Well Im off to tackle this list and pray real hard for the rain to go away.....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2 Families....

We had the privilege of having one of Greenville's best families over for dinner tonight. These pictures don't do the evening justice. We dined on rice and beans, monkey bread and faithful stories! Our kids played together and laughed together. You would have never guessed 15 people were in our little red house.
 Our two families are true kindred spirits. Not only do we have large families, homeschool, and have many similar beliefs in almost EVERYTHING, but we have the same passion and faith for our family, friends and God.
 My heart is so sad. These precious people are moving to Alaska next week. They have been on a long three year journey that has prepared them for this calling. At our table they shared their testimony on how God has led them thru trials and tests. With amazing faith they followed blindly to His calling... not knowing why things were happening to them... but just trusting.
 They found out a few months ago that God was preparing them for the ministry in Alaska! A place much different than here! 2 southerners moving to a place where daytime and night take on a whole new meaning.
 They are leaving with books and clothes and gave away everything else. To some, this may seem like an impossible task, but its what their "hard training" had prepared them for.
 Our families will always remember tonight. I will never forget this family and will pray for them daily along with our other missionaries.
 Enjoy the pictures of the ELEVEN children  and the two sets of parents they belong to. You would have never guessed they were in the home. They played and laughed and blended perfectly!!!
 We love them!

Monday, March 23, 2009

S-T-O-P The Insanity!

Rewind 20 years. Do you remember that super skinny middle aged lady on t.v with an almost shaved head and white/blond stubble?? She would jump all over the stage encouraging people to lose weight! She would scream loudly ..."STOP THE INSANITY!!!"
 Thats what I feel like right now. Can you guess why? Im potty training child #4... The boy! I have pridefully gloated before at other parents at how easy potty training can be. Whats the big deal? Why is it so hard for YOU? Its really not rocket science. My words have come back to bite me on the bottom! 
 Today is day #2. Usually by now, my girls are past the thick cloth training pants and have moved on to normal princess panties. Well, Noah has not quite reached anywhere near that point.
 After one pee in the corner, one pee in the closet, one pee in my foyer (on my wood floors mind you) and one large poop in his underwear, he is currently running thru the house commando! The wash is on and the dryer is crankin!!!  The only progress being made are the bets going on to see how much toilet paper will it take to clog the downstairs bathroom.
  He already flashed all the kids in the neighborhood by standing in the foyer window enjoying the spring breeze. Once Hannah came running thru the home mortified that her friends saw her little brothers pee pee, I quickly ushered him away and checked the dryer. Thank GOD the newest batch of undies were dried. I quickly dressed him and the training began again.
 I have a big glass jar of yummy jelly beans waiting to be devoured at the first sprinkle in the toilet. Right now its hiding in my snack cabinet collecting dust. We have had no need for it yet.
 Feeling discouraged and needing words of advice, I called my good friend back in NY...
"Hi _____" I said..." I have a quick question for you. Is your son potty trained yet?"
"How was it?"
" Horrible. It was the worst thing I had to do. We are still doing it. Girls are sooo much easier..."

I had to laugh. At least I knew I was not alone. We swapped boy stories of what they had recently discovered and how many ways pee can escape from a toilet.
 I now have hope!! Not that he will ever be trained... but that I will make it through
 A friend is coming to visit in April and she wants to rescue her favorite man from the horrible toilet. I think she might find a little blond boy standing on her doorstep before she has the chance to visit... No, I could never live without my little man, just his stinky smelly diapers.=)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Isn't This The Cutest?

Once again I changed my background. I was inspired by my walk this afternoon. It is a very warm Sabbath and all flowers are in bloom. My older kids walked beside me in tank tops and capri's and the babies were in our "new" wagon (thanks Borton family=)
 Upon coming back home and having the windows wide open, I quickly realized my new blog was dark and winter-ized. So I found this quirky background and just LOVE it!
 My brain is buzzing with activity! So much needs to be done to my little red house to welcome Spring. Spring officially began last week but the prep in my home takes weeks. There is cleaning,pruning,watering,painting,decorating,re-arranging, and scrubbing to be had!
I am in the process of making a sidebar list of Spring Cleaning reminders...that way you can keep track of my doings (and perhaps remind me to get crackin!!!)
 One weeknight last week after I dropped Emma off at Drama, I discovered my new favorite store!!! KIRKLAND'S!! Do you have one near you? Well, you should! Its awesome!!! I plan on spending many afternoons browsing for new pretties for my home. I'm even getting a monogrammed nightlight shade (with beads) for my foyer. How precious!!!! Check out their site and dream!!

The Creek

While I stayed home with 3 runny nosed buttons, Hubby took the 2 oldest out past our homes to the creek. The creek is right past our pool and hidden deep in the woods. Its quite a pain getting to, but once your there... its a sweet retreat. They saw deer prints, snake prints and little fish. They enjoyed their little safari a lot!

Garden Update:

Our Raspberry bushes are sticks with big leaves on them! Yaa, they handled the transition well and all 4 are starting to grow leaves, Im so excited. 

The strawberry plants are beautiful. They are happy and getting big. Jason will be planting them in the ground today. We still have some composting and planning to do.

Yesterday 3 veggie plants became ours!! 2 Roma tomato plants and 1 banana pepper plant. We have to wait till next week to purchase the squash and eggplant. Its still a bit cold to put these small babies in the ground. They will be left in the sun during the day and brought into the warm house at night.

My Sunflower seeds, Brown Eyed Susan seeds and Morning Glory seeds have all sprouted on the west side of our house. The kids and I go out there every morning to water and see how big they have gotten from the day before. Its also a great way to teach botany to the little ones. I tell them how seeds and plants work. Molly really soaks all of this in! Once the seedlings get a bit bigger, I will post pictures of all of them.

We still have a LOT to learn about gardening in the South. This sun is strong and if we don't do everything just right, the sun will fry up these plants quicker than I can water them. We are all really hoping these plants survive this first year, but if they don't, its ok... we will learn from our mistakes and begin planning for the next year.

Pictures coming soon!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

On A Much Lighter Note...

After a full family favorite dinner, a spontaneous game of hide and go seek broke out in our little red house. I realized that playing this game now is 100 times more fun than it EVER was as a child. Jason and I didn't play this time. He did some work on the computer and I was busy in the kitchen cleaning up the mass dinner mess. Plus, we had the best seats in the house.....
 Its hard to find the words to describe this game that was played with 5 kids ranging in age from 11 to 1 1/2. Someone was appointed the "counter" and then 8 little feet puttered away to find their treasured hiding spot.
 The infamous "ready or not... here I come..." was shouted out. Now, at this point, you all probably have remembered hearing SILENCE!!! Not even daring to breathe in fear you would be found out. Well, do you think that happens here??? Not a chance. From all over the house you hear giggles, shouts and little people jumping out in front of the "counter" yelling...  "HERE I AMMMMMMM..."
 Or in Abby's case, she was pointing to everyone else's hiding spot and surprisingly yelled "Aqui Aqui..."
 No, im totally serious! Hubby and I really strained ourselves to hear her little voice shouting spanish throughout our home. After we were done pee-ing ourselves from laughing so hard we figured watching Diego must actually be a childs version of The Rosetta Stone?? Who knows.
 We had a great time watching our offspring make new versions of an old favorite.
 The game ended just as fast as it started and was quickly taken over by Molly "swimming " thru the house in her new bathing suit. She "dived" off the tables and daintily danced the pool dance. 
Ahhh never a dull moment in my home and I would not have it any other way!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Darfur Genocide Awareness

Darfur Genocide Awareness

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More and more missions has been on my heart. I have picked up magazines,books and read websites that will teach me more about what is going on around the world. I have my children raising money for the needy for the HEIFER organization and we pray for our church missionaries daily. The passion has caught on and my Hannah has "bonded" with an Indian orphan named GOSALIA.
 I was on one of my few favorite websites and caught this awareness video. Be warned. Its not for the faint of heart. I got sick to my stomach. Not for the images before me, but over the fact this is happening this VERY second and we americans just go on about our life pretending it does not happen... or mostly, not even knowing. We (including myself) are too worried over the next sale, or where we are going out, to eat to sit back and take a second to pray for the persecuted. Or even better yet, to help. Whenever I see these videos or read about the persecuted, the missionaries risking their lives, it makes me want to just get on my knees and pray, sell my belonging and take my children and go help. I want to show them that life is more than physical wants. Gods love and mercy is needed desperately all over the world and we, as His children, need to go.

A Day Of Sun Fun...

I think these pictures say it all! What better way to spend a fun filled sunny day then practicing handstands in the backyard, counting the new blooms on our little tree, eating popsicles and then napping on Mommy's bed? The windows were wide open and the cool breeze blew in. Abigail was snuggled under her favorite blanket and slept away. She awoke to daddy giving her kisses. Five seconds later she was rubbing her eyes and running back out the screen porch door to join the others.
 Later in the evening a nice warm bath and comfy jammies sealed the deal! 
Many more days of summer fun ahead, can't wait!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Taco Night...

Wednesday nights are taco night in our house. Its a quick and easy supper to throw together. It also guarantees full bellies. Something about assembling the taco make my kids scarf down as many as they can.
 We had a full day today and I thought I would share some bits and pieces. We started with our pledges to the flag,bible and Christian flag, along with our family memory verse and started some spelling work. I started Molly on counting with her farm animals and she quickly caught on.
 The it was off to Wal-mart where we filled TWO carts with all sorts of grocery items. We were all excited to buy our veggie plants but then walked away disappointed because they STUNK!!!!
 While I happily re-organized and re-stocked our pantries, Hannah was busy making home-made bubbles to play with. She rocks!! The bubbles were huge and the kids had a blast. Now Im off to church. Always a nice highlight during a long week....


I have been a "Twitter-er" for quite some time... actually since the summer of 2007!! Now you can follow my every tweet. I just figured out how to add twitter to my blog. Its so wonderful to finally have these two connected.
 Stay tuned as well. I plan on adding video updates. Its something I have been working on for a while, but my creative juices have been squished a bit by cookie crumbs and dirty diapers. Don't fret my friends... when it finally happens, it will be spectacular!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Definition of a HOME.

I have enjoyed a few posts from this blogger "FRIEND." She lives in the one place on earth I would do anything to visit... Israel. In the article I am about to take you to, she perfectly sums up the meaning on Home. She is a true true kindred spirit! Enjoy....

Mexican Lasagna

I spent a rainy afternoon with my Ruth girls. I had a great time and came away with one delicious recipe. Mexican Lasagna!! It was quick to assemble,cook and clean up... not to mention, the kids loved it.
 It was also the first time Abigail sat at the table in her "big girl" seat. I tried to get some candid shots of her, but being the ham that she is, she posed for EVERY ONE!!! She had the whole family cracking up!
 I was very excited to bid the high chair farewell.... perhaps. Its in the garage close at hand "just in case..." ;)
 Enjoy the pictures of our tribe licking the plate (and the sour cream spoon)... try this recipe for your family and let me know how it turns out.

(remember to adjust size accordingly to family size...)

2 lb. ground beef
2 pks taco seasoning
1 BIG bag of tortilla chips
2 cans c. of chicken soup
2 cans rotel
 large pack of shredded cheese,or velvetta

preheat oven to 350. Brown meat and add taco seasoning. Layer bottom of large baking dish with tortillas, the spread meat on top , followed by cheese. Repeat steps as many times as needed.
 In seperate bowl empty soup cans and rotel cans and mix thru. Pour over top. Bake for about 45 minutes till nice and bubbly. Serve with sour cream.

Thanks Mindy, for a wonderful FUN dinner!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

5 Little Monkeys.....

Today was a day of tummy goodness!! I made a few dishes and casseroles but the best was yet to come... MONKEY BREAD! Nothing says family time better than warm monkey bread dripping with brown sugar coating. My little monkeys eagerly crowded in the kitchen waiting for the bread to be done. Not much was left after the bread was placed on the table. Thats ok... I have 5 happy full sticky monkeys!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Family Affair...

After I returned home from a very special "Shower of Love" for a dear friend we conquered a BIG problem in our downstairs powder room.... A clogged toilet! I won't get into details as to what clogged it, how we found out and what was left. All I will say is this...
 It was a true family affair!! Everyone crammed into our bathroom and watched as daddy plunged away. Cries of victory echoed thru our foyer once we heard the sound of the flush! We were victorious!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Check This Out...

Watch THIS VIDEO that I found. Its so true... well 95% of it anyway. Gotta love homeschooling!!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Pied Piper Of The South!

Wherever I go, I seem to attract children.... so when I went for an after dinner walk with my kids it was no surprise that 5 extra kids were eagerly awaiting to join us on our front lawn. I, of coarse welcomed them and off we all went. They quickly left the babies and I in the dust and they raced their scooters. People who were driving by and walking by just stood and stared. I know what they were thinking...
" Are they all hers??"
I don't care, Im known as the weird lady with all those kids in the red house.... I love it!!! 
Even though it was a brisk day, they had a blast. Five crashes and 3 races down the hill later we were headed home.
 Gotta love the spring...

Oh Baby!!!

My hubby brought me home a surprise today from Barnes and Nobles. A book about Backyard Homesteading. Doesn't it sound wonderful? How to yield the most out of your own personal space. These pages are filled with tips, hints, container growing,patio growing,shade growing and more. It also includes tips on bee-keeping, livestock, egg production and herbs... You know how much I love my herbs. I grew them abundantly back in NY. They filled my front porch and spilled onto my back garden.
 Also included are delicious home-made recipes, canning and storing all the harvest you produced. I can't wait!
  Tonight Hubby has a man's meeting at a nearby restaurant. I will miss him but look forward to my very few moments of solitude. I will usher the kids quickly up the stairs into their beds, pop some hot chicken wings into the oven and snuggle in the couch to read the book from cover to cover. I am so excited. I also made Jason a list... of seeds he MUST buy TONIGHT!!! Of coarse I most likely will buy my veggies as small plants, I still want a good stock of seeds in my home... as any good Farmgirl would have!
 I will keep you posted on the progress of our new homestead. I know for sure livestock is forbidden in our neighborhood, but I don't recall them saying anything about bees....... =)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Beginning Of Something Yummy...

Today was another picture perfect day in the Sunny Patch! After Daddy came home, we hurried out back and started planting our garden. We have bought some strawberry and raspberry plants which were desperate to be put in the ground. We still have mulching and lots of cosmetic work to do, but its starting to take place.
 Don't laugh at those little sticks standing in the ground. They will be filled far and wide with luscious bursting fruit. Next week we shall plant our veggies and the experiment will begin!!!
  I will keep you posted on how our garden is growing. Next weekend our crew will be busy. Lots of work to do to make a garden grow!
P.s. Did you notice our little tree has started to bloom?? How precious. I love my little red house.


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