Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I entered my garage today and tripped over our high chair, scooted 3 pairs of dirty shoes out of the way, and saw a parade of bikes,scooters,wagons and trikes all laying around our "play area" rug. Among the other messes I noticed mattresses...lots and lots of mattresses. Twin mattresses, box springs, headboards,crib mattressES, cribs,port-a-cribs, pack and plays,king headboards,twin headboards and full headboards. A queen size air mattress was also thrown among the mess. This was just a quick glance on our way to our garage freezer... because we have outgrown our huge stainless steel 22 cubic ft. fridge/freezer combo???
 Where did these all come from??? I currently have one queen bed  and one pack and play in the master bedroom, 2 toddler beds,two twin beds and one full bed upstairs??? Hmm puzzling. I have noticed that we tend to collect other peoples mattresses. Either as gifts or voluntarily saying... "yes, if your giving it away, we will take them."
 Are we stocking up for the future? Only God knows. Perhaps subconsciously Im preparing for 100 other kids? Wouldn't that be nice. Hey, at least they'll have a place to sleep right?


  1. I have to type left handed but I wanted to stop by and see what you are doing.

    from Roberta Anne
    The Raggedy Girl

  2. I guess you could bless some others with all those mattresses.

  3. Funny, we have an old queen sized mattress that we are getting rid of. I haven't been able to find it a home - so I think we are just going to take it to the dump! It's not in the best shape, but it still makes me sad the throw it away!



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