Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Babble...

 Well, I got my wish. It stopped raining after a whole week of damp wet weather. Unfortunately along with the sun came 50 mph wind gusts so once again my brood and I are trapped indoors. We did manage to drift off to church this morning, enjoying our fellowship and noticing the big empty pew in front of us where our friends would have sat.
 Yesterday we had some last minute business to take care of at our friends home. They had left the day before for Alaska. We had a key and felt their presence everywhere. I walked the empty rooms in their home and imagined all the love and laughter shared. A crib still stood in one corner,curtains remained on the walls and a few odds and ends that they didn't manage to give away lingered in the garage. The house was just an empty shell, the soul of the home ( all 8 souls ) were in a very loved white suburban about to embark on a long journey.
 Our home will be very busy this week. We have a lot to prepare for and lots of work to accompany. I volunteered 3 dozen candy filled eggs for our church easter egg hunt and also need stuff and hide an additional 10 more dozen for our own hunt. I have invited a few close neighbors to join in on our yearly tradition! How fun!
 Dugin is back!! Well not yet, but will be next week.We pick her up from the airport on Thursday and can't wait. Its been too long since she has hung out with us at the sunnypatch. Along with her visit, we will have day visitors passing thru for a few hours.
 Along with all that preparing, I need to decide on Easter dinner, make a very detailed shopping list and decide who needs socks/shoes/stockings and dress shirts. This friday is shopping day and since I only shop twice a month, my list can sometimes be two pages long. Inventory on the pantry needs to be done and along with the usual shopping items I need to add foyer paint, easter wear, and garden supplies to my list.
 Next week Hubby and I begin teaching childrens church so we must work on our lesson plans somewhere in between making our home school plans.
  Our seedlings are growing strong! The sunflowers are reaching high and the stems are big. I feel good that we actually might have beautiful home grown flowers this year!! Our science has consisted of plants,life cycles and soon will be hands on as we plant the remaining veggies that we have. I was reading this great article on self watering containers and really want to make my own watering system. Supplies are few and mainly consists of 5 gallon plastic storage bins. Its very similar to container gardening. If I plan correctly, I can have a whole garden growing in containers on my back patio!!! (what a great home school project right?)
 Well im off. Sunday is the day of rest in our home. After church we hang out, chill on the couch and have fun. Dinner will be done early followed by a family friendly movie. 
 Tomorrow is monday and for my faithful readers...I don't have to tell you what happens then.
Enjoy your weekend and the great week ahead!!


  1. We shared your wind today and it is a tumbleweed festival on our street. They all seem curiously human???

    Roberta Anne

  2. Have a BLESSED & FUN week! So much to do and great memories being made.



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