Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh Baby!!!

My hubby brought me home a surprise today from Barnes and Nobles. A book about Backyard Homesteading. Doesn't it sound wonderful? How to yield the most out of your own personal space. These pages are filled with tips, hints, container growing,patio growing,shade growing and more. It also includes tips on bee-keeping, livestock, egg production and herbs... You know how much I love my herbs. I grew them abundantly back in NY. They filled my front porch and spilled onto my back garden.
 Also included are delicious home-made recipes, canning and storing all the harvest you produced. I can't wait!
  Tonight Hubby has a man's meeting at a nearby restaurant. I will miss him but look forward to my very few moments of solitude. I will usher the kids quickly up the stairs into their beds, pop some hot chicken wings into the oven and snuggle in the couch to read the book from cover to cover. I am so excited. I also made Jason a list... of seeds he MUST buy TONIGHT!!! Of coarse I most likely will buy my veggies as small plants, I still want a good stock of seeds in my home... as any good Farmgirl would have!
 I will keep you posted on the progress of our new homestead. I know for sure livestock is forbidden in our neighborhood, but I don't recall them saying anything about bees....... =)


  1. What fun! I love watching your progress on turning a house into a home.

    From a Raggedy Roberta Ann

  2. I found a 1942 edition of 'Have A Victory Garden--Eat What You Can and Can What You Eat,' at our antique store. It was only $2.00! I am starting seeds for it right now! Last year I dried a bunch of seeds from heirloom vegetables I got at the farmer's garden. Glad to see a kindred soul!


  4. I'm sad that we wont be able into a house to have a garden this year - but for sure next year! And, I totally want chickens! I hope we find a nice place to live where we can have them. If not - I'm with you on the bees!!! So awesome! But, I also plan on planting herbs in pots this year - so when we move I can take them with us! You always freaking crack me up! With the crazy lady and her kids, and all of your gardening and homemaking! I still think it's a sad you didn't make it out to UT. Even though I know you are way happy in SC - you guys would have fit right in here! ;) You would even be showing up some of us Mormons in the homemaking department! Oh, no - I better get crackin' :) I'm planning on making homemade wheat bread this week! Can't wait. Ha,ha! :)

  5. I love the book The Complete Book Of Self Sufficiency by John Seymour though mine is an older edition. It's got everything from growing stuff through butchering things to building a stove. Though the only thing I've ever done in this vein is grow runner beans!

  6. that is so awesome what a sweet gift to get I know you will love reading the book!



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