Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Season Of Thanks...

I can't believe its been almost 2 weeks since I have blogged last! It seems to be true... the older you get, the faster time goes.

Especially around the holidays. I know this time next month, I will be ripping down taking down the ornaments from our tree wondering where the heck Christmas went. Thats why I am taking the time to enjoy it now. After a very hectic trimming day, our beautiful tree stands tall in our living room... but more on that later. First I want to share how our wonderful Thanksgiving WEEK went. 

Yes, I said week. What usually is one day of thanks and gathering for most, turned into an awesome almost week long time to enjoy each others company and anticipate the holiday.

First, the Monday before Thanksgiving, my father in law and step-mother -in-law arrived. Not for a visit... They MOVED here!! Finally, after years of talking and planning, the deed was done! They arrived just in time for a crazy, little red holiday. Our days were spent helping them settle in and all eating dinner together as a family. 

Wednesday, my friend Michelle had to work, so I watched her kids and baked and cooked and baked some more. I was getting ready for a pre-thanksgiving party at my house. Not sure how it started but sloppy joes were on the menu and dessert was planned. Basically, we all hung out and laughed. The kids played outside till an adult realized that it was way to cold to still be outside and we laughed some more.
Twas the night before Thanksgiving...

@PureGuile and me Xoxo

 Our guests arrived around noon and the eating began. It basically didn't stop till we all went to bed. Appetizers, snacks, turkey, pies,cookies....

We ate ourselves sick.

The kids played and played and played some more...

And us adults just kept on eating and laughing. Isn't that how its supposed to be???

The men-folk carved the two turkeys. Between the 4 of them, some meat managed to actually make it on the table.

(Although I think my father-in-law was full before we sat down...)

The Men
The kid table...

Michelle, Jenn (cuncles wife) and I
After dessert, we hung out and relaxed. The kids were on their 10th wind of energy, and some of us may have gotten the giggles... 

 They know who they are!!!

A certain someone(s) Michelle got a crazy idea to saran wrap my cousins car and another someone me might have eagerly agreed...
The victim and Caleb

 So while he innocently rocked the baby and sang really weird versions of our Christmas classics, out...
10 OF US slipped...


(Hey, I never said he was the smartest victim ;)

Our neighbor/other daughter/permanent fixture in the house Beth and Hannah

My firstborn and Michelle BEFORE the BIG seran wrap scandal of 2012
 Saturday night we piled all the kids in one house (we have kids old enough to babysit) and climbed in our big white bus ( to the next block) and had a not so impromptu wing night at the Cuncle's house. The big Gamecock/Clemson game was on and what better excuse to get together and have a great time?!

 Wings, Taco soup and grandmas pecan pie were consumed and victoriously the GAMECOCKS won....


 So, Thanksgiving 2012 goes down in the books as a success. Surrounded by people we love and are so very Thankful for. With full bellies and bursting hearts....

And now 'tis the season is officially here. Our tree is up and is beautiful.

I am trying to enjoy every cozy night...

But certain things Link The Cat make it hard...

But more on that later...

Oh yeah, I have a LOT to say about that!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thoughts As I decorate...

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is next week. The Official kickoff of the holiday season. Usually my FAVORITE holiday...
Until the next one comes along. Then that one easily becomes my new favorite.
This year I am hosting Thanksgiving and I can't wait. My cousin and his wife, my friend Michelle and her family will also be joining us... along with my Father in-law and his wife.

18 people gathered to celebrate being Thankful. Its going to be FABULOUS!

This week I have been spending free time getting my Thanksgiving table ready. I waited until last minute (of course) to perfect the decor. Luckily my Hobby Lobby had 80% off Fall harvest decorations.

My chandelier is halfway done. I posted a picture of the base with the garland around it. Lots more *Bling* and sparkly will be added. I just need to make another quick stop to pick up something else...

Don't worry, I'll be sure to post a picture of the finished product. I still need to iron the table cloth, find my chargers and goblets and candlesticks. I can't wait to get it on my table.

The baking has already begun. Michelle and I are each making a turkey to combine at dinner...  and of course, one of every pie will be present at desert.

The kids table will extend out into our living room and a special thanksgiving craft will be found on each kids plate.

I can't wait!

My older girls had a babysitting job today. and my littles were on the computer reading books. The house was abnormally quiet as I wrestled wrapped the garland of leaves around my light fixture. Thanksgiving thoughts started entering my head and I really was humbled by all I can give thanks for. 

No, seriously... Think about it. Of course everyone has the basics of health, happiness blah blah blah but recently my eyes have been opened to a whole world of crazy.

Crazy homes, crazy families and crazy lives. Its really getting overwhelming sometimes.  It makes me thankful that I protect my kids from the craziness this world holds and that I guard who enters their life fiercely.

It makes me thankful that within the walls of my little red house, we can provide a shelter from the storm. A safe haven for our children...

Im thankful for the friends we have, even if they are few... they are good! Im Thankful for the family we are surrounded by and those that are near in our heart.

And most of all, Im thankful for our boring and traditional life.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Get Up and Vote!

 Election day sure has changed for me over the years. I went from placing my vote in my teens and early 20's and always voting my line. I was a 3rd generation im not tellin. My vote was easy and simple.

But as I got older, earned a higher degree in Life and common sense, Its now months of following the campaign trail. Visiting local rallies, and indoctrinating informing my children on how important it is to remain on the line we run.

Every 4 years it gets a little more intense.

This year is no different. My girls are teenagers. For my Emma, this is her last year NOT voting. She will be free to vote as she chooses. She will be a fresh young victim of this world to brainwash and pollute. Im using this last election, and these next 4 years to teach her what a huge impact 1 vote can have.

And even if it didn't have an impact...

Voting shows where this country's heart lies. What our main concerns are and what we really feel is important to us.

Thats how I vote. I can't be enticed by money or fancy words. My loyalty to my God runs deep and no tax cut can ever compare to turning my back...

Or helping my country turn my back on him!

Hubby and I just after we voted.
So, like a good little girl and boy, we trekked down the old country road where our polling place is and casted our vote.

Our polling place is an old country church down a small winding road. The cemetery resides next to the parking lot, full of past members of the community. Probably most of the community.

We go there quite often, the smell of the old church brings back many other voting days gone by.

I predict one day far from now, my wrinkly old hand will pull on the door of the church and with one whiff, I will be brought back to my "younger" years when I would drag the babies down to the voting polls.

I took a picture of me "casting" my vote but hubby kindly informed me that it was illegal. Darn it!

But our small voting place ran out of stickers.



Its the only reason I DO vote! 

Not really, but I do get giddy when I DO get to put one on.

I walked out pouting. I wasn't a happy camper...

Until I went to Bi-Lo

Hey, Im a loyal customer. I deserved something tonight..

Didn't I?



Friday, November 2, 2012


A Month Of Thanks

I love this time of year. Its a time that all day, every day we are meditating on all things #Thankful. #ThisNovember I am participating on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 30 day challenges.

With so much going on all over the world, this should be a piece of cake.

With praises of Thanksgiving being confessed from our minds, lips and fingers, perhaps our complaints will be quieted.

And on Facebook.

Join me in publicly proclaiming each day all the blessings we are surrounded by...

And most of all, pray for all those still devastated by Superhurricane Sandy.

life rearranged



Thursday, November 1, 2012

In Which We Said Yes...


First, let me say... for reasons I will keep to myself, we opted to stay home this year from our churchs festival and allow the kids to go tick or treating around our neighborhood. We don't normally let them...
Sorry to be so vague. It had nothing to do with our church themselves so please don't get the wrong idea. Im just not sharing because I can! And since this is my blog, I call the shots. ;)

Anywho... the excitement level in our home was beyond anything humanly normal. Schooling was almost impossible and punishments were threatened to no avail.

But soon enough it was time to gather our awesome friends, who also happen to live all on our block and get as much candy as possible!

Here we are right before we attacked Aunt Diana....
She chased the kids down the driveway. Rumor has it, she eats little children for dinner....

Like a pack of wolves, they ravished the neighborhood. Running over anyone that got in the way...

Along our journey, we ran into the cutest little bunny:

our neighbor Ashlyn
She was sweet and kind and happily handed out candy to all children.

 And then we came upon a magical dwarf in a white castle who gave us candy...



Along the way, we saw this little poor pregnant lady about to give birth right on the sidewalk...

Michelle's son John
She was quite cranky... but then again, I remember all too well how much of a hassle it is to carry around that baby belly...

But she must have had the baby. I believe I saw her get in the car as skinny as could be... and much darker hair...
 And a schoolbag?????

Oh boy...

Down by the pool, the cutest little birdy fell into my stroller. He needed a mommy bird to hug and kiss him and rock him to sleep... So, I scooped him up and took him home with me. Hubby let me keep him cause he kinda looks like him.

What a nice guy.

As the sun began to set and the moon came out from behind the clouds, the night time began to feel eerie.

Goblins and ghouls scattered from door to door asking for candy. We heard giggles and howls...

and before I knew it THE WOLFMAN CAME OUT TO ATTACK US...


Naa, just my hairy hubby who has been celebrating NO SHAVE NOVEMBER since last year.

We had a great time. The kids ate too much candy and I yelled at the mess more than once. Penelope will now NOT stop eating lollipops which results in sticky everything...

Another Halloween that will now live in the past.




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