Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Mothers Love

A lot can be learned from a trip to the zoo. Mama monkey finally had her baby. My sister, kids and I stared in amazement for quite some time and were entertained watching the new furry family.
I found myself just gazing at the mama... the way she hugged tight to her little new addition. The way the baby wrapped his new arms around her and looked around in complete peace. It was beautiful.
No matter what she did, whether it was eating, jumping looking around, instinctively, her protective grasp never left her baby.
It was a beautiful thing to watch. So natural. Just the way God intended. Even out in the wild, among different creatures and species, a mothers love can be recognized and for a split second, as our eyes locked, we understood each other...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Guess What I Got???

Todays beautiful day was spent at the zoo. While all of our friends and family got buried under feet of snow, we skipped along and enjoyed the southern sun. Just another benefit of living in this great state. We were amused by the monkeys who put on quite a good show for us today. Since we are members of our zoo, we go quite often and get to know the animals quite well. Since our last visit, Mama monkey had her little baby. She was so cute and tiny and clung to her mama like a good girl should. Brother monkey is suffering from a bit of sibling jealousy. After some smacks to the head and kicks off the branches, mama seemed to get him under control. Papa monkey was going thru some of his own issues. Perhaps the stress of another furry head to the brood did him in, or the latest economic situation, whatever the reason, he seemed quite perplexed. He had alot on his mind today and spent the afternoon in the corner in very deep thought.

But the best part was that I got to take my new bestest gift from the bestest sister in the world out with me. Can you guess what it is??? Can you? Look closely and you will see....

My new black Coach purse. With gold links and buckles and clanks... with many compartments I can shove all sorts of things into. This my friends, is a rare treat for me. A luxury I don't indulge in often at all, but thanks to my big sister, she blessed me with a great purse (and a Burberry scarf)
I must go my dear friends. I have been under the weather for quite some time now. I need some much needed rest and relaxation. But I will be back SOON!!! Xoxo

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Surprise Unveiled...

This may not look like anything special to you, but for hubby and I, this was the best thing to ever come out of a suitcase.
1 Louisiana Lightning and 1 super steak with swiss cheese. I have no pictures of the super steak since we both devoured them as soon as my dear sis pulled them out of her black bag.
Flown all the way from NY and specially wrapped just for us.
These heros are the best!! And can only be bought at a little hero shop called TJ's on Long Island NY.
The shop was located 5 minutes down the road from my old home in NY and we often would dine on these amazing sandwiches.
Anyone and everyone in the area knows about TJ's. Its the one thing thats missed for those that move far far away.
Tuesday night was a good day in our house. Our bellies were full and satisfied till the next visitor comes with a suitcase full of heaven!

Oh but thats not all she brought my friends. We all know my sissy hands out the greatest gifts. Remember my birthday present from last year?? Well she outdid herself once again and still holds the title for the bestest sister in the WORLD!!! Can you guess what else she brought me??? Something I put right near my bed so I can gaze at it while I sleep?? Keep guessing....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Remember Her???

My big sister??? Well she is on the road as we speak!!! Driving down to my little red house. Her plane landed and off she goes. I can't wait!!

We have a great week planned filled with story telling, cooking and visiting. Our dear cousin is moving near me this coming weekend, so we will end the visit with a big yellow moving truck and a big family reunion. I can't wait.

She is bringing me a very special surprise. Something hubby and I miss. Something I have been dreaming about for days. Wanna know what it is???

Well your just gonna have to wait and see. Telling you now would just spoil the surprise!.....

Yaaaa Sissy-Cindy-Lu is comin to town!

Monday, February 22, 2010

It Really Is!!!

Last week the kiddies and I packed up our big black van and headed downtown to see the Greatest Show On Earth. I think half the town and all the local schools also joined us for the show. Traffic was crazy and I paid a small fortune to have front parking. 1 huge van+ 5 kids and 1 mommy= parking nightmare, so I happily handed over the money and walked right in!
My fears were calmed and my kids easily fell in line. Everyone had a partner and everyone stayed close.

We easily found our seats and sat back and enjoyed the show. I don't think our eyes could have gotten any wider. The show was truly spectacular. Every last child was amazed at the stunts, the pretty costumes and of coarse the elephants.

During intermission we all stopped for bathroom breaks (where we bumped into friends=) and headed back to our seats. On our way, I was able to meet one of my readers who recognized me from my blog. Her name is Melissa. I wish I could have gotten a picture with her but my camera died. I was impressed she liked my blog enough to remember who I was and I enjoyed meeting her husband and her adorable baby!

The circus ended just in time for lunch and we headed home. My kids are already counting down the days till next year, when the Greatest Show On Earth comes back to town!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oh My...

Its been a crazy month in our home! Our families are doing their part in stimulating the economy and have been flying down to see us.
As usual the days blend together and before you can blink, they are back at the airport on there way home.
We have a 3 day lull before the next set flies in for a few days and one week until I finally will have family LIVING down here. I can't wait!!!
But more on that later.

I want to thank you all for the prayers. I felt them and still continue to ask for them. Im sorry Im being vague but it won't be for long. Just right now, its for the best.
You all are so sweet and your kind comments were like hugs to me. Your all so awesome.

I must run. Im off to the Dr.... No, not THAT Dr. I have a horrid head cold and need some meds. and perhaps a new whole head. This one is pretty damaged right now from all the nose blowing and coughing. NOT a pretty sight.

Have a wonderful SUnday!! Enjoy the sun!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Im a bit under the weather due to a nasty sinus infection. My head feels like it will explode and my poor little nose has seen better days. I will be back shortly with new posts and pictures about the circus, family visits and more.

Miss you


Thursday, February 18, 2010


My books came!!! 3 boxes of crisp new books. I was thrilled. My kids however... not so much! Thats ok.
So far so good, I have been more than happy with them. I bought a lot of Lifepacs and Switched On Schoolhouse... along with some supplemental books for morning discussions. Our new schedule seems to be fitting in just fine and we even have been able to get some work done with our company here.

Did I mention how much I love homeschooling?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Wish

I wish I could blog tonight but I can't. I really can't. I can't focus. At this time I can't share. Just remember me tonight and whisper my name as you pray. God always knows what we need even before we know. Thats why He is so good.
My mother in law and hubby baked 2 pecan pies tonight... with fresh whipped cream. Friendship bread will follow. I will slip into my old jammies and indulge just a bit. I will enjoy my family for a bit more before they walk back on the plane for NY.
I look forward to when I can share more but right now I just can't.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day

We had a heart-tacular day yesterday filled with card making, lots of chocolate and yummy treats. I hope your Valentines Day was filled with as much love as ours!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

February Fury...

Yesterday was a big day in our Little Red House. After scrubbing it till it shined, we headed out to the airport to pick up family! A major snowstorm was predicted to start just around the time of their arrival. The clouds were dark and snow was in the air. Within one hour of settling back in our home, the big white flakes began falling down.... and kept falling and falling. The kids ran around outside enjoying this rare treat.
After 2 loads of wet clothes, 7 packets of hot chocolate and one belly-ache (from too much hot chocolate) we settled in for a much anticipated taco fiesta dinner and an evening snuggled by the fire.
Today snowmen are appearing all over the lawns and the roads are melting away. Time to pack up our big black van for a family adventure... Where? Not quite sure but anywhere with over 10 people will sure be fun!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


We are so blessed to have an amazing local Christian radio station right in our nearby city. HIS RADIO is family friendly, christ-centered focused station. Between Focus on the Family programs, prayer times and amazing music, HIS RADIO is a constant in our car and our life.
We jumped at the chance to meet up with some other HS'ing moms (we were insanely late and got our own personal tour.) and meet the faces behind the voices and the heart behind the mission.
I was most impressed with their Hall Of Faith. Letters from around the world from people of every nation who wrote them thanking them for their service. Thanks to the internet, HIS RADIO can be listened to from everywhere. This radio station, although small, has a HUGE mission field.
Although, they wouldn't let me near the mike, We had an amazing time... but between you and me, I think the kids enjoyed the fellowship time at Mcdonalds after the tour better.

Tomorrow we drive out to our friends home in the country. She is a HS'ing mom of 8 and has a soul as sweet as sugar. I can listen to the wisdom of this woman forever. I hang on to her every word. Her missionary friend from China will be in the states for only 48 hours due to a family situation. She has set aside 2 hours of her time to chat with some ladies and share her love for orphaned children. I can't wait to meet her and hear her words. Of coarse the kids can't wait to go play with ALL the kids that will be there. Oh well. Can't win them all =)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Want You To Meet Someone...

This is my Gapboy. I have written about him many times before. Brief snippets about this or that but I don't think you have been formally introduced. We have known each other since the teenage years. Back when we were two totally different people... but oh so in love. He is also my best friend. My partner in crime, my bubble burster, my provider, my reality check and my most faithful blog reader.
He's a girls kinda guy. You know, the one you were good friends with in High school. Quiet, kinda shy but says what is on his mind. He is easy to talk to and my friends get along with him with such ease. He can slip into any conversation and gives great advice... always keeping the respect and boundaries in place. He {sometimes} enjoys chick flicks but enjoys military movies more. He is patient... oh so patient with me. He never picks up his pajamas. He leaves them faithfully by his side of the bed in a crumpled mess. Everyday.For 13+years. He NEVER leaves the toilet seat up. He is a great dad and a great provider for all of us. It doesn't scare him. I sometimes think about the pressure he might have on him day to day. Thats why I try to make his time at home as pleasurable as can be. { I can only hear his laughs now}
He is a manly man. His hands are dirty. Stained from work. To me thats attractive. He can fix anything! He welds, fixes oil burners, mends leaky roofs, builds garden beds, makes washing machines work again, makes cars run, changes oil, tires, brakes, and even diapers. He re-wires lamps I find in thrift shops. He can shoot a gun. He even fixes computers so I can type away. Nothing makes him happier than the smell of fresh tilled soil, his arms in dirt up to his elbows and watching things grow. He enjoys a challenge. He is an artist. An amazing artist. Being a soldier for so long killed that part in him. I sometimes try and bring it out. I have had no luck. He drinks too much Dr. Pepper. He needs to take better care of himself. He will have lots of grandchildren to spoil and play with. He got saved the second Molly entered the world. He says that she saved him. Something about that brown eyed girl. We are like minded and for that I am eternally thankful. We don't fight often but when we do its a doozy... but im never irrational. Never ever ever. Right hun?;)

But most of all he loves me. Deeply. He is committed to me. A real man gets dirty. A real man is not intimidated by having kids. Or having more kids... or even more.... In my eyes, he is real. He will tell you like it is. He is honest. He is open. If you don't have thick skin then stay away. Its something that took years to get used to but makes me a better wife for it.

And I Love Him.

So, I hope you enjoy what he has to say. Whenever that may be...

My Sweet Rewards...

I am a horrible blogging friend. Sweet ladies have nominated me for this beautiful Sunshine award and I have yet to post it and say a proper southern THANK YOU YA'LL!!! As my dear friend over at the CHATTY MOMMY would say... "Your horrible." Lol. Gotta love her.

Please go check out these awesome ladies who nominated me and tell them I sent ya;)

I do have good reason though, if you will be kind enough to accept my excuses... ;) Our Little Red House is BUZZING with activity. Hubbys mom and 2 sisters are flying in in just a few days from now. Its sort of a last minute trip but we can't wait. In the meantime, we must clean the house, stock the fridge and double up on school to make sure we can sit back and relax while they are here visiting. Following them by 2 days are my sissy and my nephew. They fly in right after the first guests fly out. Whew, it will be craziness for sure but fun fun fun. My nephew will get a small taste in homeschooling and my VERY NY'er sister will be adopted into the homeschool circle for the 4 days she is here. I hope she can handle it. Like I said. She is VERY NY as in C-I-T-Y! She will help me school the kids (her son included) participate in a HS literature gathering out in the country and watch my oldest get ready and perform her amazing drama for the Fine Arts festival at the end of the month. We will spend a day cooking and baking because the last full day she is here, our dear cousin and his wife arrive in town because they just MOVED to my city!! WHOO HOO. GapGirl will finally have extended family in the state. Im super thrilled for them and just amazed to see how Gods hand has been on this situation from the very start.

Sissy and I and the WHOLE entourage plan on crashing their apartment to give them a good ol southern welcome. Fried food and sweet tea aplenty ( Im serious). Somehow when you bring really good food, people don't mind large families barging in ;)

Anyway, thus begins a very busy month but nothing to fear, I will keep you posted on every activity, feast, hike, zoo trip, feud, and giggle that happens.

I also have a question for all my faithful readers....

How would you feel if my hubby wrote as a guest ? I mean, I know its my blog and I can technically do whatever I want but I want your opinion. What would you want him to write about?? What questions would you want to ask him?? What secrets do you want him to spill??

I guess thats hard to say since you don't officially "know" him. Perhaps I will introduce him to you tomorrow. Does that sound good?

Until then 5 kids need to get ready for bed and I must start preparing for a very full red house!


Being {Gulp} Transparent.

I had a baby shower to attend this weekend. I was excited about it. I made the cutest PINK diaper cake and some pretty paper flowers.
On Saturday morning I woke up too early, showered, dressed, made a huge weekend breakfast for the kids and prepared to go. I needed to leave early to help decorate. Before long Emma came back into my bathroom and said...

"Mom... the car is dead..."

Oh no. Those are my most feared words.

After a minute of freak out and a very resourceful hubby, we realized it was due to a problem we had with our side double door not closing all the way and a very dead battery. The battery would have to be charged and replaced asap.

Needless to say, the Baby shower was a bust! I called my friend and thankfully she was just around the corner from my home. She would be able to come and pick up the gifts and deliver them even though I would not be there.

My house was in chaos. It was 9:45 on a saturday and Mama was supposed to be leaving. Babies were running amuck naked, breakfast dishes were getting crusty on my table. My front door was wide open and kids were freely running in and out. The 2 loads of laundry I meant to fold the night before lay strewn on my living room floor. It was not a pretty sight. My little Red House was NOT in order.

As I stepped over the spilled shoes in my foyer to greet my sweet friend who came to save the day, I suddenly realized what she was about to see...

"Oh my G****, I must really love you to let you see my house this way..." I laughed...

As she stepped into my living area she laughed and started saying "OH MY GOODNESS, YOUR HUMAN!! Your normal. You even have naked kids!!."

I laughed and inwardly cringed and told her she should never see my house this way.

"Don't worry, your secret is safe with me..."

As she packed her car and I waved her off, I immediately ran into my home and cleaned. Within 15 minutes order was restored. The house was clean, chores were delegated, children began getting dressed...all the while thinking how I wished she didn't see my house that way.

Over the next hour her statement began to echo back in my mind..." your human... your human..."

Oh my. What image have I been projecting to those people near and dear? Did I like having this perfect image? Why did it bother me that she saw my house in disarray?

I always am a big believer in being transparent. In being real. No one has a perfect life. Not one so if you try to sell me one, I have your number. So, what image have I been sending out to those near and dear to me?

I tend to be a bit type A. My house needs to stay tidy. When I have people over, the house is neat, orderly and food already prepared so I can spend time with my guests. When I have overnight guests I work harder to not have the house fall behind. With 7 + people under one roof, messes and chaos can happen QUICK. Is this what she meant?

I don't want to portray a perfect Stepford wife appearance. Thats far from what I am. I try my best to be the best I can be but Im not perfect.

Im human. My bathrooms are messy, don't EVER take my kids booster seats off the chair, who knows what you would find. Behind our garbage can needs to be swept, I can't clean ovens and I avoid scrubbing the inside of the fridge at all costs. Im human!

I will however, NEVER leave the house without make-up! But Im a girl, what do you expect ;)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Our New Schedule In Place!

Today was day 1 in implementing our new schedule. Over the past couple of weeks I have really been trying to focus in on a plan that will work for us. As we speak, my big box of CBD goodies is on its way to my front door {squeal}. Once the books are in my possession and handed out, then the schedule will really be put thru the grind. Until then we will just have some run thrus this week.
I know too well that every day is a bit different and their is no such thing as a perfect day. Not with 5 kids, constant house guests and unplanned interruptions. I have tried so hard to weed out all distractions so our day can be completed with ease.
Our schedules have very little times. I don't want to feel pressured. I don't want to rush but want to complete every task proficiently. I do however have a start date and an estimated lunch date but that will vary based on when morning work is completed.


By this time kids are downstairs, dressed and have eaten breakfast. Little House On The Prairie is read aloud by me during breakfast if I happen to sit down to actually breathe. Chores are complete and we sit down together for bible time.
Bible time is one of my favorite times to spend with my kids. I love explaining the passages with them. I also think this is key to having a good day or not!
After our bible time , the older girls have 5 minutes of creative/journal time. We alternate journaling or having a creative writing topic. Either way, they have to write non-stop for 5 minutes. Even if its just how they have nothing to write about.

During their writing time, I take the 3 littles and we read a story. Then I have them tell it back to me as best they can and then we discuss it. They LOVE this part.

The littles color or complete whatever activity I have planned for them and the older girls work on Language Arts. Molly has some worksheets that focus on numbers that she does at the table with the big girls.

We then flow into math and complete set assignments.

LUNCH!... and clean up.

Free time for just a bit.

Abby goes down for a nap and the the girls entertain Noah while I focus on our reading program with Molly.
She works on her writing sounds as well.

Then we alternate Social studies and Science depending on the day. The girls have separate science units for now and they do History together. Im hoping to combine both subjects one day... one sweet blissful day. But today is not that day.

House clean-up

Study-time/ Free time


After dinner is unscheduled or planned. We either have church activities or we play the wii or hang as a family. Just relaxing.

Literature is done with a group we meet with once a month.

Art is done once a week. We go to the Zoo ( we have a membership) and observe nature, go for walks, sketch the animals and just learn. (weather permitting of coarse.)

I also bought this amazing book that teaches our Government system. I somehow want to incorporate it into our morning routine. Just 5 minutes learning a snippet or two on how this country runs.

* Its not a perfect routine but for now I think its exactly what we need!. I can't wait for my books to come so I can pour thru them all. I will be sure to share once they arrive!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sweet Tax Time

Its that time of year that large families just love. Here are just some of the highlights of what we used with the money Uncle Sam has blessed us with...

As I type, the kids are jumping on this (15ft) in the dark as my patient hubby tries to assemble the netting. God bless him!
After endless hours searching for the perfect bedspread/quilt/comforter/duvet for my bed, I finally decided on this one... one that I have seen a gazillion times before on my fellow blogger friends blog at PINK SLIPPERS
My girlie girls got a whole lotta spring clothes at their fav store. Between sales and coupons I walked away with a huge bag full for only $100 PLUS $80 of store credit and Justice bucks. Can't beat that!!
SHOES! All children got much needed shoes, sandals, sneakers etc... its the small things!

Last but certainly not least.. savings! We shoved a decent amount in savings for emergencies. It sure does feel nice to have that cushion. Prayerfully it will grow and grow and grow.

Our tax "extravaganza" has not ended. Small things still need to be done. Zoo membership for homeschool, a new picnic table for the backyard.
I discovered Staples and have spent the entire afternoon labeling and sorting everything that sat still. I won't even mention the million and one things I laminated!!! Oh boy. Pure homeschool mom heaven.
Christian books also received a small chunk of money. I ordered all new school books and some books for me. A new chore chart is in place, new daily schedule, another wipe off board and a whole lot more. I take my resolutions seriously!!
Unfortunately my bible reading has suffered. I will catch up though. I PROMISE! I won't let you down. But I must leave you now. The superbowl is about to begin and I have a whole bucket of wings from Quaker Steak and Lube just screaming my name!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


So, I get a text. Nothing unusual. My phone is forever going off. I never check my voicemail and don't even want to learn how to use my answering machine. If you want to get a hold of me then text!

So, like I said before, today I get a text. Its from my hubby. (really... its says...Hubby=). Ohh I think to myself... a picture message.... The title reads..."Look what I found..."

My brain starts racing. What could it be? SOmething for the house, shoes? books... Im so excited.

Then I open the image and up pops this.....

Oh boy... don't do this to me hubby. You know I can't resist anything furry.

His co-worker has 7 beautiful 7 week old puppies he is giving away for free.

My kids grab the cell out of my hands. The screeches and pleas start. They are out of control.

"What about the cat you wanted???"

"WE JUST WANT SOMETHING WITH FUR!!!!" They yell back to me...

Hubby says maybe

I say maybe

What do you say???

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So Today Is Wednesday...

Hump day. I really do hate that name. I do! But today no other name fits quite as good. Its that kinda day. Gotta get thru the day. Gotta make it to friday, where all things good are!! Does anyone else have days like this?? You just wake up and get your {strong} coffee and dread the hump day ahead of you?

Im sure Im not the only one? I can't be!! Perhaps its due to the fact that we have not left our Little Red House in almost a week?? Literally have not left. We had an ice storm which left bad weather for the babies and frigid temps. Cabin fever has nothing on me.

At least thru our hibernation... Abby-girl is finally fully potty trained. A big victory. Such a sad victory too. No more diapers in our home. No more tiny tooshies to wipe. For me, thats sad!
I look forward to tonight and my mid-week bible study at church. I can't wait! Kids will scurry off to their classes and squeal when they see their friends and I will sit in quiet in the sanctuary and enjoy the prayer time we have. My chance to get refreshed... my chance to not get interrupted by fighting, not hear voices in the distance yelling my name or walking in on me.
Sure, I know you can get refreshed anywhere. But nothing compares to being in Gods house, in perfect peace.

My blog is annoying me. Not writing it, not my reading a few comments. Just how it looks. Its not right. Something is off. It needs work. I am NOT computer savvy. Im better off reading french than trying to make templates and backgrounds. But it needs work. Changes are imminent. I can feel it, now to figure it all out.

My weekend is booked solid. My little saturday and sunday box on the calendar has so many things written in I can't make sense of some. I will be happily busy. Some major shopping is in order too!! Another reason Friday can't come soon enough.

But for some reason today is in slow motion. The kids are upstairs playing and making all sorts of noise and I remain on the computer chatting with you. Hurray!! My coffee just finished brewing. I know our school day should begin. Chores have not been completed and kids are outta sight in hopes to be "outta mind."

The weather report calls for sun. Bright southern sun. Almost 60 degrees. So, because today is wednesday, Im declaring a fun day. A get dressed and get on your bikes to play in the street all day kinda day. Its a sit outside and soak in the sun day. Its a field trip to our garage day. Its a throw our mindless routine out the window day. Why?

Because its Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Curriculum Review

2 posts ago I casually blogged about Molly and her success in using the 100 easy lessons for kids. I also received many questions about the program. Not only thru the blog but by other HS'ing moms.
This book is amazing. As a still "new" HS'ing mommy to 5, I have barely gotten my feet wet. I still look to other, more experienced moms for advice... particularly moms of many. Homeschooling a large family is a whole different entity in itself!
Molly is my very first child that I will be teaching to read. Just thinking about this 2 years ago made me break out in sweats. To me, it was just amazing, that I would teach HER to read. I never felt it impossible because its done all the time. But it was still amazing to think about!
During my research, this book kept coming up. I knew it would be what I needed.
Even though we are not even halfway thru the book yet, I cannot sing its praises enough!!! Within 2 lessons... 2 very short 10 minute lessons, Molly was remembering word sounds!! By lesson 13 she was "reading" stories. (3 word sentences.)
I really don't supplement with anything else as of yet because this book has reading and writing intertwined. The way they introduce letters and sounds is different than most. I don't want her getting confused or interrupt the Distar system. Once halfway thru the book, I will add Sing Spell read and write. Its quite costly but well worth it. Many other moms have combined the two programs and came out with amazing success.
Following Molly, will be Noah and Abby and prayerfully more. So now is the time to get the songs sung throughout my home and make learning a bit more fun
Overall, I believe this book should be on everyones bookshelf. Even if you have an older child who struggles with reading, running thru this quick program with him/her will be just what they need to get them back on track and excel beyond their grade level.
I am so thankful I discovered this book before trying any other form of curriculum!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Long Overdue Updates!!!

Happy February 1st! A new week, a new month and a day closer to spring! The south has had its fair share of winter weather. Schools are still closed due to the ice and snow... but life in our little Red House goes on!
This month brings many many activities, visitors and projects. Tax returns will be coming, home improvements will be done and field trip are planned.
One month ago, I made 6 promises to myself. (You can read about them HERE) and I am counting on you, my faithful blog-land friends to help me keep them!!!
My weekly updates actually motivate me to keep them and for that I am so thankful!
1) no new wait loss but no gain so life is good. I have exercised, cut down on snacks and will probably blow the whole diet thing come the end of next week when we begin weeks of back to back company coming to visit us.

2)Oh baby... can't wait to have a baby.... Sigh... I really want one.=)

3) My bible reading is still going. I changed the girls reading though to strictly New Testament and Psalms as the Old Testament was well above their age level and NOT G rated!

4)Im re-reading help-meet to refresh my vision.

5)Im beginning the garage cleaning... (in between ice storms and snow)

6) Tax time oh tax time... how I love thee... my refund is on its way and will be here in just a few. Lots of home things needed and Mama needs a new pair of shoes...
Ok, a few new pairs, some shirts, some skirts, make-up... you know. The list is endless and hubby is as sweet as can be to let me indulge. I CAN'T WAIT!

I know, I made this post short and sweet. Im freezing, Im tired and my comfy jammies call my name. My Little Red House has been very busy the last 2 days and in 2 weeks chaos will ensue until the first week in March. So until then I will enjoy my quiet evenings and dream of hot wings.... Who doesn't??? Its an addiction I am proud to claim. YUMMY!


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