Monday, February 8, 2010

Our New Schedule In Place!

Today was day 1 in implementing our new schedule. Over the past couple of weeks I have really been trying to focus in on a plan that will work for us. As we speak, my big box of CBD goodies is on its way to my front door {squeal}. Once the books are in my possession and handed out, then the schedule will really be put thru the grind. Until then we will just have some run thrus this week.
I know too well that every day is a bit different and their is no such thing as a perfect day. Not with 5 kids, constant house guests and unplanned interruptions. I have tried so hard to weed out all distractions so our day can be completed with ease.
Our schedules have very little times. I don't want to feel pressured. I don't want to rush but want to complete every task proficiently. I do however have a start date and an estimated lunch date but that will vary based on when morning work is completed.


By this time kids are downstairs, dressed and have eaten breakfast. Little House On The Prairie is read aloud by me during breakfast if I happen to sit down to actually breathe. Chores are complete and we sit down together for bible time.
Bible time is one of my favorite times to spend with my kids. I love explaining the passages with them. I also think this is key to having a good day or not!
After our bible time , the older girls have 5 minutes of creative/journal time. We alternate journaling or having a creative writing topic. Either way, they have to write non-stop for 5 minutes. Even if its just how they have nothing to write about.

During their writing time, I take the 3 littles and we read a story. Then I have them tell it back to me as best they can and then we discuss it. They LOVE this part.

The littles color or complete whatever activity I have planned for them and the older girls work on Language Arts. Molly has some worksheets that focus on numbers that she does at the table with the big girls.

We then flow into math and complete set assignments.

LUNCH!... and clean up.

Free time for just a bit.

Abby goes down for a nap and the the girls entertain Noah while I focus on our reading program with Molly.
She works on her writing sounds as well.

Then we alternate Social studies and Science depending on the day. The girls have separate science units for now and they do History together. Im hoping to combine both subjects one day... one sweet blissful day. But today is not that day.

House clean-up

Study-time/ Free time


After dinner is unscheduled or planned. We either have church activities or we play the wii or hang as a family. Just relaxing.

Literature is done with a group we meet with once a month.

Art is done once a week. We go to the Zoo ( we have a membership) and observe nature, go for walks, sketch the animals and just learn. (weather permitting of coarse.)

I also bought this amazing book that teaches our Government system. I somehow want to incorporate it into our morning routine. Just 5 minutes learning a snippet or two on how this country runs.

* Its not a perfect routine but for now I think its exactly what we need!. I can't wait for my books to come so I can pour thru them all. I will be sure to share once they arrive!!!


  1. I love planning our schedule. I've re-vised it several times this year, but love thinking and re-thinking it. I hope this works well for you and that you love your new books!

  2. I have really struggle with my schedule the last 3 months since my thyroid has been out of wack. Blah. But I do like having and keeping on them. I see another CBD addictive. Lol. I love my CBD goodies. Just got 2 boxes in the mail last week. *Sigh* Have a great week, schedule sounds great!

  3. We are doing more along the lines of a "routine" right now, and not so much a timed schedule.
    But...I think it may be time to get out my MOTH book, and watch the clock (so sad), but almost necessary at this point with 7 kiddos. We aren't getting near as much done as I'd like to.
    Your day looks great, and hey, if it works, it works...that's all that matters!

  4. I love reading your blog. :-) I'm so impressed with all that you are able to accomplish in a day homeschooling all of your kiddos and still running your home! I feel like I struggle to keep up and I only have 1 so far! ha ha Your schedule sounds great!

  5. looks like a great schedule! I think you did a really good job of not trying to cram too much in! It's tempting to get overly ambitious, and then it all falls apart.

    the zoo for art is such a great idea!

  6. I love that you are so structured, yet always open to change when needed. I taught sixth grade for ten years. I have learned to LOVE organization and structure. I also have learned to embrace spontaneity and creativity. Some of the best lessons taught were the unplanned ones!
    Enjoy the time watching their minds bloom with knowledge. What a blessing to see in your own kids.
    I know my limitations. I could never homeschool my older two. I'll evaluate again when the younger two get to school age.



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