Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Remember Her???

My big sister??? Well she is on the road as we speak!!! Driving down to my little red house. Her plane landed and off she goes. I can't wait!!

We have a great week planned filled with story telling, cooking and visiting. Our dear cousin is moving near me this coming weekend, so we will end the visit with a big yellow moving truck and a big family reunion. I can't wait.

She is bringing me a very special surprise. Something hubby and I miss. Something I have been dreaming about for days. Wanna know what it is???

Well your just gonna have to wait and see. Telling you now would just spoil the surprise!.....

Yaaaa Sissy-Cindy-Lu is comin to town!


  1. Oh, have fun!!!

    My Momma, little sis, and 3 nephews are coming down this weekend too!!! We are sooo excited!

  2. have a great week with your sister. I love when my sister comes to visit even though she only lives 10 minutes away

  3. that is SO awesome!!

    all my family lives on another continent!! I so share your joy! :)

    amy in peru

  4. Have a great week! I remember your sister. Does she go to SGT?

  5. Have a great time with your sister. Jealous, I only have brothers, but now I have all my blogland sisters.

    Enjoy and Thanks for stopping by my garden.

    Kate - TGB

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