Saturday, February 13, 2010

February Fury...

Yesterday was a big day in our Little Red House. After scrubbing it till it shined, we headed out to the airport to pick up family! A major snowstorm was predicted to start just around the time of their arrival. The clouds were dark and snow was in the air. Within one hour of settling back in our home, the big white flakes began falling down.... and kept falling and falling. The kids ran around outside enjoying this rare treat.
After 2 loads of wet clothes, 7 packets of hot chocolate and one belly-ache (from too much hot chocolate) we settled in for a much anticipated taco fiesta dinner and an evening snuggled by the fire.
Today snowmen are appearing all over the lawns and the roads are melting away. Time to pack up our big black van for a family adventure... Where? Not quite sure but anywhere with over 10 people will sure be fun!


  1. hi, glad you stopped by. i love the name of your blog! we are in roslyn, but really wish i was in the south too...we met in Miami.



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