Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So Today Is Wednesday...

Hump day. I really do hate that name. I do! But today no other name fits quite as good. Its that kinda day. Gotta get thru the day. Gotta make it to friday, where all things good are!! Does anyone else have days like this?? You just wake up and get your {strong} coffee and dread the hump day ahead of you?

Im sure Im not the only one? I can't be!! Perhaps its due to the fact that we have not left our Little Red House in almost a week?? Literally have not left. We had an ice storm which left bad weather for the babies and frigid temps. Cabin fever has nothing on me.

At least thru our hibernation... Abby-girl is finally fully potty trained. A big victory. Such a sad victory too. No more diapers in our home. No more tiny tooshies to wipe. For me, thats sad!
I look forward to tonight and my mid-week bible study at church. I can't wait! Kids will scurry off to their classes and squeal when they see their friends and I will sit in quiet in the sanctuary and enjoy the prayer time we have. My chance to get refreshed... my chance to not get interrupted by fighting, not hear voices in the distance yelling my name or walking in on me.
Sure, I know you can get refreshed anywhere. But nothing compares to being in Gods house, in perfect peace.

My blog is annoying me. Not writing it, not my reading a few comments. Just how it looks. Its not right. Something is off. It needs work. I am NOT computer savvy. Im better off reading french than trying to make templates and backgrounds. But it needs work. Changes are imminent. I can feel it, now to figure it all out.

My weekend is booked solid. My little saturday and sunday box on the calendar has so many things written in I can't make sense of some. I will be happily busy. Some major shopping is in order too!! Another reason Friday can't come soon enough.

But for some reason today is in slow motion. The kids are upstairs playing and making all sorts of noise and I remain on the computer chatting with you. Hurray!! My coffee just finished brewing. I know our school day should begin. Chores have not been completed and kids are outta sight in hopes to be "outta mind."

The weather report calls for sun. Bright southern sun. Almost 60 degrees. So, because today is wednesday, Im declaring a fun day. A get dressed and get on your bikes to play in the street all day kinda day. Its a sit outside and soak in the sun day. Its a field trip to our garage day. Its a throw our mindless routine out the window day. Why?

Because its Wednesday!


  1. I understand your feelings about hump day ... kinda like a second Monday : ) AND I have plenty of tiny tushies to wipe in this house ... some days it feels like that is ALL I do and I can't wait until there is more self-sufficiency going on. Oh well, I guess it is all a matter of perspective but you are right, it will be over one day and I will be wishing I had some tiny tushies to wipe, I think ; )

  2. I think your blog is cute! Potty training is a victory..and a sad thing. I remember when I potty trained the last one.. about 2 months later. I wanted another baby lol.

  3. Good for you!! Enjoy your soak up the sun all day kind of day. Everyone needs those days now and then. Love your blog!



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