Sunday, June 29, 2008


Busy week ahead. Thats all that keeps running thru my mind as I make pasta salad for tonights home-group. So much to do that I might have to resort to making a proper list. I have a zillion of handwritten lists crumpled here and there, and a few in my organizer but I need an official one this week. What will I be doing you wonder?? Well its time to start diving head first into home-schooling. I have to lesson-plan, write down supplies, research and still figure out how the curriculum works. Im really excited about this coming year and have a lot of ideas I would love to incorporate in our lessons. That requires time and silence, so it will be done at night after the kids go off to bed... If I can tear myself away from the tv. This is also the first week that Noah's real speech starts. So now 2 days a week two different ladies will be coming to the house working with him. Mondays at 9 and Thursdays at 10. I don't mind too much but sometimes getting my house ready and peaceful for speech lessons so early is challenging. In between the madness I must find and go to the library and start a membership. Im craving a really good book.I have it all picked out. Im already envisioning me all tucked in my nice warm cozy bed reading the book I so desperetaly crave. My kids also need to get a library card so they can borrow some books as well. They love sorting thru all those books as much as I do. I have a list of supplementals I need to borrow too. Tuesday afternoon Aunt Megan arrives. YIPPIE!!! We are all excited and can't wait to spend some time with her. Plenty of mornings by the pool are planned!... but before that happens we need to get ready. Tomorrow we have plenty of cleaning and washing to do to get the house ready for her arrival. I have to pull out the sleeper sofa and clean out any lost toys or pieces of cheerios. Tuesday night Jason and I have play rehearsal. We were picked to play the gentleman and southern belle in our church's independence day parade. How cool is that? My hubby will be in a tux and I will have a huge gown on and have ringlets. I can't wait to post pictures.(yes, I did mention that they picked the NY ers to represent the south) July 2nd is our 12th anniversary. Where did the time go? Im not sure if we are celebrating it that night or going to church but we have another date night planned for this Saturday. We are going to the baseball game!! Jason bought tickets last week and we can't wait!!! I also have a new sundress for the occasion. So, thats just a bit into this coming week. I left out our plans for the 4th (which involves neighbors,fire and loud blasts) and who knows what else. I have to schedule even more time for prayer this week as that will be the only thing to get me thru. Nothing starts the day off right that some good ol fashioned prayer with God. Even if its just a minute or two. At least I started off the week right. EXCELLENT sunday service today. We had guests leading worship and they ROCKED THE HOUSE! "The Call" from Southeastern college came and really moved! With that energy I can do anything!!

Oh and did I mention Im pet-sitting 2 cockateals, 1 macaw and one very overly fluffy cat??? For 7 days??

Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Le Marche

Today was my very first garage sale ever! I have been planning and sorting since that little slip arrived in my mailbox 3 weeks ago announcing it. I was forced to clean out closets,boxes and more boxes. Since moving 2 times in 6 months, I didn't have much to sell but did have tons of clothing I could get rid of. The kids caught the excitement train as well and decided to have a bake sale and coffee stand (smart huh?) They planned and made menu's. I baked last night and priced! 6 a.m. my garage door opens, I neatly lay out my belongings and waited for the crowds. I had my new GAP skirt on, my home-made mug-o-coffee.... I was set. The kids were up early with excitement as well. The Wyler home was a buzz with activity. The neighbors came out and were chatting in the street and the kids were running around. Pfeiffer Ct was awake and alive!!! I got the early birds and the weirdo's. One wacko actually was shopping in my garage while I was still setting up. Her and her husband scared me so much I ran in the house to get Jason!! I finally put up rope blocking the garage so no one could enter. All in all it was a lot of hard work and the profits were not great. Will I ever do it again?? Hmm not sure. The fact of the matter is... people are cheap!
Did I earn enough money to buy my dress you wonder??? Well, either way, that dress will be mine!!!
P.s. A BIG Thanks to my new friend "Kiliki" for coming and keeping me company at my sale today. It was very nice chatting with you!!! xoxo

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Yesterday my Emma Paige turned 11 years old. At exactly 2:53 pm another year passed. This was her very first birthday in South Carolina and I was a bit concerned. Last year we celebrated her birthday over her grandpa's house. It was a huge birthday/going away party. She scored major cash,cake and had everyone we knew there. How could we top that? So far this year her birthday was a flop. Her birthday party had to be cancelled saturday due to no rsvp's and the day of her "party" it poured buckets so we couldn't even go in the pool. She received birthday money in the mail on monday (whoo-hoo) and as anyone related to me would think..."TIME TO GO SHOPPING!!!" The night before the big day I decorated the entire kitchen in Camp Rock. jason picked it up to surprise her, we had chocolate chip birthday pancakes for breakfast and then off to the mall we went. She had some major money in her wallet and it was burning a hole fast. First stop... the GAP (for me) Hey,I knew what I was in for and treated myself in advance for an extremely stressful afternoon. Then we hit Claire's. Emma didn't know what to hit first. Molly and Hannah ran around making mental lists of everything they will buy on their birthday. Noah and Abby were still content. Emma purchased a few things, all make-up and then off to her favorite store... LIMITED TOO. They were having major blow-out sales and she went bonkers. I spent the next hour shopping for clothes with her, hearing Noah scream and having Abby hanging on my hip... But Emma was so happy. She kept on coming up to me and telling me "MOM, this is the best day EVER!!!." What mom does not want to hear that? She bought (if I remember correctly) 2 sequined purses, an E bling necklace, sunglasses, a journal, 2 cases of make-up, gum, Nintendo game for her DS, 2 awesome shirts, capri's and I think thats all.
 The rest of the day was just hanging out. I made her favorite dinner and I made the cake. She had her dinner on the RED PLATE (our family tradition for birthdays and im special days) She asked me if friends could come over for cake...sure why not. She has 3 girlfriends who all live in the 3 houses across the street (funny huh) and they all are about the same age as my older girls. So I walked outside to tell them it was cake-time and found Kevin and Carrie...and baby EmmaJean on my front lawn.(they are Allie's of the older girls) They had bought Emma a beautiful cookie cake because they felt bad her birthday was a bummer. We chatted and invited them in a s well for singing and cake. Chocolate and cookies were followed by running around the yard and sparklers. Lots and lots of little screaming girls and sparklers. My Emma's day turned out better than ever. She had a blast. My heart was smiling. I was combing her hair yesterday and re-told her all about the day she was born. She loved hearing those stories. I tried to hold in the tears. Where did the time go??? I can't believe it was ever just her and me.... I do love her!! Happy Birthday Em.
P.s. She got a new mountain bike and a locket from us ;)



Monday, June 23, 2008


Goodbye Jennifer. I will miss seeing you and your beautiful babies at the pool every morning. have a safe drive down to Birmingham Alabama and have a wonderful 3 years there. We pray you will come back and live in Greenville again like you promised xoxo~The Wylers

Just A Glimpse...

My days are rather low-key this summer but as I lay in bed last night trying to fall asleep I began my mental check-list of things needing to be done so I thought of you and thought I would share my ever-so glamorous life. Lol.
6- Abby wakes up and does not want to go to bed, so I hand her some toys and pray she lets me go to sleep
6:30-Molly is up and crawls in bed, Abby is now on the floor next to me playing with more toys
6:45-Its inevitable, I have to leave my covers behind and head to the living room. Abby and Molly play and I lay on couch... hoping for more sleep.
7-ish- Noah and Abby come down, Jason wakes up, gets ready for work. Cabinets and fridge start being ripped open...time for breakfast.
7:15- Sister calls with daily crisis, feed the masses. Cereal for older three, pancakes (from yesterday) for Abby. Emma is still out cold upstairs.
7:30-Kiss Jason goodbye, start sweeping mopping kitchen floor, kids finish eating head to living room, abby still drinking her bottle. Finish kitchen, then go mop master bath.
7:45- Load dishwasher, change poopy-diaper, still chatting with sister, start laundry, switch loads and get ready to put yesterdays laundry upstairs and put away.
8-Get off with sister and get on phone with Jason, chat away, Make bed...then lay on it and wish I could sleep. Force myself up, go on computer and check/respond to emails and such.

Thats it for now. A lot was done and its not even nine. I hope to still wax the foyer floors, finish laundry and clean entire living room before we head to the pool around 9:30. Im slightly type "A" when it comes to my home. I can have dirty pots and pans on my stove but my living room has to be spotless before I go anywhere!! Weird I know but there is nothing worse than coming home to a mess. I have to be back at the pool by 11 because Noah has speech at 11:30. Abby will go in for a nap, I will feed the kids, clean some more, say goodbye to the speech therapist and put Noah upstairs for his nap. In between I will think of dinner, prep for a bit if necessary and then goof off on the computer. I have some homeschooling sights and such I need to research. 3:00 is the busy time of day, dinner is almost started, house is cleaned again, more laundry and another pot of coffee has to be brewed.(my first cup was sipped poolside) and we look forward to Jason coming home!!! May not be exciting to some but to me its priceless!!! I have not posted pictures much to my dis-appointment, But I have not found anything blog-worthy yet... perhaps today. Tomorrow is Emmas birthday. Yaaa!!! Time for Camp Rock table-ware and such. I will be busy decorating and baking tonight. Those pictures I will most certainly post! Have a great day my blogging friends.
P.S. I have a 20% off for GAP and they have a beautiful strapless grey satin dress with embroidered flowers on it. SO BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT for my 2nd anniversary celebration. Its $68... a bit pricey for me but pray for a HUGE success at my Garage sale saturday... with any luck that dress will me MINE!!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My New Chicken

Isn't this lamp totally tacky and crazy and beautiful??? I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Its my new favorite thing in the house. It has a funny story.(to me anyway) We had to cancel Emma's birthday party due to no one being able to come. Between summer and vacations... no one was around. So she was super disappointed. We let her pick her place to eat and she chose Cracker Barrel. Now for those that have eaten there KNOW that Cracker Barrel has the absolute BEST breakfast, so this morning off we went! I saw this lone rooster lamp in the window and knew it HAD to be mine... whatever the price. It was $20 but it also was 40% off. JACKPOT!! I scored this fantabulous lamp for about $12.00. Im so happy. It sits proudly on my bar top where I can glance at it from almost anywhere downstairs. Now to get my sugar and creamer set and my kitchen will be completely darling!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Bunch Of Mumbo-Jumbo

So its been a while since I blogged anything profound and meaningful, Im ok with that... for now. Not much going on in my life Thank God. Camp Rock premiers tonight and for those with children over 7 you know what Im talking about. Disney channel has done a wonderful job brainwashing my kids and I will be hearing the Jonas brothers singing thru my house for at least the next 3 weeks. Im exhausted and cranky. I need my coffee but am too lazy to make any. I will be lounging by the pool this morning and I can't wait. Im praying for a good day so I can enjoy the sun and splash. I will have over 10 kids at my home tonight as Im babysitting my girlfriends kids while she goes on date night with her Husband. PLUS the neighbor girls are coming over for the big movie. What was I thinking??? I must go. Time to start the spanish rice and beans for dinner. Yummm nothing changes my mood like the sweet simmering smell of my heritage!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

UN-LImited Too

My girls LOVE LOVE LOVE the LIMITED TOO stores. Its a girls dream but have you looked at the prices? Its $30 for a t-shirt that will fit them for about 5 minutes. As a family with 5 little bodies to clothe, a store like this is by-passed many times. I thank God I inherited my Moms bargain "genes." Its something I can smell a mile away. When that little clearance tag gets snapped on, I hear it and I follow. Tonight after work the family and I ventured to the mall. Seeing as Jason has off tomorrow and its summer, we could be out late and maybe get an extra Z in the AM. First stop was the GAP! Our 12 year anniversary is coming up (actually we have 2 anniversaries 2 weeks apart and we celebrate both..long story but romantic) and I needed something to wear. Aunt Megan is coming and made us PROMISE we would make awesome plans. So I shopped and hit major sales. I bought a few things I adore and ventured on to the next. GAP kids had even better sales. I bought panties for the girls at.97 each, shirts for Noah for about $6 and really pretty tanks for the girls at $3-$4 each. The girls begged us to go to Limited Too... Ok but just for a minute. Jason absolutely goes mental in the store. I don't know what it is... maybe all the shine and glitter but after 5 minutes he starts to twitch and I know its time to run to the car. I walked thru the store as my girls ran around shreaking and oohhing and ahhhing. But I found my haven... The clearance rack. They had TONS of accessories (one of my girls favorites) on clearance super cheap AND buy one get one FREE!!!! I told Jason to take the girls out and I wiped them out...(well of the good stuff anyway) After all a girl can never have enough accessories.... Hannah especially, who inherited her moms need for new, shiny pretty things. Molly is close behind her. Sheesh, I should just buy stock till I die... Anyway,  I bought everything shown above for under $15 I even had a 25% off entire purchase. Im saving them for Christmas to put in their stocking. Its one thing I can cross off the list. Im so excited because I know they will flip. I thought I would share this with you, go check out your local mall, after all summer is just beginning which means that all summer clothes are marked down to make room for Fall... at least in retail world anyway. XOXO
P.S. Earrings are usually $5-$6 each. I got them for .99. JACKPOT BABY (after the b/o/g/o)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh What A Night

We did it!!! We had our date night tonight. It was highly anticipated and most enjoyed. Elizabeth our hero..I mean babysitter arrived promptly at 6:30. Like any good parents we threw ten million directions at her as we ran out the door. For a few hours it was just us two! What to do? Where to go? The possibilities were endless... well sort of. We could only be somewhat spontaneous as babysitters get paid a lot more these days. Anyway. For my birthday the lovely people at Red Robin gave me a gift card for a FREE gourmet burger. For those of you that have never gone there...shame on you! This was our first time and we dined on the best Prime rib dip (for free) and fat juicy cheeseburger with onion straws. Jason and I shared together so we got to eat a bit of both. 2 for the price of one. Now thats a deal!! Since we ate our weight in fries and dips it was off to Downtown for some strolling.We parked in "our" regular garage that leads us right in front of the main Plaza. There always is parking. We like to pretend its our secret place. The weather was almost perfect. A bit on the sweaty side but the shady trees gave us relief. The bands were playing and the people were out. Downtown was abuzz with activity. Young and old lined the streets to listen to the Jazz echo in the plaza. Girls in their little sundresses and sandals and guys in their polo's all celebrating the fact it was Friday Night. You could pick out the couples in love, the married couples and the courting ones. We walked towards the Reedy River while taking peaks into some of the stores. Once at the Falls we were taken back at everything in bloom. It has been a while since we were there. All flowers were stunning!!! We tried taking pictures but my flash was no match for the setting sun. The Shakespeare festival performed their summer play on the Carolina Ampitheatre and people were everywhere. The drought is in full force and many of the river rocks were exposed. So Jason and I did the most sense-able thing. We climbed them!!! Right next to the falls. Then we sat and posed and took in the scenery. I knew my girls would have loved it!!! I made a mental note to take them there real soon. The horse and carriages were out clip-clopping up and down the street. I took a picture of one filled with little girls. They were SOOO excited to be going for a ride. They were waving so hard I thought their hand was going to fall off. They screamed hello and shreaked and giggled. You could not help to catch some of their enthusiasm and before long I was waving and giggling back. Soby's on the side had a Packed patio. I also tried to capture that but it was not too successful. Every outdoor table was taken and chatter was all you could hear. Pretty soon it was time to head back. We past LUNA ROSA, a new gelato shop. Jason has been dying to try it. We stood on a forever long line but that raspberry gelato was SO worth it. Jason got Donatella. We grabbed an outside table and licked away. It was close to 9:30p.m and my inner clock told me it was time to go home. I love going out but even more I love returning home. I missed my babies!!! They were all sound asleep in one room.(except Abby) Even papa was snuggled in Hannahs bed. They too missed us and never like to sleep apart when we leave. I drove Elizabeth home and told her I will see her next month for another "date" night. All in all the night was a success. We may have not done anything grand compared to some standards but for us it was all that was needed. Tonight will be a late night of prepping and cleaning. We are having another family over for an all day pool and bbq. We will top the day/night off with some sparklers and pops. Im sure I will post pictures of that too.I have to admit. I was getting checked out like CRAZY today... by WOMEN??? With their one second glance im sure they memorized every last detail about me. Even Jason noticed. I started thinking..."Is my skirt up? Do I have a boogie? Is my hair falling out? What could possibly be so interesting? I know its not my looks, I mean I am a bit easy on the eyes but these women around here are gorgeous." Perhaps next time I go into town I will give them something to really look at. Maybe some bedhead and my comfy fluffy Jammies will make them turn away?? You think Im kidding?? Then you really don't know me... ;)))

Creation Vs. Evolution Part 1

**** I copied this from a great Christian blog I read daily. I am often asked and approached about creation vs. evolution and my words can never be as good as these. This is 1 of 3 parts. Enjoy and let me know what you think.**** 

Debunking Evolution Part 1 - Framing the Discussion

Hubby has researched evolution quite thoroughly, so he will be writing many of the articles for my "Evolution Debunked" section of this webpage. I happily present you with the below, written by my beloved husband:

Update - Response to questions about references added to the bottom of this post.

Many people walk around today thinking that Evolution is a proven fact. This is what needs to be debunked. Evolution has not been proved, and scientific evidence points away from Evolution rather than towards Evolution, therefore, Evolution takes more Faith to believe than Creation. This series will talk about what the Genesis account actually says, the scientific evidence which supports the Biblical account, and evidence which can only be explained by having a Creator. This series will also identify scientific BELIEFS which are commonly discussed as though they are facts, such as - 'Millions of years'.

Consider that 'Millions of years' is the Evolutionist's version of 'Once upon a time'. The Evolutionist's miracle workers are Time and Chance, and so they constantly push the existence of mega-Time in order to give Chance, a chance. The Biblical record of history dates the Earth at approximately 6,000 years. According to dates in the Bible, Adam and Eve were created about 6,000 years ago, and according to Jesus Christ, their creation occurred at the beginning.
Matthew 19:4-5
"And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female, And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?"
In the above quote, Jesus Christ was quoting Genesis 2:24 and calling it "the beginning." This was one of the many times that Jesus Christ verified the accuracy of the Old Testament as God's word.
Note: Recent discovery has shown that they had a form of short hand writing when Jesus Christ lived and some of the New Testament has been found in this short hand. Of course God has the power to make the Bible error free using man's hand even after that fact, but for the less faithful, short hand writing means that much, if not all, of the New Testament was recorded on paper as it happened, and not just passed on by word of mouth. So the less faithful have reason to believe that Jesus Christ actually said 'in the beginning' rather than somebody just remembering it that way.

Definition of Myth - A manmade story created to explain something, which does not line up with Scientific Evidence.

The Evolutionist idea than man started out as an uneducated club bearing oaf, who could only pronounce rudimentary sounds, is unBiblical. The Bible says that Adam came preprogrammed by God, and could walk, talk, name all of the animals, and get married the first day he existed. I have no reason to believe that Adam did not also write, and have knowledge of science, physiology and math. As the first human being made by God Himself, Adam's genetic code was flawless. He was probably able to use 100% of his brain. I expect that Adam would have made Einstein look like a mental 5 year old by comparison.
The Bible teaches that Creation started out perfectly made by God, and that sin caused things to start going down hill. The early civilizations appear to be much more advanced that the later ones. If you look at an 8th grade test from the 1800's, you would wonder if any college graduate today could pass it. Today, we still can not build a pyramid like the great pyramid, even with computers. I think man has fallen so far down hill that, he is now so stupid he thinks he is smarter than he has ever been, just like a teenager will think they know more than their parents.

There is no question that the Bible and the Evolutionist's BELIEFS conflict with each other, the question is, when they disagree, which should you trust? Should you trust scientist's which are scientifically proven to be wrong over 30% of the time, or the Bible which has never been proven wrong even though it records thousands of historical events and scientific facts? When the 'Scientists' told us the earth was flat, those who trusted the Bible weren't fooled because it said:
Job 26:7
"He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing."
Isaiah 40:22
"It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:"
Those who trust in God's word, the Bible, and marvel at the imagination of man and the Evolution Myth, will also be proven right in the end.

There will be more to come, but here are 2 more scientific BELIEFS which are commonly discussed as though they are facts:

Pre-Historic, This literally means 'before recorded history'. when the Evolutionist uses this term, they are commonly referring to earth's past, but the Bible starts with 'In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.' Gen 1:1.
The Bible records history all the way back to the beginning of this Earth and even alludes to this as the beginning of time itself, therefore; anything which has happened in Pre-Historic times must, by definition, have occurred before the creation of this Earth. Evolutionist's reveal their doubt of the validity of God's word every time they use the term Pre-Historic to describe something in Earth's past history.

Primate, Definition - pl. of primas, principal, of. The use of this term when speaking of monkeys, implies that these monkeys were the precursor of something else, i.e. that something else mutated from them, such as people. The Bible tells us man came from God, not from monkeys. By referring to people as primates, the Evolutionist alludes to this sequence continuing by people genetically mutating into a different species in the future. The use of the word Primate reveals the Evolutionist's deep Faith in their BELIEF system.

Note to faithful Christians:
There is nothing wrong with using our minds to better understand God and His creation.
Isaiah 1:18
"Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool."
Yes, God requires faith, but God also gives evidence for those who seek Him, that is what miracles and prophecies are for. God gives enough evidence, for those who are interested, so that we can be certain of Him. But God does not provide overwhelming evidence which would convince everybody. If He did, Hell would be a fact even to those who do not care about God, and they might choose God because of the hellfire gun to their head rather than by love. As things currently stand, those who don't care about God can dismiss Him as a myth, while those who seek Him will find him.
Matthew 7
"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened."
Note: Clarification on asking and receiving. When Jesus said the above in Matthew 7, it was with the understanding that you are asking for things which are in alignment with God's will.
James 4:3
"Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts."

Only God could walk this fine line of just the perfect amount of evidence. Due to Human Nature, things actually pan out as follows:
The evidence is overwhelming for those who are actually seeking the one true God who is revealed in the Bible.
People who don't want to find God, or want to make God up as they wish, can fall back on the Human Nature tendency to make themselves blind to that which they don't want to see.

Updated Late night of 11-1-2007

Some people have been asking for references on facts stated in this article. The request for references reminded me of something. This series is not intended to be a debate. It is more of a heads up in order to help people free themselves from this fallen world's flesh based conventional thinking programming. This is why the opening post is titled 'Framing the Discussion' rather than 'Framing the Debate'. I have debated people before at, and found it to be a waste of time because debating focuses on winning the debate as a matter of skill rather than being a search for truth. People who are interested in learning more about information I present should be prepared to research it for themselves. This will keep the 'trying to win' aspect to a minimum.

Nevertheless, since the idea is to give a heads up, supplying links to sites where you can learn more for yourself is a good idea. Also, if you think you have proof of me being wrong on something which is critical to my assertion of the Bible being true, I am all ears. To sum it up, I am interested in finding truth and discarding falsehoods, this is the point of the Deceptions Revealed articles and we can help each other (iron sharpens iron), but I see 'winning' debates as a waste of valuable time. 

An astute reader mentioned 3 'facts' which should have been referenced in a credible proof document.
The three facts were:
1 - Scientists wrong 30% of the time. This is simple. On almost any given subject, you can find scientists who disagree with each other. According to Kent Hovind, only 55% of scientists think that man came from evolution. So either 55% are wrong or the other 45% are wrong. I heard that scientists were wrong about 33% of the time from an article Rush Limbaugh read on the radio. Rush Limbaugh is documented to personally be correct 98.8% of the time and he usually has good information, so there you go. This actually has no bearing on whether ape to man evolution is true because truth is not a matter of majority vote or opinion. The point of saying that scientists are wrong 30% of the time, was to point out that man is flawed and cannot be trusted for accuracy, compared to the word of God which is perfect.
2 - Recent discovery of ancient shorthand documents. I heard something about this on the radio. I think it was on the Bible Answer Man show. A little time spent on the internet brought up these web sites on the subject, but I didn't see a site which claimed the finding of an actual shorthand document and I am not sure that this was stated on the show.
The Language of the Gospel 
Matthew the Apostle 
The Misunderstood Book of Matthew 
3 - That we can still not recreate the great pyramid. I heard this from a couple of friends. It sounded like it was probably true. The below link does go to a site which states that we could not recreate the great pyramid today.
Introduction and Overview of The Great Pyramid of Giza 

Now that I have gone over the 3 facts, I can see that the reader was right. Especially on the great pyramid 'fact'. Stating something as fact just because your friends are saying it is how the Liberals operate, and is one of the main reasons they are so deceived.
By trying to reference facts, it causes me to double check them. I can appreciate you not wanting to have wrong information entering your mind, so I apologize and will be much more careful. I had a friend once who lied all the time and it really annoyed me when I found myself passing on information which I would later remember came from him.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Words to the Wise

SUNSCREEN!!! I recommend SPF 1532899. I sat at the pool chatting till my jaw hurt and forgot sunscreen. Im more than done!! I never use sunscreen and I only go to the pool for about 1 hour a day. So, my tan has been slowly building quite nice. BUT today Jason took the little babies home so I could hang out with my girlfriend while Emma, Hannah and her kids swam together. I sat on the edge of the pool, soaking my feet and chatting about this and that and everything else under the sun while my poor milky white thighs BURNED THEMSELVES TO DEATH. Only from the knee up is bad... and my bum... the part sticking out of my bottom suit.(and thanks to good genes... not much was hanging out, but its still sensitive skin =((() Im so tired but can't imagine sleeping under the covers. Im craving my bed and my Seinfeld DVD's and I can't... Boo-hoo im so sad today. No pool tomorrow for Miss Amy. Sniff sniff

Homemade Oatmeal Fruit Bars

I know, it looks great doesn't it??? It tastes even better. These are 100% home made and are a great snack for the whole family. I made them this morning. It only took about 5 minutes. They cooked for 30 minutes and right after I took them out of the oven to cool, we headed to the pool. I had a friend meet us there today with her 4 kids. Jason has the week off so he had fun with the big kids in the big pool and Eve and I hung out with the babies in the kiddie pool. We chatted with some other neighbors that live around us and had a great time. As soon as we headed home, exhausted, sunburned and famished, we had a nice treat waiting to be eaten. This will most certainly make our list of regular snacks. Below is a copy of the recipe. I highly recommend them. Its so quick and easy, you'll be shocked you didn't think of this yourself. Enjoy!!!
P.s.... Elizabeth said YES!!! Jason and I are headed out tomorrow night. So excited!!

Fruit Filled Oatmeal Bars

1 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup quick oats
2/3 cup brown sugr
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 cup butter
1 cup of your favorite jam

In a mixing bowl combine flour, oats, brown sugar and baking soda. Cut in butter till mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Reserve 1 cup of the flour mixture. Press remaining flour mixture into the bottom of an ungreased 8x8 pan. Spread with desired jam. Sprinkle with reserved flour mixture. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes or until the top is golden. Cut into squares.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Today's show and tell is the Historic West End in Downtown Greenville. We LOVE downtown and this beautiful area is one of the main reasons why we moved here. Its picture perfect beautiful and resembles a movie set. The Historic West End contains so much history. You can see it as you walk by. The old mill brick buildings converted into the most unique shops and eateries. The West End is also home to the Greenville drive baseball team. We have a beautiful stadium... clean and neat and so cute. Restaurants surround the front and they even have a playground for the kiddies that get bored! I took these pictures today. We had an appointment near here and decided to stroll thru. Jason and I will be getting tickets to a few games this summer and I can't wait!!! This is a short post as I have church tonight and need to get there early. Im working in the baby nursery and can't wait. I LOVE holding all those teeny babies!!! I called Elizabeth (our babysitter) and booked her for Friday night...(well almost booked her, she has to call back) Its DATE NIGHT!!! YAAA. We will be off to Friday night Jazz downtown and I can't wait. Now what shall I wear??? Night!!!


More blogs to come shortly...been busy soaking up the sun...

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Can you believe that? I had to take a picture because I could not believe it myself. Let me first clear the air a bit. No matter how many times I tell people, they don't seem to get it. Greenville SC does not have 100 degree weather year round. We have all 4 seasons, we have frost, we have cold winters and we even have snow. The difference between this state and up north are just a few things. We get warmer quicker, stay warmer longer and have more sunshine... (hence the drought every year) We are cradled by the lovely Blue Ridge mountains and reap all the benefits! Despite what everyone thinks 100 degree weather is not an every day occurance ...just a yearly one. For a few weeks in August we do suffer and stay indoors due to extreme heat. I just can't believe we are in the nineties already!!! Normally its only mid-80's. Anyway the nice weather man on tv says it will break by mid-week (hopefully with wicked thunderstorms) and we will be back down to 80's. I can't wait. Our poor thick blooded bodies are not ready for this yet. We spend all mornings by the pool and crank the AC. My central air is AWESOME!! This puppy has no problems holding it at 73 degrees no matter how much that sun is burning. Im tanning quite nicely and unevenly... Chasing after 5 kids will get you the most unusual tan lines. Im ok with that though. I also had to re-plant some hostas as my new elm tree can't give off enough shade and they were burning. So they are off to the side of my house where the sun hides and the air is a touch cooler. I swear they thanked me. Anyway, not much to report today. Just chilaxin and enjoying each others company. In a couple of weeks my house will be buzzing with visitors. I have 3 seperate friends and family coming for a visit between July 1st and August 7th... each staying a week. I get time off and then more visitors at the end of August. This does not include my Father-in-law who is taking a trip down to visit...(shhh he does not know it yet. His wife is making the plans. She is on a mission to move down here and im helping her 100% Hee hee) My mother-in-law was going to visit sometime but since she has not mentioned anything I could not "hold" any time at Chateau Wyler. Theres always the fall... (but Thanksgiving is on hold already...) I don't mind. I LOVE company and all are welcome. Hope to see more soon...


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