Sunday, June 29, 2008


Busy week ahead. Thats all that keeps running thru my mind as I make pasta salad for tonights home-group. So much to do that I might have to resort to making a proper list. I have a zillion of handwritten lists crumpled here and there, and a few in my organizer but I need an official one this week. What will I be doing you wonder?? Well its time to start diving head first into home-schooling. I have to lesson-plan, write down supplies, research and still figure out how the curriculum works. Im really excited about this coming year and have a lot of ideas I would love to incorporate in our lessons. That requires time and silence, so it will be done at night after the kids go off to bed... If I can tear myself away from the tv. This is also the first week that Noah's real speech starts. So now 2 days a week two different ladies will be coming to the house working with him. Mondays at 9 and Thursdays at 10. I don't mind too much but sometimes getting my house ready and peaceful for speech lessons so early is challenging. In between the madness I must find and go to the library and start a membership. Im craving a really good book.I have it all picked out. Im already envisioning me all tucked in my nice warm cozy bed reading the book I so desperetaly crave. My kids also need to get a library card so they can borrow some books as well. They love sorting thru all those books as much as I do. I have a list of supplementals I need to borrow too. Tuesday afternoon Aunt Megan arrives. YIPPIE!!! We are all excited and can't wait to spend some time with her. Plenty of mornings by the pool are planned!... but before that happens we need to get ready. Tomorrow we have plenty of cleaning and washing to do to get the house ready for her arrival. I have to pull out the sleeper sofa and clean out any lost toys or pieces of cheerios. Tuesday night Jason and I have play rehearsal. We were picked to play the gentleman and southern belle in our church's independence day parade. How cool is that? My hubby will be in a tux and I will have a huge gown on and have ringlets. I can't wait to post pictures.(yes, I did mention that they picked the NY ers to represent the south) July 2nd is our 12th anniversary. Where did the time go? Im not sure if we are celebrating it that night or going to church but we have another date night planned for this Saturday. We are going to the baseball game!! Jason bought tickets last week and we can't wait!!! I also have a new sundress for the occasion. So, thats just a bit into this coming week. I left out our plans for the 4th (which involves neighbors,fire and loud blasts) and who knows what else. I have to schedule even more time for prayer this week as that will be the only thing to get me thru. Nothing starts the day off right that some good ol fashioned prayer with God. Even if its just a minute or two. At least I started off the week right. EXCELLENT sunday service today. We had guests leading worship and they ROCKED THE HOUSE! "The Call" from Southeastern college came and really moved! With that energy I can do anything!!

Oh and did I mention Im pet-sitting 2 cockateals, 1 macaw and one very overly fluffy cat??? For 7 days??

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