Monday, June 23, 2008

Just A Glimpse...

My days are rather low-key this summer but as I lay in bed last night trying to fall asleep I began my mental check-list of things needing to be done so I thought of you and thought I would share my ever-so glamorous life. Lol.
6- Abby wakes up and does not want to go to bed, so I hand her some toys and pray she lets me go to sleep
6:30-Molly is up and crawls in bed, Abby is now on the floor next to me playing with more toys
6:45-Its inevitable, I have to leave my covers behind and head to the living room. Abby and Molly play and I lay on couch... hoping for more sleep.
7-ish- Noah and Abby come down, Jason wakes up, gets ready for work. Cabinets and fridge start being ripped open...time for breakfast.
7:15- Sister calls with daily crisis, feed the masses. Cereal for older three, pancakes (from yesterday) for Abby. Emma is still out cold upstairs.
7:30-Kiss Jason goodbye, start sweeping mopping kitchen floor, kids finish eating head to living room, abby still drinking her bottle. Finish kitchen, then go mop master bath.
7:45- Load dishwasher, change poopy-diaper, still chatting with sister, start laundry, switch loads and get ready to put yesterdays laundry upstairs and put away.
8-Get off with sister and get on phone with Jason, chat away, Make bed...then lay on it and wish I could sleep. Force myself up, go on computer and check/respond to emails and such.

Thats it for now. A lot was done and its not even nine. I hope to still wax the foyer floors, finish laundry and clean entire living room before we head to the pool around 9:30. Im slightly type "A" when it comes to my home. I can have dirty pots and pans on my stove but my living room has to be spotless before I go anywhere!! Weird I know but there is nothing worse than coming home to a mess. I have to be back at the pool by 11 because Noah has speech at 11:30. Abby will go in for a nap, I will feed the kids, clean some more, say goodbye to the speech therapist and put Noah upstairs for his nap. In between I will think of dinner, prep for a bit if necessary and then goof off on the computer. I have some homeschooling sights and such I need to research. 3:00 is the busy time of day, dinner is almost started, house is cleaned again, more laundry and another pot of coffee has to be brewed.(my first cup was sipped poolside) and we look forward to Jason coming home!!! May not be exciting to some but to me its priceless!!! I have not posted pictures much to my dis-appointment, But I have not found anything blog-worthy yet... perhaps today. Tomorrow is Emmas birthday. Yaaa!!! Time for Camp Rock table-ware and such. I will be busy decorating and baking tonight. Those pictures I will most certainly post! Have a great day my blogging friends.
P.S. I have a 20% off for GAP and they have a beautiful strapless grey satin dress with embroidered flowers on it. SO BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT for my 2nd anniversary celebration. Its $68... a bit pricey for me but pray for a HUGE success at my Garage sale saturday... with any luck that dress will me MINE!!!!


  1. oh I hope you get to get the dress, if we weren't going OOT I would so be over there to sell some stuff lol maybe next time :)

  2. Ha, ha - I know what you mean about constantly cleaning! It's always an on going process that's NEVER ENDING! And I'm SO glad Mikade sleeps until 8:00am - Sometimes even longer. Once and awhile he's up early or wakes up at 3:00am and wants to play - yikes! But, he's a great sleeper! So, Neil and I are a way bad aunt and uncle! I need a list of all the kids birthdays (again!) I'm vowing to be a better aunt!!! I hope Emma had a great birthday! I can't wait to see the pictures! And good luck with the garage sell and getting your dress!!! :) Love ya!



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