Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh What A Night

We did it!!! We had our date night tonight. It was highly anticipated and most enjoyed. Elizabeth our hero..I mean babysitter arrived promptly at 6:30. Like any good parents we threw ten million directions at her as we ran out the door. For a few hours it was just us two! What to do? Where to go? The possibilities were endless... well sort of. We could only be somewhat spontaneous as babysitters get paid a lot more these days. Anyway. For my birthday the lovely people at Red Robin gave me a gift card for a FREE gourmet burger. For those of you that have never gone there...shame on you! This was our first time and we dined on the best Prime rib dip (for free) and fat juicy cheeseburger with onion straws. Jason and I shared together so we got to eat a bit of both. 2 for the price of one. Now thats a deal!! Since we ate our weight in fries and dips it was off to Downtown for some strolling.We parked in "our" regular garage that leads us right in front of the main Plaza. There always is parking. We like to pretend its our secret place. The weather was almost perfect. A bit on the sweaty side but the shady trees gave us relief. The bands were playing and the people were out. Downtown was abuzz with activity. Young and old lined the streets to listen to the Jazz echo in the plaza. Girls in their little sundresses and sandals and guys in their polo's all celebrating the fact it was Friday Night. You could pick out the couples in love, the married couples and the courting ones. We walked towards the Reedy River while taking peaks into some of the stores. Once at the Falls we were taken back at everything in bloom. It has been a while since we were there. All flowers were stunning!!! We tried taking pictures but my flash was no match for the setting sun. The Shakespeare festival performed their summer play on the Carolina Ampitheatre and people were everywhere. The drought is in full force and many of the river rocks were exposed. So Jason and I did the most sense-able thing. We climbed them!!! Right next to the falls. Then we sat and posed and took in the scenery. I knew my girls would have loved it!!! I made a mental note to take them there real soon. The horse and carriages were out clip-clopping up and down the street. I took a picture of one filled with little girls. They were SOOO excited to be going for a ride. They were waving so hard I thought their hand was going to fall off. They screamed hello and shreaked and giggled. You could not help to catch some of their enthusiasm and before long I was waving and giggling back. Soby's on the side had a Packed patio. I also tried to capture that but it was not too successful. Every outdoor table was taken and chatter was all you could hear. Pretty soon it was time to head back. We past LUNA ROSA, a new gelato shop. Jason has been dying to try it. We stood on a forever long line but that raspberry gelato was SO worth it. Jason got Donatella. We grabbed an outside table and licked away. It was close to 9:30p.m and my inner clock told me it was time to go home. I love going out but even more I love returning home. I missed my babies!!! They were all sound asleep in one room.(except Abby) Even papa was snuggled in Hannahs bed. They too missed us and never like to sleep apart when we leave. I drove Elizabeth home and told her I will see her next month for another "date" night. All in all the night was a success. We may have not done anything grand compared to some standards but for us it was all that was needed. Tonight will be a late night of prepping and cleaning. We are having another family over for an all day pool and bbq. We will top the day/night off with some sparklers and pops. Im sure I will post pictures of that too.I have to admit. I was getting checked out like CRAZY today... by WOMEN??? With their one second glance im sure they memorized every last detail about me. Even Jason noticed. I started thinking..."Is my skirt up? Do I have a boogie? Is my hair falling out? What could possibly be so interesting? I know its not my looks, I mean I am a bit easy on the eyes but these women around here are gorgeous." Perhaps next time I go into town I will give them something to really look at. Maybe some bedhead and my comfy fluffy Jammies will make them turn away?? You think Im kidding?? Then you really don't know me... ;)))

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  1. oh it looks like you guys had a great time! I love love gelato! We used to have a gelato ice cream store back in FL that had such good gelato there we will have to check out this place too, glad you guys got to go out!



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