Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh Boy...

I have so much to do. The last of the Thanksgiving company just drove down the block. They embarked on their 10 hour journey home.
As much as I want to sit here and just veg... a much needed veg, I can't. There is so much to do...
clean the house
wash all the bedding
dishes, dishes and more dishes
homeschool the kids which include:
Hannahs spelling
Math review
Math lesson for Emma
reading lesson for Molly
read about Abraham Lincoln
Civil War lesson
feed the kids
Take down all Thanksgiving decorations
Pull out tree
Pull down all Christmas decor
re-arrange the Living Room for decorating fiasco...
and then start prepping and packing for a vacation that is coming all too soon...

I need more coffee.....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Moment Of Silence...

Today I lost my camera filled with over 100 pictures of our huge Thanksgiving vacation with my cousins and their families.... left Downtown somewhere...

I have nothing to say.

I NEED my camera back


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our Menu

What will be on our table this Thanksgiving:

Stuffed Mushrooms
18 lb Turkey
5 lbs stuffing
10 lbs Potatoes
Green bean casserole
cranberry sauce


Apple Pie
Pecan Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Pecan coffee cake
Apple pie
2 chocolate pudding pies

What's on your table?

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Patriot

Something To Chew On...

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free."

[Ronald Reagan]

He's NO King Xerxes...

I have been finding out that my bad school girl habits have somehow lingered and found me in my adult years. Back in my college days, I spent my classes half listening, waiting for the last minute to do my work (except for my art classes) and then spending one night cramming a semesters worth of learning during an all nighter.
Fastforward time about (gulp) 13 years and here I am, in a great bible Study in my church, behind on my work. Last night, after a very compelling dvd lesson in my sunday school class, I decided it was time to play catch up! I sat on the couch with book and bible in hand and dug in. The information was amazing, and I realized I was the one who was gypping myself for letting this study slip thru my fingers.
I studied The Book of Esther and the contest for queen. My thoughts came to the show The Bachelor and how similar it was!
Hundreds of girls competing for one man, sharing one man and being nothing more than a pretty face.
Once she was chosen Queen, she went months without being in the Kings presence. How horrible.
We ended our lesson yesterday chatting about how empty their relationship was. She had to be called to him and often went months without seeing him... knowing full well, he was with other women.
It made me so thankful for the relationships of today. For MY relationship. For my Gapboy who loves me and actually wants to spend his days with me. I can go to him whenever I want. I don't need an invitation.
Many years ago, I received an Emilie Barnes book called "more hours in my day..." as a Christmas gift. At first, I tossed it aside. I hate organization and cleaning books. But this one caught my attention. I picked it up and read it straight thru in 3 days. It was amazing. Emilie touched my heart in many of her stories.
In one chapter, she talks about how to welcome husbands home. She recommends dropping everything and giving him a welcome home hug, kiss and cheers from the kids... every day! Most women would scoff at this advice. But not me! As Emilie said, He comes home to YOU every day after working hard. He doesn't have to. There are many other places he can go and other women who would be happy to welcome him into their arms, but he chooses YOU! So welcome him and show him you love him.
That is something I have been doing since my Emma was little. When hubby pulls down the block, cheers erupt in our home. The pitter patter of little feet echo thru our foyer and our front yard is flooded with kids of all ages. Daddy waves and smiles and the babies pound on his work truck until the door opens. The whole house breathes a relaxing sigh... Daddy is home!
Yesterday, I spent my day reflecting on the fact that my husband was NO King Xerxes. I thank God, I am no Queen.
I am simply me, with my Gapboy and together we are Thankful for each other.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Week-end What Nots....

Next week is Thanksgiving!!! My Little Red House has been just buzzing with activity. Not only are we getting ready for our favorite holiday but we will be welcoming company that will be arriving sometime wednesday! The great news was just found out 2 days ago and there is so much to do, cleaning the dusty corners and washing all the bed linens. Next week will be busy busy busy! But as all you know, Im happiest when my Little Red House is busting at the seams.
I have also had a lot of time to reflect on this past year. It seems that as each year passes, the time speeds up just a bit more. We will end the year healthy, happy and with a job! Always a great thing. Not all goals were met, no all expectations were fulfilled and we even had a surprise or two along the way.
This weekend, as we prepare our home for the Holiday, I will give Thanks. I have so much to be Thankful for. I will pray that I will not let the Martha in me take over and pray that the Mary stays at the forefront. This coming week as I prepare our huge Turkey, I will give Thanks for the food that we are so blessed to have... and never take one bite for granted.
There is a lot to do this weekend, but most importantly, I will give Thanks!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Yesterday we packed up our big black van and headed far away to yesteryear. We visited an awesome southern plantation with some other homeschool friends. Before embarking on our journey we turned to the internet to supply all of our history needs.
Walnut Grove Plantation was the home of Charles and Mary Moore c.1765. They owned over 3000 acres and was a complete self sufficient farm. They raised their 10 children on the land and are buried on the property in the family cemetery.
What caught my interest the most was their eldest daughter Kate. At 15 years old she married a patriot soldier and lived very close to her childhood home. She worked as a spy! She was a heroine of the American Revolution. One famous story includes her tying her infant to the bed while she ran off into the night to warn her husband and his troops that the british were coming... saving them.
As we toured the upstairs of her childhood bedroom, we learned how the upstairs beds housed more patriot soldiers until a small battle took place right on the property. Bloody Bill Cunningham and his Tories came, hunted and killed those soldiers down. They were buried where they fell which later became the cemetery. It was Kate, who rode fearlessly, to warn the soldiers that the tories were coming. Greatly outnumbered, they succumbed to defeat.
As I strolled the property with my kids, I was amazed my the peace that surrounded us. It was a perfect fall day. A perfect mix of chill and sun with leaves coming down like snow. We walked the actual wagon trail and strolled thru the family herb garden. The afternoon was humbling. A place so filled with history and American pride, lost between subdivisions and shopping centers.
I chatted with another mom that was there. I was amazed that this family, Irish immigrants, held such fierce loyalty to their new country. If only we, as Americans, held that much pride and passion for freedom... How great our country could be. The South is full of history. Stories that you will never find in school books. Stories that would be lost unless you went and searched them out. Stories Like Kate Barry and her bravery. A love for God and Country is an amazing combination. Back during yesteryear, men and women risked everything they lived for, to protect what our ForeFathers started. Today, sadly, things are quite different.
I've always said, its a good thing our patriotic heros are dead, or they would see that what they dies for was in vain....
Our day in the 1700's was amazing. I think I enjoyed it a bit more than the kids. My camera died right away(thank God for cell phones) and many bathroom trips were needed but the day will go down in our history!!
This is only the beginning of many plantation visits. In the gift shop, we bought a map of every historical site and one by one we will go. We will visit, we will learn and we will remember.

Monday, November 16, 2009


I attempted to make buttermilk biscuits y'all. just like any other good southern mama. You would have been proud... until they came out of the oven...

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall, I am a Yankee after all....=)"


My Little Red Kitchen Pt 2

Ahhh, my kitchen table, which in the above picture is a bit messy. I purposely did not shine and polish my kitchen before my photo shoot. My kitchen is lived in. I try to keep it as clean as can be but it remains far from perfect... so why should the pictures be? We bought this table out of a magazine. It was perfect! Double the size of our former table (now outside in the back-porch) and held a couple of extra chairs for guests! Everything is done at this table!! Homeschooling, meals, planning... some of our most colorful and exciting moments as a family happened right here... with great food in the middle of coarse! Our wipe off board changes almost daily but we try to keep our prayer and praise list updated frequently. As a matter of fact, I will update it tonight as I have many new things to pray about ;)
This is a close -up view of our screen porch I wrote you about in PART 1. Did I mention how much we love it??? On nice days the kids are often found hanging out in the back and running in and out. This room is a wonderful extension to our home. This is another MUST HAVE!! Another feature I would have to have if and when we ever decided to move. If any one of you all are thinking about getting one... don't hesitate. On summer nights, we put the kids to bed and close the sliding door, light up the bbq and indulge in rib-eyes cooked by the best grill master in the state. We put our outdoor party lights on and listen to the crickets and bullfrogs.
To the right of my stove are my dishes. All shapes and sizes, colors and patterns can be found here. This comes from many years of buying and breaking dear dishes. I actually need some more. Sometimes when we have company, this one shelf gets empty!! I kid you not! The one red dish is our special dish. It comes out on special occasions. Its a very coveted item and has a long story behind it. We have been using it for many years and the kids are thrilled when the red plate is served to them!
My pantry! I love my pantry. I would love it even more if it were a walk in pantry as one of my friends have but thats ok, this will do for now! Its stocked to the brim with our pantry items, canned goods, mixes, pasta, cereal... you name it. By the end of a payday... its quite empty until I refill it. I know where everything is and even though it looks a bit organized... its not! The categories in my head make perfect sense and since its my kitchen, thats all that matters!
Last but not least, my utensil draw. I have been meaning to switch this draw with my larger cooking utensil draw so I have more space. I plan on doubling up the holders sideways so every spot has a home instead of the forks overflowing into the spoons and such. That drives me CRAZY! But each fork and knife is needed. Actually more is needed. So off to my favorite supply store I go where they have aisles and aisles of utensils and cookware and plates galore. Bins of serving spoons for .50 a piece. Pure heaven!! Once its done Im sure i'll post a proud picture.
But, thats about it my dear friends. The heart of my home in a nutshell. Where I spend most of my days, where Im the happiest, where I have the best conversations with my kids, where I smile and laugh the most... my kitchen!

Not Me!

I did not take a relaxing two hour nap Sunday while hubby and all the kids were outside working hard painting our fence. No, not me!

I did not buy cute organization folders and then just tossed them on the pile of papers and bills to be filed...and left them there... No, not me.

I did not go off on a political tangent while talking to a friend, in the middle of teaching the 3 year olds at church. NEVER... No, Not me!

I did not let the dishes pile and pile and pile up in my sink because I didn't have any Cascade for the dishwasher left.... I had a cut on my hand I didn't want to get wet by hand washing =p..No, not me!

Whew, I sure was busy NOT doing any of these things this weekend....

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Little Red Kitchen Pt 1

I decided to share the little details of the heart of my Little Red Home... my kitchen! I just love taking a peek at the insides of peoples homes so I know you all will enjoy! Most of my days are spent here cooking, drinking coffee, schooling the kids and puttering away. All pictures can be clicked to enlarge. This picture is my main counter. On it, I do most of my prep work. Today, I have a rotisserie chicken that I will pluck and make chicken salad from. Then I will turn the leftovers into homemade stock=) Yum! My beloved coffee pot is also near me. It usually contains leftover coffee from my last brew... when its not full of fresh brew!! My kids made peanut butter cookies and they reside to the left in a Christmas tin (they insisted) and my newly purchased bananas are waiting next to the kids vitamins. A constant reminder that both must be eaten daily.
Back in 2006 hubby insisted that we buy new cookware. Ours was OLD and falling apart and frankly, they did not hold enough food. I was pregnant with #4 and lived very close to family... most nights we never knew who or how many extra people we would be feeding. We wandered into The Le Creuset store and walked out with 3 HUGE enameled cast iron pots and pans and were $450 lighter. Most people will never understand why we dropped that much on cookware and those that tell us that #1) never cooked for a larger crew daily and #2 never used Le Creuset cookware. We did buy the color of the month and received a 20% discount! It was the best kitchen purchase ever made (besides Joe... more on Joe later...) Both pots were bought in the biggest size possible (for family expansion) and I use both almost daily. The one on the left is called the brasier and I use it EVERY day. It hold the dozen+ scrambled eggs I need for breakfast and boils my 4 lbs of red new potatoes in chicken stock that I need with dinner and sautes all veggies to perfection! Its always dirty and filled with my latest kitchen creations. We outgrew the normal skillet 2 kids ago and this beauty is perfect!
My other beauty is in the oven ( its hiding place) its the 13 1/4 quart French oven in red!!! Perfect for my yummy SUnday Sauces that I make, my soups and my spanish beans. Most families of 4 or 5 would get the much smaller oven, but for us the bigger the better. This is the pot I will use for family dinners, for feeding my children-in law and my grandbabies... a very full home!
We also have an awesome stockpot which is put away. Jason wanted the really big one. I refused, stating "we will never need something that big..." well, its too small for us now and it collects dust. I eat my words whenever I try and use it.
The last most loved piece in my home is my black skillet which is right under my Brasier. We have since outgrown it but I still use it to fry 5-6 eggs at a time and try to squeeze at least 9 pancakes on it. I have seen bigger ones in magazines... one will soon be ours...
Ahhh, theres Joe. See him??? Look closely.... now can you see him?? We LOVE our Joe and you can read all about him HERE! This corner of my kitchen is not used wisely. Overflow from my pantry sits here, my breads and bag of chips sit here and all mixing and baking are done here. My huge corner lazy susan contains all my baking supplies and Joe sits nearby, so this place automatically got chosen! ( also my dirty pots and pans that I have yet to clean get pushed over here.shhh)
Ok, this view is much much better. My paper products are over here ( um, I ran out...oopps) along with our house phone and some fresh french bread I bought from Costco. It was a double loaf that I bought along with fresh spinach dip... 2 very big loaves... but once I got home and everyone "tasted", this is what was left. I won't even begin to show you what the dip looks like. Sheesh. In the background on my bartop sits my latest (cutest) purchase. A recipe box!!! I found one at Homegoods. Gosh I LOVVEE Homegoods... its red and green and CHERRIES!!! I plan on squeezing 10 minutes out of each day to write some of my recipes down in our new family box (and laminate) so I have a one-stop reference source and my kids will too. Isn't it darling? I will be going to Hobby Lobby soon to buy some embellishments and make it a bit more Gapgirl-y. This new recipe box will also go with that new apron I blogged about HERE. How nice will that be?? Coordination at its finest. I also bought some other organization "tools" (cute of coarse) but thats to be saved for another post coming soon! Anyway, all my prepping for cooking happens right here. That way I can keep an eye on all happenings in the living Room...
Which I overlook while I clean dishes or unload my heavenly dishwasher (who gets quite a workout and needs a vacation!) I have an open floor plan so I can see almost my whole downstairs from my sink. I really love the open floor plan. I watch House Hunters alot and most people put OFP on their list of must haves. From experience, I can also tell you most that request this DO NOT have 5 children. As convenient as this may be, the noise volume can be very very high. The luxury of watching TV while I cook fizzles away when all I can do is read lips because of all the buzz in the home. . We have surround sound wiring and I have been asking hubby to price some speakers so my days of squinting and lip reading can end!! But 99% of the time I do love it. fights and squabbles can be fixed as I clean and wash. The bartop has 2 stools (ugly) which we will be upgrading shortly(and adding 2-3 more and get used more than any other seat in the home. We upgraded and got the extended top so we can eat on it and have plenty of room for whatever it is we are doing. My kids and houseguests always find their way on my stool. They chat, watch me clean and have the first taste of whatever it is im cooking! I will never ever get another kitchen unless it has a feature like this! Its just a must!!! I can also see thru to my 2 story foyer (which needs to be painted a different color!!!) and keep an eye on what kid is going up/down and who is coming in and out of my home. A powder room is tucked off of the foyer along with my laundry room and a hall closet!!!
There she is, the beating heart of this home. The place where we gather and where most decisions are made. We have lived here only 2 short years and already we have so many memories of wonderful moments taking place right here... countless, priceless moments. We have had housefuls of friends and family.
Our Master Suite ( yes, it is a suite!) is located right to the left. Not far off the living space. The rest of the bedrooms (and our 3rd bathroom) is upstairs. I don't mind being here, my room is slowly getting decorated. I have a great view from my bed to our Little backyard. I lay in bed and watch our beautiful Yoshino sway. I watch the kids run and play in the yard and am still close to the action. Right thru the kitchen sliding door is our screen porch. Oh how excited we were to get one!!! We have a table and chairs and party lights out there. Many nights have been spent out there as well. The kids do schoolwork in it, the babies play play doh and on those perfect southern evenings, we enjoy our dinners out there as well. One day we will convert that as an extension onto our kitchen. As our family grows, we will need the space, but until then... oh how we will enjoy our little screen porch. We have a patio right outside the porch which in just a few weeks will contain a fire pit. Can you see me jumping around for joy??? I can't wait! The excitement is killing me. I love the smell of fires. Roasting marshmallows and just spending time with my kids, in the dark, letting them share their hearts with us. How perfect!
Once the kids grow older and eventually leave the nest, our home will be worn and tattered. Many homes around me are much bigger and grander than mine. Many contain more rooms and square footage but to me, my little red house has it all. Every time I clean my bathrooms and wipe down my counters, im reminded of the blessings God has given my family. A home like this was beyond any dream I could ever imagine. You might get tired of me chatting about my little red house, but I won't apologize. Im not sorry that I still thank God every day for the blessings He has given me!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Basket...

Lately events in my life have been interweaving like a beautiful basket. Sometimes its amazing to just step back for a moment and reflect.
I've often spoken of my love of the Bible Story in 1 Samuel... Hannah and her heartache. The other day, GapBoy and I were having one of our biblical discussions. It was late at night, we were tired and I don't even remember the events leading up to our conversation, but before long we were on the couch casually conversing on end time events and prophecy. I badgered him with questions... GapBoy read every single "Left Behind" book series , so he had a clearer view. After he told me (for the billionth time) that I really need to pick up the books for myself, He started telling me about the Judgement... for us Christians. How the characters in heaven were able to see Abraham and Moses stand before the throne of God and receive their crowns for their life on earth... which of coarse they immedietly laid back at His feet. We began discussing how crazy it would be to actually SEE them, talk to them and worship with them. Men who we had learned about and talked about for so long, men who's lives we have studied year after year. I don't think my mind was able to comprehend it all. I instantly thought of Hannah. It finally clicked. I started telling GapBoy that... "OH MY... I can actually meet Hannah." I was thrilled and had to hold back the tears. I told him how I wanted to go up to her and thank her for being so faithful. I wanted to tell her that a woman CENTURIES later, in a totally different world than her, leaned on her faithfulness and strength. Her life story writen in a bible before Christ ever walked the earth, eased the pain of another woman who lived over 2000 AFTER Christ. Is that not amazing? To some, it may be child-like. But for me, it meant everything. In heaven, I will be able to hug her and thank her and let her know that her tears did not fall in vain.
Tonight in bible study, our video lesson mentioned Hannah. My ears perked up. I wondered how this story related in any way to what we were learning. In the same passage I have read hundreds of times in the past year, I saw something I never knew was there... Not only was Hannah rock solid in her faith in her God, but in a moment when she could have had reasonable argument to be angry at her priest, she turned it on herself and had the utmost respect for authority. In less than a year after that encounter, she gave birth to Samuel, who would lead an entire nation into revival... all because of ONE womans amazing faith. Right in church I thought back to our recent discussion... another thing to discuss over heavenly coffee.;)
I love how God keeps revealing things to me, even after I "think" I know everything. And its also amazing how He is able to weave everything together, so seamlessly, when we, in mortal mind, would never think it was possible. I don't know why we doubt Him... after all, He IS the creator of the universe.

The BIG Premier...

Last night as remnants of Hurricane Ida poured down on our Little Red House and spaghetti noodles boiled on my stove, we gathered around our tv for the big premier of the short segment I filmed 3 weeks ago!! The spot was only about 7 minutes long, but we oohhed and ahhhed thru the whole thing. My cell phone was blowing up from all the incoming texts and our dvr was set. For about 2.5 seconds, I was a local star!! HA! My fame came sizzling down and Im perfectly happy with that! The experience was great and now life is back to normal in my Little Red House... just the way we like it...

*** Happy Veterans Day to all these brave Men and Women who have and are serving our precious country. A special thank you to my GapBoy, the most bravest and handsomest Veteran of all. I love you baby!!!***

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


" Taste and see that the Lord is good... Oh the joys of those that trust Him." Psalm 34:8

Trifles have been my new obsession. The presentation goes beyond delicious, and the final results... divine! I was first introduced to trifle desserts by my sissy-Cindy-Lu who made a beautiful Trifle dish for one of my kids birthday parties or dedications. (Can't remember which? opps) I was hooked. This weekend, I will be on a hunt for my very own trifle bowl. It will adorn my Thanksgiving table. This specific recipe will be tested on my church and our Thanksgiving meal we share as a church family the week prior to T-day. If all turns out well, perhaps I will be a trifle master??? Known for taking my scrumptious desserts wherever I go... One can dream right???

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Todays Esther Lesson was about how sometimes God leads us out in the "wilderness.." We sometimes think He is crazy and doesn't know what He is doing. (how silly of us) But while we are roaming and trusting, He is doing NEW THINGS. We shared testimonies and read Isaiah 43:18-19. Please take a moment to read it!!!
In service I heard a new worship song and fell in love. It perhaps is not new, but was new to my ears. When I got home, I looked it up and really listened to the words. God is amazing. How He ties all things together. I added it to my playlist. Its called "The Desert Song" by Hillsong. I declared it my "Morning song..." A song I will sing in the morning to prepare for an unknown day ahead of me.
But makes me wonder... is God trying to tell me something? Is He leading me to the "wilderness" for a bit.. perhaps a time in the "Desert??" Yikes, I pray not.... but if He does... I will be READY!
Scroll down and take a listen and then go look up those verses. You won't be dissappointed. I promise.

For Such A Time As This...

For the past few weeks I have been doing a great bible study with an awesome group of ladies at my church! We all have heard the story before and perhaps even have seen the veggietales movie but none compare to the way Beth Moore rips it apart. Not only does she explain the story, but her research takes you all over the bible!! How even in the book of Exodus, God is setting the stage for what is to take place later on in History. We have been in Exodus, Deuteronomy, Samuel, Corinthians, Chronicles and more. The cross referencing is endless. Esther was an important part of history. For the Jewish nation and for us! It still amazes me how every story in the bible is interweaved with another. Its also so sad that you will never find these amazing historical events are left out of every history book. I must admit, Im behind on my homework and have many reference scriptures to research, but tonight I have a date!
Im so excited. I will retreat to my bedroom, turn on my light and hit the books. I will be studying the Amalekites, the descendants of King Saul , Agag and the tragic hatred between both descendants. For some of you, this may seem like the worst way to spend a Sunday night. But for me... it can't get more perfect!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Santa Baby...

This is my version of a sable and would be more welcomed under my tree than any other gift. Ok ok, I know I have already told you that I want 100 other things, each being more important than the last AND each being the ONLY thing I want. Im a girl, what do you expect??? Isn't she a beauty? Im a sucker for aprons. Cute, flirty aprons and this is the next one I want to be wearing!!! I have some Christmas aprons and one awesome blue and pink polk-a-dot/Paisley print one but this takes the cake! So, Santa, if your reading this, please put this under the tree. I promise to be a good girl ;).

Friday, November 6, 2009

Coming soon GapGirl on the news!!

In My Heart Its Christmas!

This is a small look inside my heart! In my heart its Christmas! My tree is decorated, christmas carols are playing and cookies are cooling on the stove. What is wrong with me?? I always used to preach about how awesome Thanksgiving is and how its my favorite time of year.( and often sideswiped by Christmas) But somehow, something has changed. Im ready to put up our new beautiful pre-lit Christmas tree and trim away. My list is written, it has already been checked twice. I can't wait!! Is it too early to watch the Christmas movies? Im buying special Christmas books to read and can't wait to decorate my Mantle with my Christmas swag... made with love by ME!!!
I have been bitten hard by the Christmas bug and am ready to spread some holiday Cheer. My list of traditions are long ! New Christmas ornaments will be bought this year and new Christmas crafts will be made. I want to experience it all and have a magical holiday!!! Gingerbread houses will find their way into our home along with hot cocoa by the gallon! We will go to the parades and decorated houses. Trips downtown to see the Festival of Trees will be made several times and this year we WILL ride that Christmas carousel. Homemade gifts and treats will be passed to my neighbors and friends. If only every year could hold the magic and love that spills out of our hearts. I feel like the Grinch who's heart expanded 3 times!!!
So, what are your Christmas traditions and what are you waiting to do this year???

Thursday, November 5, 2009


1) I have an insane addiction to my cell phone and texting (as seen by these pictures) and can always be found with phone in hand.

2) Im 33 but people always think Im younger and can't believe I have a 12 year old in youth group. I guess thats a good thing?

3) It took 5 kids for me to get addicted to coffee even though it makes me jittery and flutters my heart. It also keeps me going at an insane speed that baffles most. They wonder where I get the energy. My response... 2 cups of coffee a day!

4) I knew and know I was created to be hubbys wife. Period!

5) I never wanted kids growing up and almost got my tubes tied at 22 years old. YIKES!

6) Im addicted to HGTV's House Hunters and TLC's Little People Big World. I have tons of shows dvr'ed and if im watching tv, these will be the shows that are on. I watch them over and over again.

7) I wore my really cute maternity jeans last night to church because I still don't fit into my regular jeans yet. =(. Needless to say, they were a bit big and hopes I didn't show my booty-crack to too many unsuspecting people.

8) Hubby and I NEVER discussed how many kids we wanted in our marriage until about 1 year ago??? Seriously. It just never came up!!!

9)I have 1 older sister by 4 years who lives in NY. I miss her!

10) I have a gazillion sister-in-laws in NY (and Utah)... I miss them too.

11) I LOVE cats and once had up to 3 living with us. I wore hubby out and now we have none... with none in the distant future. I now pet-sit for friends to get my pet fix every few months.

12) My dream in life was to be a photo-journalist and travel the globe taking exotic pictures of distant tribes and rare animals. I wanted to dance around a fire in Africa and roam the jungles in South America. If that didn't work, I was going to be an Interior Designer in NYC.

13)I was raised with a very Italian family with very italian traditions and culture.. yet im not one drop Italian...which baffled sooo many. Im also half spanish which baffles people even more.

14) I accidentally snapped a picture of Jackie Kennedy Onassis on 5th avenue in NYC (my idol) and didn't know it until I developed the picture in my darkroom.

15) I love to read... love love love to read

16) I used to laugh at the homeschooling moms. Now Im friends with those moms I laughed at.

17) I can be vicious. VERY vicious. Its something Im not proud of but if ever in a situation where it might come in handy (danger and such...) I know I will come out on top!

18) I love church. Truly love going. I love being a Christian and having an unshakeable faith.

There you have it, some un-interesting facts about me.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

23 Days

Until Thanksgiving! I can't wait. The holiday season is in full swing in our home. Thanksgiving menus are being planned, turkeys are being decided on and pies are being picked. Whether our home has 7 or 27 people, traditions remain the same. Our table is full of food and are hearts are full of excitement. I have not officially announced who will braid the Challa bread this year... ( a very coveted position) but whoever is picked will be thrilled to pieces. Just one of our family traditions. I would love to hear yours???


Last week my firstborn decided to follow in her sister's footsteps and get baptized! She was so nervous but knew it was something she wanted to do. Together, we stood behind the tank up in the wall of our church and giggled and whispered. I promised her it would be quick and after we would celebrate with chocolate cake!!!
I was so proud of her when Pastor Jimmy (her youth pastor) dunked her under. She did it!! What a good little follower of Christ. My heart beamed with pride. Its moments like these that make motherhood indescribable.


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