Monday, November 16, 2009

My Little Red Kitchen Pt 2

Ahhh, my kitchen table, which in the above picture is a bit messy. I purposely did not shine and polish my kitchen before my photo shoot. My kitchen is lived in. I try to keep it as clean as can be but it remains far from perfect... so why should the pictures be? We bought this table out of a magazine. It was perfect! Double the size of our former table (now outside in the back-porch) and held a couple of extra chairs for guests! Everything is done at this table!! Homeschooling, meals, planning... some of our most colorful and exciting moments as a family happened right here... with great food in the middle of coarse! Our wipe off board changes almost daily but we try to keep our prayer and praise list updated frequently. As a matter of fact, I will update it tonight as I have many new things to pray about ;)
This is a close -up view of our screen porch I wrote you about in PART 1. Did I mention how much we love it??? On nice days the kids are often found hanging out in the back and running in and out. This room is a wonderful extension to our home. This is another MUST HAVE!! Another feature I would have to have if and when we ever decided to move. If any one of you all are thinking about getting one... don't hesitate. On summer nights, we put the kids to bed and close the sliding door, light up the bbq and indulge in rib-eyes cooked by the best grill master in the state. We put our outdoor party lights on and listen to the crickets and bullfrogs.
To the right of my stove are my dishes. All shapes and sizes, colors and patterns can be found here. This comes from many years of buying and breaking dear dishes. I actually need some more. Sometimes when we have company, this one shelf gets empty!! I kid you not! The one red dish is our special dish. It comes out on special occasions. Its a very coveted item and has a long story behind it. We have been using it for many years and the kids are thrilled when the red plate is served to them!
My pantry! I love my pantry. I would love it even more if it were a walk in pantry as one of my friends have but thats ok, this will do for now! Its stocked to the brim with our pantry items, canned goods, mixes, pasta, cereal... you name it. By the end of a payday... its quite empty until I refill it. I know where everything is and even though it looks a bit organized... its not! The categories in my head make perfect sense and since its my kitchen, thats all that matters!
Last but not least, my utensil draw. I have been meaning to switch this draw with my larger cooking utensil draw so I have more space. I plan on doubling up the holders sideways so every spot has a home instead of the forks overflowing into the spoons and such. That drives me CRAZY! But each fork and knife is needed. Actually more is needed. So off to my favorite supply store I go where they have aisles and aisles of utensils and cookware and plates galore. Bins of serving spoons for .50 a piece. Pure heaven!! Once its done Im sure i'll post a proud picture.
But, thats about it my dear friends. The heart of my home in a nutshell. Where I spend most of my days, where Im the happiest, where I have the best conversations with my kids, where I smile and laugh the most... my kitchen!

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