Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Basket...

Lately events in my life have been interweaving like a beautiful basket. Sometimes its amazing to just step back for a moment and reflect.
I've often spoken of my love of the Bible Story in 1 Samuel... Hannah and her heartache. The other day, GapBoy and I were having one of our biblical discussions. It was late at night, we were tired and I don't even remember the events leading up to our conversation, but before long we were on the couch casually conversing on end time events and prophecy. I badgered him with questions... GapBoy read every single "Left Behind" book series , so he had a clearer view. After he told me (for the billionth time) that I really need to pick up the books for myself, He started telling me about the Judgement... for us Christians. How the characters in heaven were able to see Abraham and Moses stand before the throne of God and receive their crowns for their life on earth... which of coarse they immedietly laid back at His feet. We began discussing how crazy it would be to actually SEE them, talk to them and worship with them. Men who we had learned about and talked about for so long, men who's lives we have studied year after year. I don't think my mind was able to comprehend it all. I instantly thought of Hannah. It finally clicked. I started telling GapBoy that... "OH MY... I can actually meet Hannah." I was thrilled and had to hold back the tears. I told him how I wanted to go up to her and thank her for being so faithful. I wanted to tell her that a woman CENTURIES later, in a totally different world than her, leaned on her faithfulness and strength. Her life story writen in a bible before Christ ever walked the earth, eased the pain of another woman who lived over 2000 AFTER Christ. Is that not amazing? To some, it may be child-like. But for me, it meant everything. In heaven, I will be able to hug her and thank her and let her know that her tears did not fall in vain.
Tonight in bible study, our video lesson mentioned Hannah. My ears perked up. I wondered how this story related in any way to what we were learning. In the same passage I have read hundreds of times in the past year, I saw something I never knew was there... Not only was Hannah rock solid in her faith in her God, but in a moment when she could have had reasonable argument to be angry at her priest, she turned it on herself and had the utmost respect for authority. In less than a year after that encounter, she gave birth to Samuel, who would lead an entire nation into revival... all because of ONE womans amazing faith. Right in church I thought back to our recent discussion... another thing to discuss over heavenly coffee.;)
I love how God keeps revealing things to me, even after I "think" I know everything. And its also amazing how He is able to weave everything together, so seamlessly, when we, in mortal mind, would never think it was possible. I don't know why we doubt Him... after all, He IS the creator of the universe.


  1. I will definately be in line to meet Hannah. She was my sole inspiration during my 8 almost 9 years of if I don't meet you before Heaven..I will see you in line!!

    Rhonda Lyle ~ SC

  2. All the end times stuff is crazy but I know it's coming! I remember growing up in church and sometimes we'd watch Thief in the Night and Distant Thunder. Now, it's so old that it's hard to be serious and watch it because of how funny all the people look in it. :D

  3. Even though I to have read all of the Left Behind books I really never thought of this. There are so many people that I will be in line to see but you know we will have eternity so there will be plenty of time!!

  4. Hannah was amazing and I find her story and transformation of prayers from pressure to praise inspiring no matter how many times I read through it.

  5. Oh, Amy, reading your blog makes me miss you so badly! How I would love to chat with you over heavenly coffee in Alaska! You are a blessing and an inspiration. You embrace life and sprinkle sunshine on everyone blessed to know you. Thank you for being you. You make me laugh and that is a noble accomplishment. :)
    Love you,



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