Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh Boy...

I have so much to do. The last of the Thanksgiving company just drove down the block. They embarked on their 10 hour journey home.
As much as I want to sit here and just veg... a much needed veg, I can't. There is so much to do...
clean the house
wash all the bedding
dishes, dishes and more dishes
homeschool the kids which include:
Hannahs spelling
Math review
Math lesson for Emma
reading lesson for Molly
read about Abraham Lincoln
Civil War lesson
feed the kids
Take down all Thanksgiving decorations
Pull out tree
Pull down all Christmas decor
re-arrange the Living Room for decorating fiasco...
and then start prepping and packing for a vacation that is coming all too soon...

I need more coffee.....


  1. Take a deep breath then get started:)

  2. you sound busy, but I'm sure it was wonderful! so sorry about your camera, that has always been a big fear of mine, losing my camera with a ton of memories on it.

    blessings to you this week,



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