Saturday, November 7, 2009

Santa Baby...

This is my version of a sable and would be more welcomed under my tree than any other gift. Ok ok, I know I have already told you that I want 100 other things, each being more important than the last AND each being the ONLY thing I want. Im a girl, what do you expect??? Isn't she a beauty? Im a sucker for aprons. Cute, flirty aprons and this is the next one I want to be wearing!!! I have some Christmas aprons and one awesome blue and pink polk-a-dot/Paisley print one but this takes the cake! So, Santa, if your reading this, please put this under the tree. I promise to be a good girl ;).


  1. I just blogged about aprons too, that is so funny! Great minds think alike!

  2. I LOVE that apron! I'm a big apron fan and I like to make them. But thats soooooo cute!!!!!



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