Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Can't...

I can't blog today. I am too busy relaxing in bed eating delicious eggplant parm from my dear Aunt Di who lives 5 houses down. See....

She also threw in some linguine with garlic and olive oil because she loves me. It was such a special treat to have her drop some off right after we got home from church.

It was a rough night. Hubby worked late which means I had to get all 6 kids out the door by myself. Its not an easy task. The older girls help alot but tonight they were too busy arguing with me over what they were going to wear. After letting them express some democracy I had to throw down the dictatorship and end the drama.

Im off, my food is calling my name. Im going to snuggle in and watch my sweet P sleep next to me and watch Seinfeld reruns and eat...

Im also texting my sister in law trying to convince her to have her blog go public... HI KLW!!



Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Snowy South

Here is my Little Red House all covered in the white stuff. It started falling on Christmas day and didn't stop until the following morning. Thank God the roads were warm enough that it really didn't cause too many road delays...

My big black beast was white!

The red house diagonally from my house is the home of my kids best friend Bethany... their other friend Allie lives in the Yellow house. The red house is similar to mine. It has the same floor plan but has a different exterior. Inside, the niceties are different such as floors, fireplaces, carpets, counters, cabinets. We got to pick ours based on exactly what we wanted. So even though the houses may look the same, the insides have very unique touches.

I LOVE my block. While the rest of the neighborhood might resemble Wisteria Lane, My court is drama free, nice neighbors.... very nice NORMAL neighbors. The original builders wanted to replicate a row of homes in the historic district of Charleston... Rainbow Row. Thats why the houses have a different look than most southern homes and they had bright colored siding. Then the market crashed and the builders went belly up =(.

The new builders that came in are very generic. NO cool colors or styles. We, as homeowners were NOT HAPPY. But what could we do? At least they were building again. Im at the very back of my neighborhood and I just love driving thru our colorful part of the "hood." Its a small part but I think its the best part of all. Plus my road is a DEAD END.
My aunt and uncle just built in the court. You can't see their home from the above picture. Its set back from the street. Its super cute.

Here are 3 of the littles playing in the snow. I wasn't too happy. Its such a fiasco and mess but they love it. My back porch is desperate for some TLC big time. I need a new table cloth, some flowers and plants and some love. But that will have to wait... along with painting the rest of my fence. It will get done sometime this century.

Hubby and I FINALLY decided on privacy trees for along the back fence. Leyland Cypresses will be bought and planted sometime in February. We want to buy ones that are already 4-ish ft so that by the time they build in back of us, they are doing their job!!

I can't wait. I LOVE a full cozy yard.

My kids got a full size tetherball set from their Nana. Hubby will be putting that together on NYE. Just another addition to our yard.

Did I mention I can't wait till Spring (or at least the warm weather!!??)

My Latest

Remember all of my trips to Hobby Lobby to find an outlet???
Well, I did. Here is another one of my creations. It was really easy and I just LOVE it to pieces.

Its hanging in my downstairs powder room right now. I will eventually paint the entire bathroom chocolate brown. I have the paint swatch all picked out but I have enough projects going on right now. This will have to wait until the room switch is complete.
But once that is done, then my powder room is next. Painted walls and this plaque will look PERFECT! Don'tcha think?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my faithful blog friends. I hope you had a wonderful time with your family and friends. On Christmas Eve we went to our friends house for an Italian feast full of flounder, scampi and tons of garlic. The kids had a blast together and the company could not have been better. Christmas Day we spent in our jammies. We relaxed, opened gifts, napped and cooked a spanish feast. Rice, beans and Pernil (pulled pork). YUMMY!!!

Can you believe we had a WHITE CHRISTMAS???!!!

That hardly happens in the south....

We had 3 inches of the white stuff and do you know what the best part is???

Its practically all gone!


The food was AMAZING!

And the company was awesome

This week will be spent hanging out and playing with the new toys and relaxing. I feel the list of projects for the New Year creeping up on me happily. I have the itch to declutter, clean and organize...

The tree will be taken down.

and the living room will be clean!!

I can't wait.

How was your Christmas?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I can't believe that Christmas is just days away... hours away. Our little red house is soooo excited about the season this year. We have so much to be Thankful for and are enjoying the newest member of our family who gets to join all of our traditions this year.

Before I get busy telling you all that we have been up to, I want to show you one of the projects I have been working on. Remember the beading??? Well here it is :

Isn't it pretty?? I think it came out awesome. I was only able to get 1 of them and Im hoping Hobby Lobby gets more in so I can get another one to place on the other side of my big foyer mirror. I <3>

I also have been up to a lot more. Those pictures will come soon.

Traditions are in full force around here. We are busy
getting all of our presents wrapped and cookies baked. I do love this time of year.

Last week we made our gingerbread houses and had a blast. The mess hit an all time high and still continues as they pick it apart to eat...

Sunday Night was our church's Christmas program. It went beyond well. The talent and cast were awesome!! My two older girls are the angels on either side of the manger and I am Mary holding my sweet Girl. She did so well but I did have a nursery worker and a baby doll behind the stage just in case a quick switch before entering...

Last week we went to this house right in the next town that opens up to the public just to spread Christmas cheer. They have over 200,000 lights and a million blow ups. It truly isAMAZING! My kids LOVE it. They play christmas music, have a fire and Santa hands out candy canes. They also give out hot cocoa and popcorn so you can enjoy the sights...all for free.They do have donation buckets to help pay the power bill and of course we donated.

This is my Sweet Penny and I. Her first time at "The light house.." as my littles call it. Her eyes were sooo big as she looked around and saw all the twinkles....

Rumor has it that tonight Santa will be coming around on the fire truck to our home. WeCAN'T WAIT!!!

The kids are super stoked. Im super stoked.... Its awesome.

For those wondering, YES, we do Santa. He is not the focus of the season. My kids are verywell versed in the true meaning of Christmas. That is never ever put on the backburner but we do also enjoy the fun of Santa. He gives the kids 1 gift each for Christmas, we make reindeer food for his reindeer and sprinkle it on the lawn for Christmas eve. I believed in Santa as a young girl and so did many of my friends who also grew up in the church. We were told the truth around age 7 when we started asking a billion questions and never once did we everconfuse the magic and make-believe of Santa and the true living God we serve.

*** Disclaimer***So, with that being said, please don't message me with messages about what a horrible thing it is to believe in Santa. I frankly don't wish to discuss that with you and you will have no influence over decisions that happen in our family***

Just Sayin

Anyway 99% of my readers (which are all of you ) are sooo super sweet and I love you all so please pay no mind to that disclaimer.

I plan on doing some blog hopping later today and this week so PLEASE!!!! let me know if you blog about your traditions and Christmas festivities. I would just love it!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stood Up

This is what being stood up by Santa looks like :

Doesn't she look precious?? She fell asleep waiting in her shoes and gloves last night. Santa did not come by on the fire truck last night because someone had the NERVE to have a fire and tear him away from his social duties!!

No, just kidding. I hope and pray all is well and I hope tonight he makes up from being a very naughty Santa. ;)
I think I was more disappointed than the kids....

Anyway, last night snow was predicted for the mountains and even though not one tiny flake dropped anywhere near us, all the schools in the county closed. We did get rain and some ice roads but nothing major... at least to me.

Greenville County on the other hand thought different.... As of mid-morning the accident count was up to about 230. Im serious.

Who says southerners can't drive???

Hee hee

Anyway, since it was a proclaimed um snow... nope.... water day and public schools were closed because another state got the snow, we decided to cancel our home school as well.

See how happy we are:

So we braved the um... storm?? And ended up at Hobby Lobby where I picked up some more beads and crafts and fun things to keep me busy while we are... um getting rain?? See... I have so many ideas up my little sleeve.

Once we returned home I squealed with delight at all the Christmas cards in the mail. I just LOVE getting them and seeing everyones beautiful families. I think this is becoming one of my favorite parts of Christmas. See the card hanging right in the middle??? The big one?

That one just came today. Its my brother in law and sister in law and my niece and nephew. I put them in the middle because its just so stunning and their kids are just amazingly beautiful... thats because they look just like ME!!!! Minnie Aunt Gg's... don't ya think??

Now please know im just kidding and all my sweet dear relatives could spare the time of writing me on facebook and telling me they can't look like me because im not biologically related to them, just by marriage.

Well marriage smarriage. Just like me I tell you!

Hey, thats not a bad thing.;)

And I think ALL the children on all my cards are beautiful and special.

Speaking of cards... ours are currently flying the friendly skies and hopefully falling in a mailbox up north (and south and west) soon. I finally mailed mine. They came out so cute... but im not showing you yet... not until the receivers received them.

Im also super stoked that a current show that I will never admit to watching starts again on January 3rd!! It will not be dvr'ed in my bedroom and I will not be texting my favorite sissy-cindy lu the entire time chatting about it ( while im snuggled in my bed.)

Just sayin....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Im Up To Something (s)

Before I go on and on about what I have been up to, here is a picture of my sweet Penelope being sweet. She is the sweetest when she is sleeping. Aren't all babies??? when she is up, she is crying unless in my arms gazing into my eyes. I love this girl. She is 2 months now. Time flies when you don't sleep and run around frantically. She had her 2 month check-up and was 9 lbs and 11 ounces. I could just eat her up!

This is what Penelope is getting for Christmas so far. She has a bunch of baby toys and dangly things that hangs from her carseat so no need for that. What really are necessities are pretty things for her hair. So Momma made sure her needs were met. ;)

Now, see this picture below?? See how plain it looks? I just added these pictures that say "Live laugh Love" on them but still have to add pictures and I am thinking of changing the ribbon on the bows. What do you think??
They still need something else though. So at Hobby Lobby yesterday I picked up...

These pretty initials. They will be spray painted black and put right above where we sleep. Cute huh? Please excuse the bed. Im keepin it real ya know? I wanted to spray paint them cherry red but my hubby and my kids thought I was crazy. They just don't understand my artistic talent and need for color. So, I lost that battle but little do they know Hobby Lobby will soon have RED heart plates out for Valentines day and I will be adding one to the middle of the wall between the J and the A. A girls gotta get some color somehow.

They would be painted already if Wal-mart would have gotten their act together and called me sooner for my order pick up. I waited and waited all day for their text message saying my order was in so I could pick up my Christmas cards and get them in the mail ASAP but of course it didn't come till 6 pm tonight while we were eating dinner... so it was a no go. First thing in the morning we will go... and will leave with our cards and a nice can of PRIMER for my letters. Which reminds me... I must make my list tonight.
I need to run thru Hobby Lobby and get my monogram stamp for my envelopes... and of course pick up a few other items. Did I tell you next year Im having 2 trees?? One is our nice one and I want to do a tacky one too. Pink, blue and green glitter balls, feathers, peacocks and all?? I CAN'T WAIT!
I plan on picking up the decorations when all the Christmas stuff goes on clearance.

Anyway, last night while hubby played his XBOX, my corkboard met my paintbrush. It was killing me that it was that blah wood color so I quickly applied a coat of black paint. I just need to add a clear gloss on it and it will be done and finished (and perhaps some red dots) I don't know what is wrong with me but I have a obsession with red lately??!! Cherry red!!!

I also bought this precious white flower trim that I need to attach to the little girls pink lamp upstairs. I will show that to you all when I am finished.

I have a million and 1 projects spinning around in my head right now. At least it will give me something to do during these cold winter months when we are forced to have dry skin and stay indoors right?

Santa is coming to our neighborhood tonight on the firetruck. My kids are STOKED! (and so am I) We are all ready to run outside and scream and yell at him. We can't wait!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Feeing Crafty...

Oh yeah baby... Im feeling crafty again. Im feeling antsy again which means only 1 thing... (or 2 or 3...) time for a trip to Hobby Lobby. Hubby is off TODAY and since Gamestop is next door to HL, well, lets just say I bribed him with a trip. YAAAAA I can't wait!!!!

Whats on my list you ask???


I technically can't buy too much my budget is small but some things are a MUST!!!

Like new spray paint for my lamps in my living room that I really hate. They need a little fabu....

and Im thinking more monogramming around my home is in order, don't you???

I got the ok from hubby to add more
W'S around my home. He said yes....

Remember hunny??? You
did say it was ok....

What are the
W's for???

My last name sillies....

and some things I need to price for future purchases...

zebra lampshade for my lil lamp in my kitchen, cord overs in a bright green for my kitchen chandelier, beads because I just learned how to bead things like utensils, candle holders and and wrought iron anything... so now
everything must be beaded...

also I decided the maps in my living room must come down. They just MUST! I can't take it anymore. I LOVE having them up and they are used daily but they need a new spot... Not my huge living room wall. Instead I want to buy a nice long black shelf and fill it with W's and picture frames...
(remember babe... you said it was ok??)
Just checkin.

Anyway, some redecorating is in order and I will skip down the aisles with my list and price all that needs to be purchased... but don't worry, your all comin along for the ride.

Oh and if you feel led to, please pray for me, you know my patience level.....

(I was playing with my photo booth again.) Doesn't my eating area look cute?? And my Minnie Mouse coffee cup... I got at Disney and it says... "I don't do mornings...."
It was made just for me =)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Weekend Re-Cap

I think I am finally getting back on the blogging bandwagon. I missed it so much! Miss Penelope is as sweet as pie but takes a lot of my attention and when she is quiet and happily sitting in her seat (which is RARE!) Im busy running around cleaning or spending time with my other children. My days fly by and my to-do list never ends but I love it.

I told y'all before I would give you our weekend re-cap and here it is. By our standards it was way busy for us. We are not an on the go type of family so busy jam packed weekends are not always loved but this weekend was a lot of fun!

It started early morning at church for play practice. we are doing a musical number called "Jason's Gift." I am playing Mary and my 3 older girls are travelers and angels. They have to double up on roles because they didn't get enough people to volunteer. So sad right?

Then we ran errands and came home for just a bit. Cousin Neal swung by for some bbq (yes, we grill all year round) some burgers and dogs on the grill for lunch were just what we needed.

That evening we went to our friends house who live right down the road from us. It was Michelles birthday so we had cake and coffee and the kids played. Later that evening we trekked down the stairs and beat the guys at pool. I have not played in about 15 years. It was fun! We will be back there in 2 weeks for a Christmas Eve party. She has quite the menu planned and I will have quite the appetite.
I also just about tore my nerves up trying to get a decent picture of everyone for our Christmas card. Then, I had to find a card that fit us all. It was quite the project. But eventually I succeeded and I ordered!! They came out fabulous and I can't wait till they arrive. Send me your address if you want one and I will do my best to get them out to everyone.

Sunday morning we had to be at church SUPER early so the preschool kids could perform their play that they worked so hard on. Even though I prepared vigorously the night before, we could not get there when we were supposed to. I blame it on the rain and not due to the late night before. Opps.

But they were just perfect anyway. I just love seeing all the little kids singing and waving to their moms and dads. I know all those little kids from teaching them for so long. (im currently on a long break.=) and love them all.

My sweet Penelope made her debut on the stage with all the other nursery babies. I was so proud and thought she was the most cutest baby in all the world. This was the first time I left her in nursery and just missed her so much.

That evening, Neal came over again and played some C.O.D with hubby and then we watched the Sing-off that we had taped earlier on dvr. We had a huge plate of wings and enjoyed. I think I drank too much coffee last night because I didn't go to bed until 1:30 a.m. Penny behaved and woke up only once but even still, I am BEAT! Im exhausted but Im trying to stay up so I can go to bed at a decent time tonight. The SIng-off is on again tonight and I can't wait. Do you like that show??

Im off. Im making soup and biscuits for dinner. Its beyond cold here. You would think we lived in the North Pole!!! and a fresh pot of coffee is calling my name.

Oh and did I mention I went back to ROSS again?? Yeah, I did.... ;)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Traditions

With Christmas right around the corner, our family indulges in many holiday routines that make Christmas so special for us. We also love adding new ones to our list. Some traditions are easier to keep up with than others. Some I kinda... **gulp** dread but I smile thru the mess and let the kids roll out the sugar cookie dough and decorate. (I can feel the anxiety creep up just thinking of my flour crusted table.)

But, as I tell my hubby, we are making our children's memories so I will grin and bare it.

Every year we make and decorate gingerbread houses. We have 2 but once Penelope joins the crew we will up it to 3. The older girls decorate one and the 3 younger ones decorate one. I buy extra toppings and they go to town. Thank God for a big kitchen table!!!

We make cookies, cookies and more cookies. Butterballs, Sugar cookie cutouts and daddy's favorite... raspberry thumbprints. Tomorrow we start the baking. I fill my tins and re-bake when they are empty.

Christmas morning we have chocolate chip pancakes. No if ands or buts... chocolate chip pancakes!!!

Christmas Eve we exchange our secret Santa gifts and love it. We also sometimes open gifts from the relatives that sent packages.

Our church puts on 2 plays. A preschool play (that was today actually) and an adult performance. We are in both.and since we always have small children, we really enjoy that.

We also go to the next town and see a house that has a gazillion lights on it. They serve hot chocolate and popcorn and we tour the set up. My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

We watch Elf and Charlie Brown Christmas and eat popcorn with M & M's.

we wake up early on Christmas Morning and open gifts. Years ago we decided NOT to go anywhere on Christmas day. We spend it with just the 8 of us and we relax, hang in our pj's and nap.

Christmas Eve is the BIG night for us. We get together with family and party. This year we will be getting together with my Aunt, Uncle, Cousin and friends at my friends beautiful home just down the road. Then we all will caravan to an evening candlelight service. I have a feeling this will be a new tradition for us.

Im sure we have more and my kids will be quick to remind me of them but its late and im tired. Another busy weekend has passed and my comfy bed is calling.

But I would just LOVE to hear some of your traditions that you enjoy this time of year???

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Its Late and Im Insane

Yes, Its pretty late and im a bit over-tired/jacked up on coffee eating pizza and wings. Its that type of night. We just got back from a great night playing pool and celebrating a friends birthday. 34 wonderful years of life, marriage and kids...
We are currently in a busy weekend between play practice, social activities and the preschool performance at church tomorrow, I barely have time to clean my house... Im hoping the mess doesn't accumulate too much.

Im still decorating for Christmas and bought these huge christmas red and green bulbs for my fireplace mantle piece. When its done I will show you all. Its not the cheesy red and green but those new NICE colors I love so much... and covered in GLITTER!!!! I love nothing more than a glittery Christmas house!

I also did some pre-christmas shopping for me because... well because I could. Ha!

A new bib for my sweet P.

These awesome sweater boot slippers that are beyond comfy and keep my feet super super warm. I have arthritis in my joints (can you believe it) so my bare feet on a cold floor will really kick it into high gear so these totally prevent it. (aren't I old??)

I also hit the jackpot at ROSS. These are some of the things I bought. I think I ended coming home with about 5 shirts and a new pair of heeled boots for a really L-O-W price. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that place. I did almost ALL my shopping for my older daughters there. New purses, shirts, jeans.... accessories. I can't wait to see their beautiful faces Christmas morning. They need clothes soooo bad. They outgrew almost everything they own. Time to re-stock. Ross fits our budget and has the most adorable stylish items.

I also found some outfits for Molly on clearance at Wal-mart. SO cute. I love buying her clothes because I know once she outgrows it, Abby will wear them and then Penelope will get whats left. So money is VERY well spent on my Molly girl. She also got the cutest brown winter coat and these awesome pink and zebra print hat/gloves set. I can't wait to use them for years and years on all the little girls. They were $5 at Ross and have hot pink fur around the gloves and the hat has hot pink pom poms. The rest is black and white zebra print. Precious!!!

Come to think of it, I think almost everyone got a little something. Noah got a complete suit outfit for $13 at..... ROSS!! But Noah is next on the list for clothes. He needs them so. Mostly bottoms. He has enough shirts for now but only has a couple of bottoms. Little by little.

Anyway enough rattling on. Im beat and the morning comes quickly around these parts. I will post tomorrow night and tell you who cried the most on stage.... because every year my littles shed tears... But this Momma is still a proud Momma. =)

Oh and P.S. I FINISHED our family Christmas cards. Can I hear an AMEN??!! My nerves are completely tore up but they are on their way and I could not be happier with the results.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Heavy Heart

Last friday night as I was curling my girls hair for their semi-formal, my cell phone went off. Its not uncommon. I am a HUGE text-er . I casually flipped it open and noticed it was from one of my childhood friends whom I recently got back in common with. The words struck my heart like a knife and I could not believe what was before me.

A dear friend whom I had grown up with till I left and got married had just past away. She committed suicide. This girl was a part of every school memory. We walked to the busstop together every day for years. We played together every day during the summer and sat next to each other on the bus. Once we hit high school, we slowly drifted apart. About 6 years ago we all met up again and went out for dinner and had a blast together. We met each others husbands and talked about old times. We also kept in contact via facebook. I know many people hate facebook but when used wisely (and for my husband and I ) Facebook has been nothing but a HUGE blessing for us. Through private messages I was able to help her with a difficult decision to move west and just recently we wished each other Happy Thanksgivings.

This news broke my heart and still does. I have been thinking about her non stop. But what hurts the most is knowing the unknown. To my knowledge she never knew Christ as her saviour. Never knew Jesus as someone she could turn to. She had suffered from severe depression and was heavily medicated for years and I knew she struggled with mental illness as well. But I don't think anyone knew how deep it tortured her.

Her husband said she felt hopeless and ended her life. Those words haunt me hour by hour.

The bible says to be absent from the body is to be present with Christ. If you are a believer. Through my Beth Moore Study, I learned so much about death. when we die, there is no "rest" in between. The soul never dies, our minds never stop thinking or feeling. Its only our bodies that pass away. Never a moments pause do we miss. Imagine unzipping yourself out of a snowsuit and dropping it on the floor and walking away. Thats how death will be. Imagine slipping your foot out of a shoe and walking away... Thats how death will be. Leaving the shell behind and continuing on.

Where you go is up to you and based on your choices made on earth and who you chose to serve.

My heart broke for my dear dear friend. She thought death would bring her peace. A rest from the pain of this life, when in fact, there was no pause. No peace.

For the next few nights I prayed for her. I had one of the most honest conversations with God. The bible speaks very clearly that you cannot pray someone into heaven. You cannot SAVE someone. Its all on them. But I felt like it was the only thing I could do. I apologized to God because I knew this was something that could not be done but I felt like it was the only thing left to do. My earthly mind had to do something. So I just prayed. I prayed that God would just cover her with His grace. Shield her from what may lay ahead for her in eternity. I pleaded with God to cover her so when she has to stand before Him and give an account of her life (as we all will do someday) I prayed that He would just see His covering over her broken tortured soul. I wanted to just weep for her and what she must have had to endure daily to do something so drastic.

Then I started thinking... could I have done more??? Did I tell her about Jesus? In all of our days playing together and all of our walks... how many times did I tell her that Jesus takes away the pains of this world. The same pains she has been dealing with ALL of her life. As children I never knew she suffered so. She kept it quiet... I didn't know how much she needed someone to turn to. Someone bigger than life to help her thru.

This is something I will have to live with THE REST OF MY LIFE. Not knowing her outcome. Knowing I could have done more but as a child, afraid of what others would think of me.

I won't know anything till I get to heaven. I pray every day that I will see her smiling face and we can link arms and giggle all the way thru eternity. Oh how I pray that can be true.

I can't go home for her funeral. Its being held tomorrow. Her husband flew her back home to NY. I assume she will be buried next her her Daddy who passed away suddenly a couple of years back.

My heart breaks and tears flow for a friend who will now never know how much I LOVE her.

Don't wait for the next time. You never know if there will ever be one. You never know who is suffering in silence. Who is tormented day by day with things we know nothing about. You never know who feels hopeless... true hopelessness. Everyone needs Jesus and its up to us to lead them to Him. Don't wait.

I still pray for her and her family and her dear husband who loved her so. I will forever remember her as the smiley girl with long black hair who loved her pets more than life.

To my friend... I will always see you happy, swinging on your beloved tire swing on a warm summer day... I love you.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday happenings

Tis the season!! Christmas is in full force in our home. Our tree has been up for almost 2 weeks and makes the house so cozy .Temperatures have dropped to about 40 during the day and 20's at night ( not happy) and I am already counting the days till summer hits in the south and our pool opens. I am not a cold-kinda gal.

My older girls had a semi-formal this weekend at church and they had a great time. Dress shopping was an experience but all in all, they got what they loved and were sent off happy (and amazingly beautiful)

This weekend we stopped off at Old Time Pottery. Its one of my favorite stores but since its kinda out of my way, I hardly ever go. Its a big warehouse full of housewares. Aisles of dishes, cups, glasses, forks, spoons, tupperware, picture frames, pillows and fabrics of every kind. The list goes on. Every variety and every color at your fingertip... for SUPER cheap. I came across Christmas mugs and gift bags and cookie bags so I picked up a bunch . The childrens Christmas play at church is this coming sunday so I must get busy on all the church teacher gifts. Im doing something simple this year. Gifts in a mug. All sweet treats. The mugs are adorable and they are a gingerbread theme. For some reason I have been gravitating towards everything gingerbread. LOVE IT!

I also found this great tin of Christmas cookie cutters at Aldi for $5. I could not resist. I used them yesterday to make some sugar cookie cutouts. Inside was a HUGE gingerbread man cookie cutter so I think we will make salt dough ornaments this weekend with that cookie cutter and I will let the kids paint them and slip them in the teacher gifts as well.

Last but not least, I finally highlighted my hair. I always do it myself and have been using the same kit since I was 15. LOVE it and love the results. So glad to check that off my list.

This week is busy. Im determined to finish my Christmas shopping so I can concentrate on wrapping. I just have to find motivation to go out in the cold. I kinda want to just stay in my bed under my warm down comforter.

But Im so excited Christmas time is HERE. I will spend the next few weeks completely celebrating our Saviour. Im so happy that I have Him to go to during this lifetime.

Friday night I received some heartbreaking news. A post is coming soon. I have to get my thoughts together. But it made me heartbroken to all those that don't know Christ and live life daily with such hopelessness and sorrow. That is a huge burden to bear and an unnecessary one, not when we have Christ to go to.

I hope you all have a wonderful day...


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