Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Snowy South

Here is my Little Red House all covered in the white stuff. It started falling on Christmas day and didn't stop until the following morning. Thank God the roads were warm enough that it really didn't cause too many road delays...

My big black beast was white!

The red house diagonally from my house is the home of my kids best friend Bethany... their other friend Allie lives in the Yellow house. The red house is similar to mine. It has the same floor plan but has a different exterior. Inside, the niceties are different such as floors, fireplaces, carpets, counters, cabinets. We got to pick ours based on exactly what we wanted. So even though the houses may look the same, the insides have very unique touches.

I LOVE my block. While the rest of the neighborhood might resemble Wisteria Lane, My court is drama free, nice neighbors.... very nice NORMAL neighbors. The original builders wanted to replicate a row of homes in the historic district of Charleston... Rainbow Row. Thats why the houses have a different look than most southern homes and they had bright colored siding. Then the market crashed and the builders went belly up =(.

The new builders that came in are very generic. NO cool colors or styles. We, as homeowners were NOT HAPPY. But what could we do? At least they were building again. Im at the very back of my neighborhood and I just love driving thru our colorful part of the "hood." Its a small part but I think its the best part of all. Plus my road is a DEAD END.
My aunt and uncle just built in the court. You can't see their home from the above picture. Its set back from the street. Its super cute.

Here are 3 of the littles playing in the snow. I wasn't too happy. Its such a fiasco and mess but they love it. My back porch is desperate for some TLC big time. I need a new table cloth, some flowers and plants and some love. But that will have to wait... along with painting the rest of my fence. It will get done sometime this century.

Hubby and I FINALLY decided on privacy trees for along the back fence. Leyland Cypresses will be bought and planted sometime in February. We want to buy ones that are already 4-ish ft so that by the time they build in back of us, they are doing their job!!

I can't wait. I LOVE a full cozy yard.

My kids got a full size tetherball set from their Nana. Hubby will be putting that together on NYE. Just another addition to our yard.

Did I mention I can't wait till Spring (or at least the warm weather!!??)



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