Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Feeing Crafty...

Oh yeah baby... Im feeling crafty again. Im feeling antsy again which means only 1 thing... (or 2 or 3...) time for a trip to Hobby Lobby. Hubby is off TODAY and since Gamestop is next door to HL, well, lets just say I bribed him with a trip. YAAAAA I can't wait!!!!

Whats on my list you ask???


I technically can't buy too much my budget is small but some things are a MUST!!!

Like new spray paint for my lamps in my living room that I really hate. They need a little fabu....

and Im thinking more monogramming around my home is in order, don't you???

I got the ok from hubby to add more
W'S around my home. He said yes....

Remember hunny??? You
did say it was ok....

What are the
W's for???

My last name sillies....

and some things I need to price for future purchases...

zebra lampshade for my lil lamp in my kitchen, cord overs in a bright green for my kitchen chandelier, beads because I just learned how to bead things like utensils, candle holders and and wrought iron anything... so now
everything must be beaded...

also I decided the maps in my living room must come down. They just MUST! I can't take it anymore. I LOVE having them up and they are used daily but they need a new spot... Not my huge living room wall. Instead I want to buy a nice long black shelf and fill it with W's and picture frames...
(remember babe... you said it was ok??)
Just checkin.

Anyway, some redecorating is in order and I will skip down the aisles with my list and price all that needs to be purchased... but don't worry, your all comin along for the ride.

Oh and if you feel led to, please pray for me, you know my patience level.....

(I was playing with my photo booth again.) Doesn't my eating area look cute?? And my Minnie Mouse coffee cup... I got at Disney and it says... "I don't do mornings...."
It was made just for me =)


  1. Have fun. Show us your work.

  2. Was at HL this morning. ALL Christmas stuff 50% off. Oh, such a dangerous thing...

  3. Ooh! You're an inspiration! Thank you and good luck with your projects.



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