Saturday, December 11, 2010

Its Late and Im Insane

Yes, Its pretty late and im a bit over-tired/jacked up on coffee eating pizza and wings. Its that type of night. We just got back from a great night playing pool and celebrating a friends birthday. 34 wonderful years of life, marriage and kids...
We are currently in a busy weekend between play practice, social activities and the preschool performance at church tomorrow, I barely have time to clean my house... Im hoping the mess doesn't accumulate too much.

Im still decorating for Christmas and bought these huge christmas red and green bulbs for my fireplace mantle piece. When its done I will show you all. Its not the cheesy red and green but those new NICE colors I love so much... and covered in GLITTER!!!! I love nothing more than a glittery Christmas house!

I also did some pre-christmas shopping for me because... well because I could. Ha!

A new bib for my sweet P.

These awesome sweater boot slippers that are beyond comfy and keep my feet super super warm. I have arthritis in my joints (can you believe it) so my bare feet on a cold floor will really kick it into high gear so these totally prevent it. (aren't I old??)

I also hit the jackpot at ROSS. These are some of the things I bought. I think I ended coming home with about 5 shirts and a new pair of heeled boots for a really L-O-W price. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that place. I did almost ALL my shopping for my older daughters there. New purses, shirts, jeans.... accessories. I can't wait to see their beautiful faces Christmas morning. They need clothes soooo bad. They outgrew almost everything they own. Time to re-stock. Ross fits our budget and has the most adorable stylish items.

I also found some outfits for Molly on clearance at Wal-mart. SO cute. I love buying her clothes because I know once she outgrows it, Abby will wear them and then Penelope will get whats left. So money is VERY well spent on my Molly girl. She also got the cutest brown winter coat and these awesome pink and zebra print hat/gloves set. I can't wait to use them for years and years on all the little girls. They were $5 at Ross and have hot pink fur around the gloves and the hat has hot pink pom poms. The rest is black and white zebra print. Precious!!!

Come to think of it, I think almost everyone got a little something. Noah got a complete suit outfit for $13 at..... ROSS!! But Noah is next on the list for clothes. He needs them so. Mostly bottoms. He has enough shirts for now but only has a couple of bottoms. Little by little.

Anyway enough rattling on. Im beat and the morning comes quickly around these parts. I will post tomorrow night and tell you who cried the most on stage.... because every year my littles shed tears... But this Momma is still a proud Momma. =)

Oh and P.S. I FINISHED our family Christmas cards. Can I hear an AMEN??!! My nerves are completely tore up but they are on their way and I could not be happier with the results.

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  1. Definitely AMEN to the Christmas cards! My sister just finished ours and I can't wait to get them!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ross!!! We don't have one here so I have to depend on visiting family to go to one! :( Sounds like you got some great deals!



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