Friday, April 29, 2011

To clip or not to clip


Stay tuned tonight..

Im working on a vlog but have to complete todays tasks to complete it...

An experiment of some sorts...

Looks like I fell off the wagon again...

But still with a VERY jaded eye....

Do you remember this  experiment a couple of years back??

I do.

But I gave it all up for many reasons and was convinced the system really doesn't work...

even after I was taught and befriended by an Extreme Coupon Queen.

But thanks to good 'ol TLC...

I decided to give it another chance....

For 3 months full force...

Still seeing ALL the reasons why I stopped on national television

I decided to try again.

Lets see if Im still right....

And I can be convinced that this is actually something GOOD!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today is another super crazy day...

Well not super crazy, just crazy. But it will get super if I don't get my tush off this computer and get going...

So here goes...

Today I am LUUVVIINNGG Half and half. I just started using it in my coffee. Prior to that I was a strict 1% milk girl.

I know it defeats the whole....

"Losing the lots-o-baby weight" motto Im struggling with but

its so rich and creamy and yummy and brings excitement to my morning and my evenings and my... afternoons!!

I also LOVE over the counter hair kits...

It makes it easy and affordable to become a natural blond again. =)

But I hope you all have a GREAT Wednesday. Go to church tonight... its a great oasis in the middle of a hard week.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011


SweetTea Travel is now on Facebook...

So find me and Like the page to get DAILY updates on GREAT, EXCITING and UNIQUE vacation ideas and prices...



Monday, April 25, 2011

Alright Alright... Im back.. =)

Im back!!!

After one heck of a crazy awesome fun weekend, I survived and lived to tell the tales!!

In 9 days we have had house guests, the return of the hubs from his 3 week trip, His birthday bash and hosted Easter celebration at our house.

worn out is not the word. But like I said on Facebook last night, I fell in bed from sheer exhaustion with a smile on my face from many sweet memories!!

So grab your coffee and sit back while I take you thru my shamefully few pictures....

The first picture (above) was taken at Red Robin. We had an impromptu date night and I shoved my face  dined on my FAVORITE whiskey river burger. YUM!!!

{* Notice the cute 3rd wheel??}

Then we walked around Ross where I bought some cute sunglasses and lipglosses to put in my girls Easter baskets...

Then I woke up uber early to decorate the house for Hubby's Birthday!!

I had play practice for church and felt so bad for leaving him, so I made him breakfast in bed and lit the bagel on fire candle and exploded on hubz as he slept singing " Happy Birthday" as loud as we could...

He wouldn't let me take pics of that.

and I wouldn't even dare attempt...

After I got home, we colored eggs.



I stayed up late cooking for our Easter guests the next day, stuffing eggs for our Egg hunt and making baskets...

All the hard work and late night paid off. I woke up to the squeals of delight at their baskets of goodies.

We quickly got dressed and ready for Church. This is my only picture.

Im really sad about that.

Once again, my mother of the year award is lost in the mail...

Our Church Easter performance was a success!!

I remembered my lines and didn't knock over anything backstage...

Even though I tripped twice...

I told you I have ADHD.

I was bouncing around like a rubber ball back there..

Then my fav Italian Michelle and her family came over for dinner and then my Aunt, Uncle and cousin joined us for dessert!!

We crammed into my little Red House and ate our weight in lasagna and homemade cheesecake.

Anyway, today is Monday.

it wasn't a good day.

Kids were on a major sugar crash

and Im still recovering from craziness...

Tonight I will turn in early and pray that tomorrow is better...

Until then, another cup of coffee is in high demand.

How was YOUR Resurrection Sunday???

Friday, April 22, 2011

Its A GOOD Day

Good Morning!! Today I am joining The Chatty Mommy for her Friday Follow. Go link up with her and check out everyones friday business... Ha!
Its 8:45 a.m and about 15 minutes ago we said goodbye to our latest houseguest Auntie Megan. Its been a long time since we have seen her, so this visit was nice. A bit on the boring side {sorry Megs..} but nice none the less.

While we were here she got to play with rifles, purchase an iphone and experience the dynamic trio otherwise known as my #3,4 and 5.
So it doesn't surprise me that when it was time to leave she blew some kisses and ran out the door. Ahhhh, we tend to have that effect on people.

Today is GOOD Friday. Did you remember??
Last night we stayed late at the church practicing for our Easter performance. I felt special. For me, I got to "Celebrate" Easter a bit early. Hearing and singing along to the special songs combined with the videos and drama presentation made me really soak in this remarkable holiday that gets overshadowed by a smelly bunny laying colored candy eggs.

As part of "The Passion" started playing (or at least I think it was the Passion??) and the worship team started singing I felt an overwhelming sense of Holiness. Right there on the Alter. I started thinking about some of the things I had learned in my Revelation class....

And again, I think I can only touch on the greatness of our God. I can't even imagine how heaven will be like... when we will be living in His presence  day after day.

So after a small glimpse last night, I will be entering this very special weekend with a whole different outlook.

The kids Easter baskets and small goodies wait in my closet until its time to lay them out on the table.
Tonight we will color eggs and spend quality family time together.

Tomorrow is my hubby's birthday and I can't wait!! The kids will be working on cards and homemade gifts for him. We have to run out and get his present later.

I will also be preparing our Easter meal tomorrow. Lots of prep so that on Sunday we can come home from church and just pop everything right in the oven.

My fav Italian and her family are coming over for Easter Dinner and then my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin will be joining us for a big dessert. 

The weather forecast looks warm and sunny.

And our Easter/Birthday weekend has officially begun!!!!

How are you spending this special holiday?



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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


YAA!! Its wednesday again and I am joining The Pleated Poppy and Krystina for What I wore Wednesday and What I Love Wednesday.

Today is accessory addition. I just Love Love Love accessories....
a little too much.
I always say Im going to be the crazy old lady with lipstick on her teeth, dripping in perfume and all sorts of crazy costume jewelry on every inch of my body. Ha!
I collect everything and anything and try to wear it all. (not all at once though... not yet anyway;)

I get almost all of my jewelry from Old Navy. Surprised??
I didn't think so.
They have the best stuff and its all very inexpensive.Plus, I usually always have coupons or go during a sale.
For instance...
Last week it was all 40% off, so I bought a few things.
I make as much as I can as well... 
Like alot of my flowers. My budget does not allot for constant shopping.
But for all of you who think I have an infinite budget, I don't. Im just in the stores alot hunting for the best prices because when you have a family of 8... someone always needs something.
If you actually knew how little we spent on clothes you would be shocked. I know how to stretch a penny and I was blessed with an AMAZING shopping bargain gene.

Anyway, I thought I would share my accessories with you...

My headbands, hair flowers, flower pins and such...

My drawer full of bracelets and earrings.
My earrings are horribly disorganized but that circular holder was a gift from the hubs when he deployed to Italy. Its so special to me.

Some of my necklaces on hooks. It makes it sooo much easier this way. This is my side of the vanity so the hubz doesn't care how many necklaces I hang up... unless he needs to go in there for feminine products. Ha ha!!

So here we are accessorized....

Hope you all have a wonderful day today. Please keep remembering to pray hard for the people of NC who were hit hard with tornados last weekend. It could have happened to anyone of us!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Making The Top Three

"Wanna Cuddle?"

"WHAT are you talking about?" I was half asleep when my phone rang. In retrospect, I don't even remember it ringing. I only remember walking thru my dark house arguing with my husband on the phone. But after the hubs refreshed my memory, I remembered it went something like this....

"Wanna cuddle?"
"What are you talking about?"
"Come on, open the door, I wanna cuddle."
"Thats not nice hun, you know I miss you."
He must have been bored. After all, he was already one week into his business trip. But why he would call me and wake me up at 1:30 am?.... I just couldn't understand.
"Open the door..."
"What door? Stop it, your being mean...."
I was so warm and toasty under the covers and have a long history of holding full conversations in my sleep with NO recollection the next day... So I was completely baffled at his insanity...
But at this point, he lost his patience and his voice lost the sweetness that just ten seconds ago, wanted to hold me... 
So I stumbled thru my dark living room muttering a few whats??, come on's, and ughs... I quickly noted where the guns were in case this was a cruel joke by some unknowns.
I hold no prisoners....
But as my tippy toes lifted me to my peep hole, there before me was my hubby, in his white t-shirt, holding the phone to his ear.
I threw the door open in UTTER DISBELIEF...
and then threw my arms around him.
He was here... how? why?when?
we still had 2 weeks to go but I didn't care, I just held him tight...
He had rented a car and left straight from his last class and drove 9 long hours to spend a few hours with the ones he loved the most.
After about 5 minutes, he turned to me and said..
"So when did you actually wake up??"
"Just now..."
I was still rubbing my eyes and wondered how the heck I ended up sitting on my bed watching my hubs brush his teeth... in our bathroom...

we did cuddle that night. And he told me how it all began. He had given me clues thru the last 2 days on the phone and thru his twitter but I didn't catch on.
I never expected him to do this.
The next morning I awoke to the whispers of my littles....

"Whos in bed with mommy??"


But their curiosity didn't last long as I threw the covers back and told them Daddy had surprised them for a weekend visit.
We had 24 of the best hours.
The day was beautiful.
We went on  date
And cuddled all night...

But soon it was time for hit the road.
I cried.
It was so nice to have him back.
And this sweet surprise will go down in our history books...
As one of the top 3 romantic things he has done for me.
What are the other 2??
Oh my goodness...
there isn't enough time in the day to write them right now...

But the sweet memories of them still brings a smile to my face.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Tonight Is The Night

So I know I have kept some of you in suspense the last few days, especially those that follow myself or/and my hubby on Twitter... and for that I apologize but I just have to keep some family business our business. Know what I'm sayin??!!


But I knew I would share some very very exciting news. MY HUBBY COMES HOME TONIGHT!!!
He has been gone 3 very long weeks and although that may not tickle your fancy the way it does ours, it's still a B-I-G topic in our house. He had a business trip up in Ohio and sadly left us for a very very very long time.

Being apart from each other used to be something that was just integrated into our lifestyle, but even while we were in the military, we never got used to being apart. Its just not right. We knew some of the kids would have a problem with the separation and computing 3 weeks so I made a handy dandy calendar for them with picture days. They took turns crossing days out and LOVED it. It also really helped them understand time.

Saying goodbye is never my strong suite. I mean, I have gotten much better thru the years. Tons of house guests make hi's and bye's rather easy. I no longer am the blubbering fool.
I even thought that this time, my goodbye would be simple. After all, he is only leaving for weeks not months like he used to. I held up so well till I walked into our bathroom and saw this:

Instantly I was thrown back into our military days. I guess the scars of that never quite heal... at least for me. I took the baby and just closed the door and cried. Then I cried because I failed at being strong for the kids and cried some more because I looked like I was crying. At some point in the afternoon, I cried just because I could....

But the hardest part of all was watching him say goodbye to all of our babies and watching them cry....

I started to go over all the positive aspects of the trip. Time alone to craft, time with my children, no cleaning the house, shopping endlessly...
But none made the mood any lighter.

Life goes on and I had to show my kids that we wipe our tears, lift our head up high and move forward....
So we did..
At Hobby Lobby and Ross.

(hey, I never claimed to have all the answers but I DO believe in retail therapy.)

Its amazing how quickly teenage girls can be happy again among dresses and shiny things.

Just Sayin...

But to make a long story short

(and save the best part of the story for another day)

We managed. We made it. And we focused on the homecoming...

As a former Military bride, when a soldier comes home, GREAT preparations must be had. After all, the reunion is what you both have been waiting for since you said goodbye.

So I sacrificially spent the day primping and prepping for the big day!. New nails, Hair, Toes... the works... Oh and a HUGE pink flower. My fav Italian watched all my kiddies for me. She is so sweet and I trust her completely with them all. My Miss P. doesn't take to too many people and she LOVES LOVES LOVES her...

In tru GiGi style total embarrassment all the way, so what better way than to decorate the van with all things cheesy!!!

Here we are at the gate.... The monitors said he already landed so I gave permission for the kids to run as fast as they could to the gate. I was determined NEVER to have him come off a plane without us being there and after 15 years of marriage, I wasn't about to have my perfect record broken!

The airport scene from home alone had Nothin on us!
So we made it, I was stoked and sent out a picture text to my friends.... I was happy


Some mean old man told me that the flight NEVER left the airport due to all the storms coming our way. Mind you, this was the same time the flight was supposed to land AND had said it was already IN!!!

So I sent out another picture....

But praise God, after I walked all over the airport looking for answers, I found out he did in fact take off and would land in 30 minutes. So we waited... and waited....

and waited...

But it was worth every stinking stressful moment.

Because now he is home in our arms and I never will let him go again!!

(Is this cheesy enough??)

I can't help it. I just really love this man.

But it gets better....

I left out a B-I-G piece of the story.

For that, you will have to come back.



Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Today I'm linking up with Krystina for What I Love Wednesdays!!!

I love the south... and this sign pretty much sums it all up for me. Comfort, southern food and a warm welcome...
What more could you ask for???

 I love this sign I bought for $3. It describes perfectly how I feel about being "green" and saving the Earth....
Actually, Im NOT green. I take care of my corner of the world but do not believe God created humans and failed to realize that our progression on this planet would destroy it. I think he is a bit smarter than that. Don't you?
The Earth has a Finite number of days, just like we do and every day it comes closer to it being "Gloriously Restored" and no matter how many cloth diapers we use or canvas grocery bags we buy... we will not save one blade of grass before Gods time!!

Cuddling with my baby. She is at that wiggly stage so when I get quiet moments on the couch snuggling with her, I eat them up and enjoy every second!

Shopping with my sis. Its

My kids playing pranks on Aunt Cindy...


Going to my Aunts house down the road. She always bakes the most wonderful treats and has delicious coffee!!
A true gramie's house....

What do you love???

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Belated Weekend Update

What a weekend. 
My sis was here and now she is gone and we are back to the grind.
I had such a wonderful visit this time and really got to have girls-weekend. Friday night we went out on the town and stimulated the economy a bit...
you know, retail therapy and such...
The weather has been PERFECT!!! With sunny 80 degree days.
My trees are in bloom and my first flowers just burst open with color.
Summer is almost here. Im just giddy with excitement!!

As always, its nice to have the house back into a routine. Even in a family of 8, there is a sense of quiet we go back to. Schedules are picked up and school was back in session as of this morning and it was nice.
We have B-I-G plans for this weekend and I will let you know more about them this weekend when its more appropriate but right now we are counting down the days. Today we have 3!!!

But besides a quick run up to the store, we will have a very welcomed low key quiet day.... which will turn into our evening. 

And I can't wait....

Friday, April 8, 2011


I'm joining The Chatty Mommy for Friday Follow

Today was the day! I woke up bright and early and went to our airport to pick up my dear Sissy-Cindy -Lu who!! WHOO HOO.
Our local airport is so beautiful They have a garden in the back with beautiful statues all over and fountains. Great for people like me who need to be sedated want to relax before flying.

Since we all can't fit in my van, I took my Sweet baby and my Molly girl with me. I made sure we arrived early so we had time to run off some excitement and explore a bit. Before we knew it, the Southwest plane was landing and our guests had arrived!!!

Here we are.
Two crazy sister reunited once again.
( I have NO clue what happened to Penny's face. Must have been a shadow from the windows and hanging sculptures because she has NO facial marks at ALL in person. Weird)

Here is my nephew Brian. He is 10 and gets along so good with all my kids.
They are staying for a few days and we have so much planned. Tomorrow night we hit the town. Babysitting is lined up and off we go!

As soon as we got home, Sissy and I started to compare apps and before long we were rolling off the couch in hysterics over the camWow app. Have you tried??
Well, if you don't have it then get it. Its free and will provide hours of brainless entertainment. Even my kids were fighting for my phone to CamWow themselves.

I think this app really does a body good. Don't you??

Awww, two sisters back together. Aren't we Purdy??

Ok, I'll leave you with a much better picture. But that sure was F-U-N!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I finally remembered had the time to post a What I Wore Wednesday hosted by The Pleated Poppy!
Don'tcha just love that name??
I do.
Im also going to combine this with a What I Love Wednesday hosted by Krystina. Because this week I'm really loving the warm weather and all the cute free sundresses that brings =)

So enough Jabber...

Here goes....

Dress: Old Navy
Bling Shoes: Target  

Outfit: Old Navy
Big Bow/rhinestone flip flops: Kirklands

Um... I was going running
But I made the yellow flower pin
I had to put something cute on to distract from sneakers. I hate sneakers...

Tank and sundress: Old Navy
( I bought one in green too)
Its my Fav. Italians fault. I brought her shopping...
Bling Shoes: Target
Hair Flower: 21

The whole darn thing is Old Navy K??
(again, the really cute scarf and earrings are her fault too ;)
Yeah, I forgot shoes on but honestly, im lucky to ever wear them..
Im forever barefoot!!
But finally not pregnant. HA!!!!

Can't wait to hop over to your place to see what your all wearing and lovin as well



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