Friday, April 15, 2011

Tonight Is The Night

So I know I have kept some of you in suspense the last few days, especially those that follow myself or/and my hubby on Twitter... and for that I apologize but I just have to keep some family business our business. Know what I'm sayin??!!


But I knew I would share some very very exciting news. MY HUBBY COMES HOME TONIGHT!!!
He has been gone 3 very long weeks and although that may not tickle your fancy the way it does ours, it's still a B-I-G topic in our house. He had a business trip up in Ohio and sadly left us for a very very very long time.

Being apart from each other used to be something that was just integrated into our lifestyle, but even while we were in the military, we never got used to being apart. Its just not right. We knew some of the kids would have a problem with the separation and computing 3 weeks so I made a handy dandy calendar for them with picture days. They took turns crossing days out and LOVED it. It also really helped them understand time.

Saying goodbye is never my strong suite. I mean, I have gotten much better thru the years. Tons of house guests make hi's and bye's rather easy. I no longer am the blubbering fool.
I even thought that this time, my goodbye would be simple. After all, he is only leaving for weeks not months like he used to. I held up so well till I walked into our bathroom and saw this:

Instantly I was thrown back into our military days. I guess the scars of that never quite heal... at least for me. I took the baby and just closed the door and cried. Then I cried because I failed at being strong for the kids and cried some more because I looked like I was crying. At some point in the afternoon, I cried just because I could....

But the hardest part of all was watching him say goodbye to all of our babies and watching them cry....

I started to go over all the positive aspects of the trip. Time alone to craft, time with my children, no cleaning the house, shopping endlessly...
But none made the mood any lighter.

Life goes on and I had to show my kids that we wipe our tears, lift our head up high and move forward....
So we did..
At Hobby Lobby and Ross.

(hey, I never claimed to have all the answers but I DO believe in retail therapy.)

Its amazing how quickly teenage girls can be happy again among dresses and shiny things.

Just Sayin...

But to make a long story short

(and save the best part of the story for another day)

We managed. We made it. And we focused on the homecoming...

As a former Military bride, when a soldier comes home, GREAT preparations must be had. After all, the reunion is what you both have been waiting for since you said goodbye.

So I sacrificially spent the day primping and prepping for the big day!. New nails, Hair, Toes... the works... Oh and a HUGE pink flower. My fav Italian watched all my kiddies for me. She is so sweet and I trust her completely with them all. My Miss P. doesn't take to too many people and she LOVES LOVES LOVES her...

In tru GiGi style total embarrassment all the way, so what better way than to decorate the van with all things cheesy!!!

Here we are at the gate.... The monitors said he already landed so I gave permission for the kids to run as fast as they could to the gate. I was determined NEVER to have him come off a plane without us being there and after 15 years of marriage, I wasn't about to have my perfect record broken!

The airport scene from home alone had Nothin on us!
So we made it, I was stoked and sent out a picture text to my friends.... I was happy


Some mean old man told me that the flight NEVER left the airport due to all the storms coming our way. Mind you, this was the same time the flight was supposed to land AND had said it was already IN!!!

So I sent out another picture....

But praise God, after I walked all over the airport looking for answers, I found out he did in fact take off and would land in 30 minutes. So we waited... and waited....

and waited...

But it was worth every stinking stressful moment.

Because now he is home in our arms and I never will let him go again!!

(Is this cheesy enough??)

I can't help it. I just really love this man.

But it gets better....

I left out a B-I-G piece of the story.

For that, you will have to come back.




  1. Awww, that is so sweet! What a wonderful homecoming! I can't wait to hear about your other surprise :)

  2. I guess I've never realized how stressful and worrisome it could be to have a military spouse or one that travels for business all the time! My best friend's hubby is a marine in NC and I've now supported her through a deployment and kind of understand better now. I'll now stop saying that I wish MY husband would go somewhere for a few weeks!



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