Friday, April 1, 2011

Just A Touch Of Random...




Sadly I have no spectacular prank to pull on all of you but Im sure you will forgive me ;). Im a bit under the weather. Almost a week of rain has got me lacking in the spunk department but PRAISE THE LORD this morning the sun shone bright and I will be off running around town catching up on some errands and just soaking in the sun.

So I wanted to leave you some Friday Randoms of our gloomy cabin fever fueled day yesterday.

This picture will make ANY mama proud. My Noah drew a portrait of his daddy! I think it looks just like him don't you??

The resemblance is uncanny!!

My girls go to sewing class once a week. My friend is so kind to take them for the day as the class is waayyyy up in the mountains. The first day the girls went, they turned to their friends Mom and said
"My mom would never  drive this..."
Aww, they know me so well. I probably would have ended up crying on the side of the road calling 911. Rumor has it the driveway is one way on the side of a mountain and my big black beast is hard to drive as it is.
No way!
But anyway, My Hannah has really picked up a natural talent for this and enjoys it to the fullest. Tomorrow we will be hitting the craft store to give buy her more fabric to practice on.

Now whats a post without my Miss Penelope??
Here she is in my arms happily sucking her thumb. I just love it and could just eat her up.
I noticed she is cutting 2 bottom teeth and that just makes my heart so sad. She is getting so big...
But I thank the Lord for her every day  and am so blessed that I have her. I hold her at least 80% of the day and just kiss her little head and smell her sweet scent. Babies ARE Heaven sent!

And of course here she is in her cute little Easter PJ's. Isn't it precious. This pic was the best I could do. She kept falling straight over and the other kids were laughing HYSTERICALLY!!! Like it was the funniest thing they EVER saw.

And her little cute Bum had this fuzzy bunny!!

It was a noisy, rough day for me so tonight the craft bag came out. I made these flower pins. I will be wearing them tomorrow. Im just not sure which one. You can't tell by the picture but they are pretty big... and gaudy... just like I like!

Not a super exciting day, but a day none the less.

And now its FRIDAY!!

Who doesn't like FRIDAY!!

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  1. Love your pins- I am surprised you didn't put them all together.
    Wish all of us could create together.
    We would have such fun. :(
    Miss you guys.

  2. Cabin fever hit here too, it has been so cold and rainy. Today though I saw the sun &&&& blue sky, yay! That is so neat that your daughter is learning how to sew! The pictures of P are DARLING! You should do a tutorial on how you make those darling flowers, I love them!



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