Friday, April 8, 2011


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Today was the day! I woke up bright and early and went to our airport to pick up my dear Sissy-Cindy -Lu who!! WHOO HOO.
Our local airport is so beautiful They have a garden in the back with beautiful statues all over and fountains. Great for people like me who need to be sedated want to relax before flying.

Since we all can't fit in my van, I took my Sweet baby and my Molly girl with me. I made sure we arrived early so we had time to run off some excitement and explore a bit. Before we knew it, the Southwest plane was landing and our guests had arrived!!!

Here we are.
Two crazy sister reunited once again.
( I have NO clue what happened to Penny's face. Must have been a shadow from the windows and hanging sculptures because she has NO facial marks at ALL in person. Weird)

Here is my nephew Brian. He is 10 and gets along so good with all my kids.
They are staying for a few days and we have so much planned. Tomorrow night we hit the town. Babysitting is lined up and off we go!

As soon as we got home, Sissy and I started to compare apps and before long we were rolling off the couch in hysterics over the camWow app. Have you tried??
Well, if you don't have it then get it. Its free and will provide hours of brainless entertainment. Even my kids were fighting for my phone to CamWow themselves.

I think this app really does a body good. Don't you??

Awww, two sisters back together. Aren't we Purdy??

Ok, I'll leave you with a much better picture. But that sure was F-U-N!!


  1. Awww, how exciting! Have fun with your sister & nephew :)

  2. sisters are the best! I miss mine - she is all the way across the country in Canada. :(
    have fun and love the funny pics!



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