Monday, April 25, 2011

Alright Alright... Im back.. =)

Im back!!!

After one heck of a crazy awesome fun weekend, I survived and lived to tell the tales!!

In 9 days we have had house guests, the return of the hubs from his 3 week trip, His birthday bash and hosted Easter celebration at our house.

worn out is not the word. But like I said on Facebook last night, I fell in bed from sheer exhaustion with a smile on my face from many sweet memories!!

So grab your coffee and sit back while I take you thru my shamefully few pictures....

The first picture (above) was taken at Red Robin. We had an impromptu date night and I shoved my face  dined on my FAVORITE whiskey river burger. YUM!!!

{* Notice the cute 3rd wheel??}

Then we walked around Ross where I bought some cute sunglasses and lipglosses to put in my girls Easter baskets...

Then I woke up uber early to decorate the house for Hubby's Birthday!!

I had play practice for church and felt so bad for leaving him, so I made him breakfast in bed and lit the bagel on fire candle and exploded on hubz as he slept singing " Happy Birthday" as loud as we could...

He wouldn't let me take pics of that.

and I wouldn't even dare attempt...

After I got home, we colored eggs.



I stayed up late cooking for our Easter guests the next day, stuffing eggs for our Egg hunt and making baskets...

All the hard work and late night paid off. I woke up to the squeals of delight at their baskets of goodies.

We quickly got dressed and ready for Church. This is my only picture.

Im really sad about that.

Once again, my mother of the year award is lost in the mail...

Our Church Easter performance was a success!!

I remembered my lines and didn't knock over anything backstage...

Even though I tripped twice...

I told you I have ADHD.

I was bouncing around like a rubber ball back there..

Then my fav Italian Michelle and her family came over for dinner and then my Aunt, Uncle and cousin joined us for dessert!!

We crammed into my little Red House and ate our weight in lasagna and homemade cheesecake.

Anyway, today is Monday.

it wasn't a good day.

Kids were on a major sugar crash

and Im still recovering from craziness...

Tonight I will turn in early and pray that tomorrow is better...

Until then, another cup of coffee is in high demand.

How was YOUR Resurrection Sunday???

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  1. It sounds like you guys had an amazing, fun, wonderful Easter weekend! We had a wonderfully laid back day, it was nice :)



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