Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I finally remembered had the time to post a What I Wore Wednesday hosted by The Pleated Poppy!
Don'tcha just love that name??
I do.
Im also going to combine this with a What I Love Wednesday hosted by Krystina. Because this week I'm really loving the warm weather and all the cute free sundresses that brings =)

So enough Jabber...

Here goes....

Dress: Old Navy
Bling Shoes: Target  

Outfit: Old Navy
Big Bow/rhinestone flip flops: Kirklands

Um... I was going running
But I made the yellow flower pin
I had to put something cute on to distract from sneakers. I hate sneakers...

Tank and sundress: Old Navy
( I bought one in green too)
Its my Fav. Italians fault. I brought her shopping...
Bling Shoes: Target
Hair Flower: 21

The whole darn thing is Old Navy K??
(again, the really cute scarf and earrings are her fault too ;)
Yeah, I forgot shoes on but honestly, im lucky to ever wear them..
Im forever barefoot!!
But finally not pregnant. HA!!!!

Can't wait to hop over to your place to see what your all wearing and lovin as well



  1. Love those dresses, I need to do the wardrobe swap then I will be wearing mine to. Have a lovely week. ax

  2. I love your dresses, love your profile and literally laughed out loud when I read your "I homeschool because..." button. So true! Im homeschooling this year too:)
    *Found you through WIWW

  3. Love it!
    Very cute- makes a girl want to go to Old Navy- Oh yeah- going there today for a return. :)

  4. Love it, you are so cute! I love the dresses, makes me want to go to Old Navy :) It sounds like you guys had fun shopping!

  5. isn't the warm weather wonderful?! {but i think we're getting rain tomorrow.} i love cute-in' up the running outfit! that's great!

  6. Your dresses are sooo stinking cute!! I have GOT to go get me some! (I sure hope you got them recently). Thanks for the summer shopping inspiration!

  7. so cute! sometimes you just hit the jackpot at old navy ya know? happy wednesday!

  8. I am loving the warm weather, too! I love all of your adorable Spring outfits!

  9. Super cute! - But, I'm kinda confused - Do you change your clothes that many times in one day? Or is each outfit a different day?



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