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Hi! Im GiGi... Formerly GapGirl. Since I didn't want to get sued by a large clothing company.. I kept the G and added GiGi... my future name my sweet future grand babies must will call me but for now Im a 30 something mommy to 7 and wife to 1. I homeschool my kids and just LOVE my Little Red House that my hubby built just for ME!

Im a true blue New Yorker livin the southern life and lovin it... although my New York ways have never quite left me.

Im blunt and outspoken. Over the years God has worked and molded me to use my mouth for His good. I often say what other people think, but with a filter!

People closest to me have used the term " a bit rough around the edges" when describing me. I guess they are right. But once your break thru my exterior your in for life. Your part of my pack and I will fight to the death for you. I think once you really know me, the words Loyal, Sweet, REAL and genuine are the words you would use when thinking of me.

God is working in me and on me daily to develop me to be more Christ-like.

I have a heart for women and mothers. I have a voice that wants to be heard and a passion that needs to be used. I pray that I will see Gods will with these areas and that He will lead me wherever He needs me.

My love of writing and journaling has found me documenting my life for all those that are interested to see. I have boxes of journals that I have kept since the age of 12...

I write what I feel. I write what I think and I write day to day activities.

My dream of being a photojournalist has been re-evolved into photo-documenting the awesome life I lead. My camera follows me everywhere and anyone who is with me becomes my victim. You know if I snap a picture of you, you are bound to be published.

I am a Jesus loving Christian who enjoys bible study and really discovering who Jesus is. The more I learn, the more I see how much Jesus loves us.

This page really doesn't describe who I am, for that, you have to read my blog... 


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