Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Henny... and More

Good morning to y'all!!! Remember last week I mentioned that a cute little chicken followed me home with a yellow clearance tag?? Well, I have not forgotten to show you!!! Here she is in all her glory and she is my absolute FAVORITE!!! I named her Henny and she sits on my bar top. Everyone in our family feels the need to touch her when they walk by because she is so fat and round!! LOL.

I figured I would show you some more chicken decor I have. I had this post in my draft for a while, and today is the PERFECT day to post as my little Noah is so sick and I have no time to wrestle with blogger and my iphoto... Easy peasy!

A trip back to Hobby Lobby will happen soon and more things will be purchased.... I can't help myself!!! Anyway, are we women EVER done playing with our home? I don't think so!

My spoon rest was bought at Ross for about $2. I almost didn't do it but could not put it back on the shelf. Its a bit more mexicana than I like but the colors match perfectly!!!

And last but not least... here is Me! Taken on my way to church!!! Its been a while since I said Hello, so why not throw in a pic!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day today. We FINALLY got some storms last night and woke up to a very soggy yard. PRAISE THE LORD!!! Its been way too long. Now temps will be back down to normal and life will go on!!

I will let you know when my sunflowers germinate and don't forget to keep track of our "Little Red House" on twitter.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Sweet Escape...

During one of my blog hopping evenings, I came across CAT NAP INN PRIMITIVES BLOG and instantly fell in love!! This is a woman after my own heart!!! She lives in Washington in a "Little Yellow House" that is just beyond adorable...

On the outside are all sorts of beautiful flowers and gardens and birdfeeders. There is something beautiful growing at every turn.

Here are just one of her veggie gardens. Isn't it so quaint and perfect?? Makes me just want to grab my cup of coffee and stroll around her grounds in the early morning... (don't worry, I won't... LOL)

Here is another view of her beautiful garden. If your lucky, you can see one of her cats enjoying the sun on her back porch.

The inside of her home is even more magical!!! Country primitive to the core. Home-y and welcoming the moment you "step in." I have been loving life browsing thru her blog and seeing all she has done.

Notice the sewing machine??? She creates awesome decorations for her home and her Etsy store. Im so excited... as we speak, my Aunt is bringing her sewing machine from Alabama right to my neighborhood to teach me to sew. How exciting!!! Maybe one day I will be able to make my own creations!!!!

I highly suggest stopping by CAT NAP INN PRIMITIVES and looking thru all of her pictures and recipes and blogs. You won't be disappointed!! Thats where you will see me ALOT!!!

(did I mention she also loves and grows sunflowers???) We would SO be friends if we lived close!!!!

Ahhh, nothing like another gal who truly loves her Home Sweet Home !

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy Weekend Fun

This past Saturday afternoon was our annual neighborhood pool party. This is the BIG event that everyone looks forward to and I was so excited to organize it this year. As head of our social committee, it was a bit overwhelming, but I had some great ladies help me who had a bit more experience than I did .

It started off unbearably H-O-T!!! Hubby and I were not sure HOW we would be able to actually stay for it, let alone set up, grill and have fun. We kept jumping in and out of the pool, trying to keep our core temps under control.

Just before the grill were lit, the thunder and clouds rolled in. No rain fell, THANK GOODNESS but the sun went away and out came a breeze which made the afternoon just PERFECT!!!

Everyone brought yummy sides and desserts to share and our HOA Social Committee provided the hot dogs and hamburgers! The kids LOVED the slide and quickly discovered how quick they could slide down if they were all wet from the pool first!

The kids were banned to the kiddie pool during set up, so hubby and I could get things going. THey enjoyed it though!!!

Once dinner was eaten and dessert was feasted on, we headed to the pool and relaxed with our neighbors.

Yes, thats my Old Navy bag. I LOVE it for some strange reason... the turnout was great!

By 8p.m I was DONE!! I was tired, the kids were MORE than needing to go home and sleep off that sugar rush and my poor feet and legs hurt like the dickens...

But it was a success, clean up was done quickly and by 9 p.m we were all home, washed, showered and relaxing in bed. ( or at least I was.) My big comfy bed never felt so good. I dozed off to the lights of my tv and was fast asleep.

Sundays Bountiful Harvest

Hubby took this amazing picture, spur of the moment with his cell phone. Beautiful right?

The evenings are when we come alive around here. The recent triple digit temps have kept us indoors for most of the day. I, unable to sit still, venture outside in short spurts to putter in my gardens. I can't take being away from them too long.

But in the evenings, when the sun sets just enough to give us relief, we are out and about enjoying life.

Our tomatoes are in FULL bloom and we have more than we know what to do with. Tomato sandwiches on toast has bee the newest lunch item. YUMMY!

Right now, the sun is fighting the clouds. I hear loud rumbles of thunder in the distance. Perhaps some rain is on its way? One can hope.

I bought a huge box of miracle grow and plan on feeding all of my darling pets. My flowers are not as good as last year and are in need of some TLC PRONTO!!!

I won't even compare last years sunflowers to this years. Yikes. For shame!!! BUT, perhaps in a week or two, all things will be different.

We shall see....

Friday, June 25, 2010


HAPPY FRIDAY!!! A LOT has been happening in our Little Red House. Its been a busy and crazy week. This past Thursday my oldest Emma turned the B-I-G "13!" I cannot believe I am the mom to an official TEENAGER!! Where has the time gone???
Birthdays are a BIG deal in our home. The week of the big day, the designated birthday girl or boy gets to retrieve the mail... whats the big deal you wonder??? Well, apparently its the thing to do. Major fights can happen over who get to greet the mail lady for those beloved stack of bills.
Monday morning, the presents and cards started to pour in. Grandma W. sent a very special gift in the mail. I made Em PROMISE to treasure it and take care of it forever...

Birthday mail is a BIG event in our home!

Her first piece of adult jewelry!! Her birthstone necklace!

As the week went on, more cards (and some beloved birthday money) trickled in.... But on the day of her ACTUAL birthday, she got an even bigger surprise. Her pillow pet that she had wanted as her gift from us arrived!! It was not expected to arrive until Saturday so you can imagine the chaos in our home when the mail lady rang our door and was attacked by 7 VERY excited kids. (They had friends over)
I have to admit, the Moose pillow pet is pretty cool!!

After an evening swim in the pool, we gathered at our big 'ol table and celebrated with chocolate cake. The kids ran off some sugar and we skyped some family members well into the evening

All in all the day was a success!!! My beloved Emma is one year older!

Im sure you noticed that I also changed somethings on my blog (yet again). I finally realized blogger added some really cool gadgets to customize and create with, so if you come back to visit and my pictures are upside down and my posts are written in chinese... don't fret. All will be fixed shortly...(I hope) Im horrible with technology!!!

Our big black van is out of commission yet again, so in my complete and utter cabin fever/stir-crazy pregnancy induced hormonal rage, Im sure I will be posting ALOT!!! I may even Vlog if I can lock my kids outside long enough to get a word in.... JUST KIDDING!!! (maybe >))

I hope you have a GREAT weekend and chat tomorrow?? I have to show you my newest Chicken I bought to add to my collction. She is so cute!!!! Shhh don't tell hubby, he didn't want me to spend extra money but she followed me home (with a yellow clearance tag!!!)


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It Started With A Mouse...

It all started with 1 lonely mouse in our backyard. The kids noticed it before I did. It was early morning, they were eating waffles. The mouse ran back and forth across the lower support beam on the fence. He could NOT find his way out... no matter how hard he tried.
I ran down the rules. No catching, no petting, no feeding, NO TOUCHING. THAT is the ENEMY and must remain far far away.

Dear ol' hubby caught wind of the crowd gathering in our backyard. I knew what he was thinking. I could HEAR his wheels turning round and round...

" NO hun, You CANNOT take your rifles out and shoot him."

" I know..." He said with a sly smile... see??? He was THINKING about it. ( I told you)

Not only would his rifle/shotgun things blow our whole fence into the next century. It just flat out would not be safe. My poor little babies would be scarred forever.

"See, this is why I need a BB gun. I could so get him..."

He then gave kisses to all around and headed out the door for work.

Fastforward 8 hours and guess what comes prancing thru the door??? A VERY smily hubby and a shiny new Daisy BB rifle. Another "toy" to add to his collection.

A makeshift target was made and the practicing began. Many evenings since, this is what you can find in our backyard....

Along with 5 VERY happy children cheering him on. It didn't take long before he blew the red dot right off the paper. He WAS an expert marksman shooter in the Air Force after all. He ALWAYS shoots where he aims.

I guess you can say im a blushing proud bride. (grin, blink blink)

*** another disclosure.YES we know about gun dangers. YES we take the proper precautions, YES we are aware we have children in our home and YYEESSS all things are put away properly. Come on, im not stupid.=p *****

~ Oh and for all of you animal lovers out there.... no mice were hurt during the writing of this post... maybe...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Chickens

I LOVE chickens. I love to decorate with them, I love to hear them (the live ones) and watch them and I love to eat them. Ha! Growing up, my grandpa raised them. When I got married and moved next door to my Mother-in-law, she too, raised them... it wasn't long before, we had our own as well. Both hubby and I agree, a home is not complete without a chicken coop and some girls.

Since we moved into a new development with HOA's and covenant, we had to kiss that part of our lives goodbye. NO CHICKENS ALLOWED. Its so upsetting. So, instead I surround ourselves with pictures and lamps and all sorts of cute odds and ends to show my devotion to my favorite feathered friends.

Here are just a few pictures of my chickens... that I have all over my kitchen.

That red chicken lamp is one of my FAVORITES!!! Chickens and marabou. Does it get better?

LOVE this kitchen sink mat I found at Target a couple of years ago.

I even have chickens hanging from my trees!!! And they greet you in my foyer the moment you walk in. =)

I found that blue polk-a-dot chicken at ROSS one day and could NOT leave the store without her. Something about her I just LOVE. She keeps watch on my front porch.

All of these pictures can be enlarged by clicking. See my newest addition?? My sweet hubby-dear hung her up last night, after the sun gave us a reprieve and I was watering the front gardens. She is a VERY heavy cast iron chicken bell and she is a beauty!!! I LOVE how she looks on my front porch and really makes the whole area cozy and welcoming. I love staring at it when I go for my morning rounds or get the mail. It just makes me smile.

I have my eyes on a couple of other chicken decorations I saw this week. I want to FILL my home with all sorts of chicken everything. Friday is payday and SHOPPING DAY. YIPPIE!!! Time to go out and score some new treasures for my Little Red House. I can't wait!!!! I'll be sure to show and tell you ALL!

Thanks for taking a look at my dear girls. What do you like to decorate with?

Monday, June 21, 2010

My Day At Hobby Lobby...

As the temperatures soared close to 100 degrees today, I packed up 3 of my 5 kids and headed to my most favorite Hobby Lobby. For those of you who don't have one nearby... I am deeply sorry. The littles entertained themselves as I took my time and strolled up and down each aisle. Oh the thoughts going thru my head!!! Oh the clearance aisles and don't even get me started on the Christmas decor.

I KNOW!!! I have NEVER been THAT person to jump the gun on the holiday but in the last couple of years, the joy and magic of Christmas has settled all over my heart.... so I guess that I should not tell you that yes, I AM buying some Christmas decorations in June... but ONLY because I know that if I want the "good stuff" I need to pick it up as soon as it hits the shelves. Have you seen Hobby Lobby in December??? I make my own garland, wreaths and sways with the prettiest frosted fruits and glitter EVERYTHING. Oh and all the shiny and glittery gold... be still my heart. Now that I have proper storage (and a HUGE pre-lit tree) My decorations are perfectly stored year after year. Anyway... back on track.

I ended up in the fabric and ribbon aisle and I searched thru some BEAUTIFUL pieces. I need the perfect cloth top re-do my jelly cupboard but in my search I found my newest baby's comforter.

Truth be told, Im not a good sewer at all!! I know the steps and know how blankets are assembled (Mrs. Price from 8th grade home ec would be SO proud) but have no clue about the stitching or which end of the sewing machine to use. That , I will leave up to my dear Aunt who just moved in my neighborhood. Perhaps I will bribe her with something shiny and new?? But she did mention she would teach me!! Really? How hard can it be??=))

So here are the fabrics I chose. Simple, snuggly and feminine.

Above pic is the front of her blanket...

This will be the back. Its the softest flannel and has the most delicate flowers. (click to enlarge)
This fabric above I will buy just because... Its nursery rhymes and will make a great anything sheet. It too is flannel and I just was drawn to it.

Please excuse the pictures, my good 'ol envy 2 was all I had at my disposal at the moment but it gets the job done.

These are not in my possession YET! They are not on sale so I have to print out 3 40% off coupons and buy each print separately so I can get them at an insanely LOW price.

BUT, the hair ribbon were 50% off WHOO HOOO... and the ribbon by the yard was 30% off... lets just say my girls will now have hair bows in ALL colors.

And the new baby you ask??? Well no fake flower is now safe from my hair accessory obsessed hands.


Oh and please excuse all of my shopping/shallow posts. Im on a brain break. My brain has been a bit overloaded with more info/news than I want it to know, so im keeping my blog light and airy for just a bit.=)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lets Hope Your Right!

I don't know about you, But I have been seeing things like this around lately. First on a car and now on a shirt. When I looked it up on the computer, I noticed they had a bunch of paraphernalia about not being born again... because their Mom did it right the first time. Strangely enough these same people who proudly boast these sayings ALSO will say they believe in God and believe in the bible as well. Don't most people?

But if you open the bible and read John Chapter 3 you will read the true story of Jesus teaching Nicodemus and explaining to him the need to be Born Again... straight from the horses mouth.

John 3:5

"Jesus answered " I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of the water and of the spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the spirit gives birth to spirit. You should not be surprised at my saying, 'you must be born again.' ...."

The whole chapter is really worth a good read as it explains the meaning very well. Which makes me wonder....

Either the bumper sticker people are right or the infallible bible is wrong??? Or vice versa as one completely cancels out the other.

Ok, maybe it doesn't make me wonder. I know EXACTLY what I think is right. Hands down, no questions asked.

But... do you?

Here is a word of advice....

You never want to stand before the Lord after your life is over wishing and hoping you could have done things differently. By then its just too late.

On a lighter note.... our neighborhood pool is FINALLY fixed and after I scramble a couple dozen eggs for breakfast, we will be off... more 100 degree weather in our forecast. BLECH!

But have a marvelous weekend


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pregnancy To-Do List... 22 Weeks!

With every pregnancy, the moment that line appears on the stick, my brain is BUZZING with the million and 1 things I need to do before baby arrives...

Then morning sickness hits and I just get thru the days, the list collects dust and I swear I will never survive to even read the list, let alone accomplish it!!!

But *ALAS* the 2nd trimester comes, followed quickly by the 3rd and my home becomes alive with activity to make room for our new arrival.

Once again, the time has come to dust that list off and get started on the gazillion things I need to do before my new baby girl comes home!

So, I thought I would share my list with you as a way of helping to make sure I GET IT DONE!!!

1) Get into our storage space and see if I have ANYTHING left for a newborn baby girl. Probably not but its worth checking out...

2) Craft store to pick up cute girly fleece fabric for a taggie blanket to make for baby, and initial letters for all the girls... Pink and black craft paint as well...

3) Get port-a-crib back from friend and set up in our room. (baby stays with us for a while)

4) move changing table from upstairs girls closet to our bedroom. Clean it and pretty it up. Will not only be used for changing station, but also to store all of her clothes, towels, burp cloths and such since she will be with us.

5) buy matching baskets for changing table ( and fabric to line them) to hold all small items and keep it neat.

6) Move around computer desk in our room to make room for baby things...

7) re-organize living room

8) Buy everything you need for a baby girl because I gave away all of my clothes, onsies, bibs... and some of the burp cloths I have are just too old to use on a sweet new little one... Not a concern though, God always provides all we need!!!! ( Did I mention monogramming them all?)

9) Switch little girls and older girls rooms around as the little girls now need the bigger bedroom since they outnumber the big girls. This can be done at our own pace since baby will stay with us but it will require ALOT of work, cleaning, gutting and time...

10) Buy paint for both rooms and make them nice for them...

11) Get our new HS'ing year all figured out. 1 month will be taken off after baby and I don't want to have to worry about lesson planning while recovering...

12) start doubling meals and freezing so I don't have to worry about cooking for a loooong time! =)

13) FINALLY FINISH Esther study so I can start BREAKING FREE!!! Need to get into that book big time. I can't wait!! But I have been slow with Esther. I need to get crackin!

The above picture is where my very ice age old Homeschool computer is... in our bedroom. Not the most convenient place to be but it works for now. I also throw some kid overflow over this way when they want to play games on the ol' pc and have fun. I sometimes sneak in there at night when hubby is hogging our beloved MAC in the living room and use the internet. Prayerfully, this next tax season another MAC will be bought and there will be more computers for personal and school use. With 8 people in the house, 3 computers really are NOT that many!! Oh, did I mention that this has to find a new space because our new baby girl will be residing in this spot??? But at least my dovet is beautiful and matches my walls. Thats a start!!

Have a blessed day today. Thank God for another day, Thank God for your hubby, Thank God for your children and thank God that we have HIM to go to when life gets too rough.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Day....

Outside my window... The sun is shining, my Lilac bush is blowing against my big living room window. Its hazy, hot and humid

I am thinking... Of how much I LOVE my little red house

I am thankful for... Soooo much. Hubby's job, our home, the food we have, and that we have God!

From the learning rooms... We will be reading some books today... its all we can do to escape the heat. This evening, when the sun sets, we will head out to the veggie garden and harvest some tomatoes and water our flower gardens

From the kitchen... Im mixing things up today... Spaghetti with meatballs and salad! Yummy!!

I am wearing... A pink tank and a lime green skirt.....

I am creating... I plan on re-doing my jelly cupboard. Spray paint it black and add fabric prints to the front. Great storage for more homeschooling books we have!

I am going... no where... its too HOT!

I am reading... 2 books. "showers in Season." and The Charlotte Mason Companion... both are EXCELLENT reads!!!!

I am hoping... for a beautiful thunderstorm tonight so hubby and I can sit out in the back screen porch and watch the lightning flicker. Sitting in our screen porch in the evenings is one of my favorite things to do with him. I also LOVE that room. Its my favorite room in the house and is so cozy!

I am hearing... my kids play. Hannah is polishing Molly and Abby's nails

Around the house... things are scattered. Puzzles are out, crayons are scattered, books are open. Its a relaxing day for us. We will tidy after lunch.

One of my favorite things... I have so many, how do I pick just one? Right now I would have to say, my back screen porch. It may not be fantabulous to others but to me its just perfect. We enter it from our kitchen thru a very cute sliding glass door. It has a green indoor/outdoor rug and our old kitchen table is out there. We replaced the chairs with plastic comfy ones. I have one plant stand with huge pink elephant ears growing on them. In the opposite corner is a wrought iron rack which holds the firewood for our fire pit... along with bubbles, sidewalk chalk play-doh and plenty more outdoor toys for the kids. I also dry our bathing suits on it and place the pool towels on one shelf.
We have outdoor party lights strung up around the top and love to keep them on at night. If we need more light, we have a nice lighted ceiling fan out there. Its usually always on and provides the needed breeze in the summer time.
Along the walls are different types of wind chimes. I love wind chimes and love to hear them sing in the wind. On one corner I have curtains hung up to help block the setting sun that seeps in, during the dinner hour. They need to be replaced with bamboo shades but in due time!!! Right outside the screen porch door is a 10x10 concrete patio. On it is our gas grill, our fire pit and my beloved green adirondack chairs with matching table. I also enjoy sitting out there and watching the kids play or sneaking out there when they are busy inside and just watching the sky. I rest my tired pregnant feet on the firepit and hubby and I stare at the vegetable garden and dream about plans for the future.I LOVE this area of my backyard and so glad we had it added on during construction of our home.

A few plans for the rest of the week: A community meeting tonight and Church tomorrow night!! That will be fun! Church mid-week is always refreshing and much needed. Other than that, we have relaxing summer week planned!

What are your plans for today???

Monday, June 14, 2010


What is up with this weather??? Down in the south we have been MELTING because of this heat wave that is passing thru our area and insists on hanging around. Average temps have been in the mid 90's with real feel of 104... (yesterday.) Even the pool is not as refreshing as it should be. Blech! I have been tuned to the weather channel in hopes that a thunderstorm and some rain to break this heat will be forecasted... but no such luck.
Yesterday evening after the sun settled a bit and shade was cast on our back patio, the kids ventured out and played with sidewalk chalk. Hubby and I relaxed in our screen porch with the ceiling fan on high and listened to the rolling thunder in the distance. Nearby towns got hit with some storms but they bypassed us. We enjoyed what little we heard but still could cut the heat and humidity with a knife!!!

Today we will remain behind the walls of our Little Red House. The heat is too much for me, even in the pool. I have a tendency of passing out in the heat and know these temps are too much for me right now. My kids are not happy (see, Molly was already in her bathing suit) but they have found ways to amuse themselves. They arranged and organized their crayons and played store so they could exchange between them all.

I also made a trip to Wal-mart on friday and stocked up on play-doh, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and some $5 movies. Prayerfully all of these "new" toys will help us conquer cabin fever...

Last night after the littles were tucked in bed, Emma ran around the neighborhood taking pictures of our beautiful Southern Sky. We have some awesome cloud formations down here (along with wicked weather) Aren't these pics beautiful? She is up in her room drawing them right now. What an artist!!!

I really shouldn't complain. Wacky weather has been happening all over our country. My heart is breaking for those Arkansas families who were traumatized in the floods and those that lost loved ones too.... Then during my weather channel stalkings, I heard about the flooding in Oklahoma City.
What is happening?? Sometimes I am so overwhelmed I don't even know what to pray for... But prayers must be said. Prayers for those families, those homes and for provisions. And prayers of Thanksgiving that we are not in a crisis such as that!!!!


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