Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just Some Dribble....

I love 3 day weekends... but I dislike when they are over. We all miss hubby and am counting the days till friday afternoon hits again. I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial day. Over in my neck of the woods, we had severe rain and thunderstorms ALL weekend. Normally, I welcome the lightning and southern downpours but NOT on a holiday when we had big plans of swimming, sunning and grilling. My tan is fading. Being homebound for 3 days (minus running into church) left us a bit batty. We had a HUGE dose of cabin fever which gave me severe shopping-itis. Unfortunately, I could not remedy it as our budget is a bit tight right now... but I hope to fix that soon. Hee hee.
I recently discovered the store SWOOZIES!!! We have had one right down the road from me since we moved in and I just never went in... when I finally did, I was in HEAVEN. Monogramming galore, girly pink and green EVERYTHING, and personalized anything. It was awesome. Sadly, ALL the stores are going out of business and will shortly close its doors. I picked up cute pink tissues and some notepads and left.

BUT my love of all things monogrammed and personalized was cured when I found THIS website which has the CUTEST things at great prices. I have a few things on order... like these kitchen labels. (no, my name is NOT Pam Taylor for the record... or Jessica whatever...)
And my favorite home store KIRKLANDS is still in business and carries alot of my cute accessories that I love. I need to visit there soon....

on a brighter note, Hubby and I finally decided on a color for our master Bathroom. Our bedroom is a light sky sunny blue which I LOVE, I am accenting it all with black furniture and white accessories. Preferably white flowers... DAISIES!!! Something cool and crisp and soft to relax in. Our On suite will be a light grey-ish blue called Grey Horse. At first I was dead set against it but then once I saw the swatch on the walls, I fell in love. But I need to buy all new bathroom accessories. So I found the below shower curtain that would be perfect... with white bath mats and light white accessories.... PERFECT!! I can't wait. It will be a while before I get it all done but I will be SURE to post pics.

Along with drooling and window shopping on my mac this VERY rainy holiday weekend, I have been reading this book. I bought it during the Christmas season in a little bookstore in our mall. Its a series and I started with book #2 as they didn't have book 1. Oh well, The nice lady who worked there assured me it would not be a problem. It was about friendships that were made in a cul-de-sac... and all the problems that arise in each household. It has some drama but remains Christ centered... which is perfect... and as I live in a cul-de-sac... I felt drawn to the book and the friendships that were made. It has been great... a bit sad but great none the less.

I also have been in high stalk alert at IN A SHOE... Kim is in s-l-o-w labor with baby #10 (or #11??) I forget the number, but I enjoy her blog and am anticipating the home birth of her next baby... she updates frequently... check her out.

I am working on another post, much deeper than this shallow one. A missionary came to speak for just a bit this past Sunday morning and his video and testimony really touched my heart. It forever changed the way I look at sugar. When I take my cute little red and yellow sugar bowl over to my morning coffee and lift the lid, little do I realize the slave labor that is behind harvesting the sugar cane. I have been thinking about it ever since.... Praise God for Men and women like him and his wife who risk their lives to bring the gospel to these poor, depressed people.

I think I see the sun... OH MY!! Could it be?? That big yellow ball of heat has returned to the south??? Yikes, I spoke too soon... there it goes again....
Maybe I will run outside and plant my new SHASTA DAISIES and catch some vitamin d while I can. Did I mention DAISIES are my favorite flower?? I want to surround my mailbox with them... how beautiful that will look.

I hope you all have a GREAT tuesday. I have a very busy weekend coming up but it will be great fun! Today is our FIRST official day of summer vacation.... lets see how long we can hang in our pj's....=)))


  1. Love the shower curtain. I have a similar Laura Ashley pattern in my bedroom (bedding and curtains). My husband didn't want something too "girly" so the blue was a great way to get some flowers in there. LOL.

  2. I agree about loving 3 day weekends and then missing hubby -- that's how we are today!!

    Swoozies sounds fabulous, like my kind of store.

    I love the focus of your blog.


  3. yay for monogrammed cute stuff, I can't wait for you to find out if you are having a boy or girl I'll hook ya up good with my thirtyone stuff I <3 all of the monogrammed things, I am getting Lilah a cinch sack with her name on it and a thermal tote with an L for us to share lol :)

  4. I love Swoozie's! SO sad their going outta business!

  5. I don't think we have a Kirlands by us, but looks like a great store!



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