Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Day....

Outside my window... The sun is shining, my Lilac bush is blowing against my big living room window. Its hazy, hot and humid

I am thinking... Of how much I LOVE my little red house

I am thankful for... Soooo much. Hubby's job, our home, the food we have, and that we have God!

From the learning rooms... We will be reading some books today... its all we can do to escape the heat. This evening, when the sun sets, we will head out to the veggie garden and harvest some tomatoes and water our flower gardens

From the kitchen... Im mixing things up today... Spaghetti with meatballs and salad! Yummy!!

I am wearing... A pink tank and a lime green skirt.....

I am creating... I plan on re-doing my jelly cupboard. Spray paint it black and add fabric prints to the front. Great storage for more homeschooling books we have!

I am going... no where... its too HOT!

I am reading... 2 books. "showers in Season." and The Charlotte Mason Companion... both are EXCELLENT reads!!!!

I am hoping... for a beautiful thunderstorm tonight so hubby and I can sit out in the back screen porch and watch the lightning flicker. Sitting in our screen porch in the evenings is one of my favorite things to do with him. I also LOVE that room. Its my favorite room in the house and is so cozy!

I am hearing... my kids play. Hannah is polishing Molly and Abby's nails

Around the house... things are scattered. Puzzles are out, crayons are scattered, books are open. Its a relaxing day for us. We will tidy after lunch.

One of my favorite things... I have so many, how do I pick just one? Right now I would have to say, my back screen porch. It may not be fantabulous to others but to me its just perfect. We enter it from our kitchen thru a very cute sliding glass door. It has a green indoor/outdoor rug and our old kitchen table is out there. We replaced the chairs with plastic comfy ones. I have one plant stand with huge pink elephant ears growing on them. In the opposite corner is a wrought iron rack which holds the firewood for our fire pit... along with bubbles, sidewalk chalk play-doh and plenty more outdoor toys for the kids. I also dry our bathing suits on it and place the pool towels on one shelf.
We have outdoor party lights strung up around the top and love to keep them on at night. If we need more light, we have a nice lighted ceiling fan out there. Its usually always on and provides the needed breeze in the summer time.
Along the walls are different types of wind chimes. I love wind chimes and love to hear them sing in the wind. On one corner I have curtains hung up to help block the setting sun that seeps in, during the dinner hour. They need to be replaced with bamboo shades but in due time!!! Right outside the screen porch door is a 10x10 concrete patio. On it is our gas grill, our fire pit and my beloved green adirondack chairs with matching table. I also enjoy sitting out there and watching the kids play or sneaking out there when they are busy inside and just watching the sky. I rest my tired pregnant feet on the firepit and hubby and I stare at the vegetable garden and dream about plans for the future.I LOVE this area of my backyard and so glad we had it added on during construction of our home.

A few plans for the rest of the week: A community meeting tonight and Church tomorrow night!! That will be fun! Church mid-week is always refreshing and much needed. Other than that, we have relaxing summer week planned!

What are your plans for today???


  1. You are going to show pictures of the jelly cupboard when you're done right? LOL!
    And I love the Charlotte Mason Companion book. I need to read it again.
    And don't feel bad, it's WAY hot here too. UGH!

  2. I've been meaning to join in on these daybooks (Kathi @ A Mother's Prayers whom I follow also does it...), and was so excited to see yours! :) I might just do one today!! Have a great week! Oh, and I totally need to read the Charlotte Mason book as this will be our first year homeschooling, and I'm just starting to try and weed through some of the "must reads"!

  3. Hi there!

    Since today is nearly over, I'll tell you not what I am going to do today, but what I did today!!

    First, it was a must to focus my day upon the Lord. I've battled terribly of late with the thoughts of my CT scan next week for cancer surveillance. It was imperative that today's focus be in order and on Him and His goodness, glory and mercy. I chose to dwell on Him at all times of this day. So happy to share that He has met me where I am and comforted me in my concern! This day has actually been so much better than the past 10-12 days! I'll make sure to repeat this recipe for tomorrow's success as well!

    While I was "with" the Lord, many other things happened in my home!
    ** showered and fixed my hair
    ** loved on my five blessings
    ** trimmed the roses
    ** kissed my five blessings
    ** chatted with a new mommy-to-be about her upcoming birth in 4 weeks
    ** took my second son to the oral surgeon for consult on wisdom teeth removal (don't want to ruin the investment we put into his braces!)
    ** snuggled my five blessings
    ** did some marketing at Trader Joe's
    ** took the children to Del Taco for lunch
    ** laughed with my five blessings
    ** was comforted by a friend on the phone who knows my journey with cancer
    ** pulled out our camping boxes for our upcoming Father's Day camping long weekend
    ** enjoyed watching the "young men" my three boys are becoming
    ** finished up the laundry (no piles at present...give the children a few hours, there'll be more!)
    ** enjoyed a simple dinner of smoothies and bagels because Daddy's at a Board Meeting (for work)
    ** giggled at the pinkness of my two little chickies
    ** pulled out clothes for camping
    ** spent a bit of time on the computer with my favorite blogs (thus why I'm here leaving you a comment!!)
    ** and...may conquer a bit of overhaul in my closet before the night is finished!

    So, there's the details of my day! Some may find it dull and mundane, however I find it wonderful! These ARE the "good old days" and I am loving the "work" of my homemaker role!

    Thanks for sharing about your day and asking about mine!!

    Until next time . . .

    The Mama

  4. Hey there! SO nice to meet you! *big grin* Thanks for leaving me a comment so I could find your lovely little blog. I just spent some time poking around here and love it! I'm sure we are going to be good bloggy friends! *giggle* I added you to my blog list so I can keep track of when you post and come visit you now!

  5. This is my first time posting too! First of all you are just the sweetest blessing :) I felt like I was sitting on your back porch with you as you were telling me about your day.I hope we can be friends for a long time **Big Hugs*



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