Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It Started With A Mouse...

It all started with 1 lonely mouse in our backyard. The kids noticed it before I did. It was early morning, they were eating waffles. The mouse ran back and forth across the lower support beam on the fence. He could NOT find his way out... no matter how hard he tried.
I ran down the rules. No catching, no petting, no feeding, NO TOUCHING. THAT is the ENEMY and must remain far far away.

Dear ol' hubby caught wind of the crowd gathering in our backyard. I knew what he was thinking. I could HEAR his wheels turning round and round...

" NO hun, You CANNOT take your rifles out and shoot him."

" I know..." He said with a sly smile... see??? He was THINKING about it. ( I told you)

Not only would his rifle/shotgun things blow our whole fence into the next century. It just flat out would not be safe. My poor little babies would be scarred forever.

"See, this is why I need a BB gun. I could so get him..."

He then gave kisses to all around and headed out the door for work.

Fastforward 8 hours and guess what comes prancing thru the door??? A VERY smily hubby and a shiny new Daisy BB rifle. Another "toy" to add to his collection.

A makeshift target was made and the practicing began. Many evenings since, this is what you can find in our backyard....

Along with 5 VERY happy children cheering him on. It didn't take long before he blew the red dot right off the paper. He WAS an expert marksman shooter in the Air Force after all. He ALWAYS shoots where he aims.

I guess you can say im a blushing proud bride. (grin, blink blink)

*** another disclosure.YES we know about gun dangers. YES we take the proper precautions, YES we are aware we have children in our home and YYEESSS all things are put away properly. Come on, im not stupid.=p *****

~ Oh and for all of you animal lovers out there.... no mice were hurt during the writing of this post... maybe...


  1. Don't worry... My hubby would so want to do the same thing!! ;)

  2. hahahahahahaha that was funny. Especially the mouse part.
    It is funny when you get the the "gun danger" speech every time people find out you have a gun. My husband is an investigator and wears a gun to work, but when he is home it is locked up. When people question me I have to say "look lady, I cannot even get to the gun its locked up so safe." Having it SOOOOOO safely locked away though does kind of defeat the purpose of having a gun at home though...if an intruder comes I will have to rely on my pillow and my brute strength. HA!

  3. Maybe this is so funny to me, because I can see my husband with that same grin on his face in that situation with the mouse! He owns several guns( all locked up of course) but that would have been his first thought on how to get rid of the mouse! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have really enjoyed reading yours! Glad I found it!

  4. In our last (horrible) rental, a few mice suffered death-by-bb gun :)



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