Friday, June 25, 2010


HAPPY FRIDAY!!! A LOT has been happening in our Little Red House. Its been a busy and crazy week. This past Thursday my oldest Emma turned the B-I-G "13!" I cannot believe I am the mom to an official TEENAGER!! Where has the time gone???
Birthdays are a BIG deal in our home. The week of the big day, the designated birthday girl or boy gets to retrieve the mail... whats the big deal you wonder??? Well, apparently its the thing to do. Major fights can happen over who get to greet the mail lady for those beloved stack of bills.
Monday morning, the presents and cards started to pour in. Grandma W. sent a very special gift in the mail. I made Em PROMISE to treasure it and take care of it forever...

Birthday mail is a BIG event in our home!

Her first piece of adult jewelry!! Her birthstone necklace!

As the week went on, more cards (and some beloved birthday money) trickled in.... But on the day of her ACTUAL birthday, she got an even bigger surprise. Her pillow pet that she had wanted as her gift from us arrived!! It was not expected to arrive until Saturday so you can imagine the chaos in our home when the mail lady rang our door and was attacked by 7 VERY excited kids. (They had friends over)
I have to admit, the Moose pillow pet is pretty cool!!

After an evening swim in the pool, we gathered at our big 'ol table and celebrated with chocolate cake. The kids ran off some sugar and we skyped some family members well into the evening

All in all the day was a success!!! My beloved Emma is one year older!

Im sure you noticed that I also changed somethings on my blog (yet again). I finally realized blogger added some really cool gadgets to customize and create with, so if you come back to visit and my pictures are upside down and my posts are written in chinese... don't fret. All will be fixed shortly...(I hope) Im horrible with technology!!!

Our big black van is out of commission yet again, so in my complete and utter cabin fever/stir-crazy pregnancy induced hormonal rage, Im sure I will be posting ALOT!!! I may even Vlog if I can lock my kids outside long enough to get a word in.... JUST KIDDING!!! (maybe >))

I hope you have a GREAT weekend and chat tomorrow?? I have to show you my newest Chicken I bought to add to my collction. She is so cute!!!! Shhh don't tell hubby, he didn't want me to spend extra money but she followed me home (with a yellow clearance tag!!!)



  1. Looks like the birthday was a great day and I love the new blog look! Praying for a quick fix with your van.

  2. What a great Birthday! Bdays are a big deal in my husband's family, too - when I started dating him way back when, it amazed me how much his fam was into celebrating birthdays. I LOVE IT!

  3. Hey There Gap Girl!!! love the title of your can most certainly blog about me to your hearts content!!! I have never had anyone ask me before..I can't wait to see what you have to say...:) Have a wonderful weekend...I have a huge list to blog about today..gotta get to it..but have been sewing a bit today..gotta list some things on etsy as well...;) too many things to do and not enough time..:) Take care.;)

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  5. Congratulations - that for sure is a milestone.
    I love your red house - it just looks like out of a fairy tale. Greetings from Germany! Claudia

  6. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!Looks like she had a great day!You are such a good Mom!



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