Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Henny... and More

Good morning to y'all!!! Remember last week I mentioned that a cute little chicken followed me home with a yellow clearance tag?? Well, I have not forgotten to show you!!! Here she is in all her glory and she is my absolute FAVORITE!!! I named her Henny and she sits on my bar top. Everyone in our family feels the need to touch her when they walk by because she is so fat and round!! LOL.

I figured I would show you some more chicken decor I have. I had this post in my draft for a while, and today is the PERFECT day to post as my little Noah is so sick and I have no time to wrestle with blogger and my iphoto... Easy peasy!

A trip back to Hobby Lobby will happen soon and more things will be purchased.... I can't help myself!!! Anyway, are we women EVER done playing with our home? I don't think so!

My spoon rest was bought at Ross for about $2. I almost didn't do it but could not put it back on the shelf. Its a bit more mexicana than I like but the colors match perfectly!!!

And last but not least... here is Me! Taken on my way to church!!! Its been a while since I said Hello, so why not throw in a pic!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day today. We FINALLY got some storms last night and woke up to a very soggy yard. PRAISE THE LORD!!! Its been way too long. Now temps will be back down to normal and life will go on!!

I will let you know when my sunflowers germinate and don't forget to keep track of our "Little Red House" on twitter.



  1. What a cute Henny! Hope little Noah is feeling better soon! :)

  2. love your little fat chicken and all of your chicken stuff.;) you are a beautiful gal alway nice to see a face with the posts.;) you know I am still giddy with your write up truly touched my heart with that one.;) do you have a name picked out for the wee one that you are having? and what is your theme? and also I would love to get your address to send you something..;)

  3. every time I see your chickens i want to collect them. ooh where to start

  4. Your front porch photo is so inviting. I pray your little Noah is feeling well very soon.



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