Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Sweet Surprise...

Wednesday afternoon a box from NY arrived on the stoop of our Little Red House. The moment I saw the return address I knew EXACTLY what the brown box contained!!!

DRAKES cakes. Down in the south we have not been able to find any DRAKES products. So when we drove away from Long Island, we kissed our beloved Devil Dogs and Coffee cakes goodbye...

Until wednesday that is. My sweet friend Janene read my craving on my FACEBOOK page and mailed us the surprise. She ROCKS!!!

Right now she is having her own sweet surprise as Janene and her family and THE CHATTY MOMMY and her clan are off to Hershey Park, Pa!! (read her blog next week to see pics of her adventure)... I sooo wish I could be with them. Instead I will drown my sorrows in coffee and devil dogs and have sweet dreams!!!


  1. Funny-- I have never heard of devil dogs. All those treats would be gone in a minute here.

  2. Love those, but my favorite are Ring Dings. I didn't realize Drakes weren't all over the country. Enjoy!

  3. I've never had one of their snacks. I did hear of them years ago on the Rose ODonnell show, but in Ohio they don't sell them. They look delightful!



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