Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whats Going Around

Happy Thursday.

Today is a slooow day for me. I mean, I have tons of things to do but no motivation to do them. Kinda just want a day where we all relax and do nothing... but reality is, if I declare a day like that then the NEXT day will be a horrible busy one...

SO instead I will try and "keep it simple."

A few errands must be done and a few faxes must be sent out and Lots of planning for this wonderful 3 day weekend ahead.

Not only are hubby and I celebrating our 15TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY but we will be camping out in the backyard in the new tent.


Let me re-phrase that.

Hubby and the first 5 kids are camping out in the backyard. I will remain in the comforts of my Little Red House and occasionally open the slider doors and toss food in the back porch.

Then we end the 3 day weekend with a celebration at our house for the 4th of July!

Hubz has fireworks and we will spark up the fire pit and sit around and enjoy the evening chatting with my Aunt and watching the kids run amuck.

The older boys will be running amuck themselves, playing with fire, blowing things up and doing what boys men I mean MEN do.

So its going to be a great weekend. Im looking forward to it. Then I get to go to the dentist and get some very expensive work done. NOT HAPPY! And a bit nervous. Just a bit though.

Im usually huddled in the corner, vomiting in fear but for some reason Im ok. I just want to get this over with. I think Im just more pissed upset at how much its going to cost me...

But I will be sniffing in that happy gas like there is no tomorrow...

and getting LOTS of coffee and cookies from their "free" coffee bar...

For the price im paying for my work..

Im getting it ALL!




Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Its Wednesday!!! (Thank God) Which means 2 things...

My WIWW/WILW post kindly hosted by The Pleated Poppy and Krystina and my Ladies Bible study tonight. Can't wait.

Today I am wearing and loving ROSS!! I heard about this store ages ago from my sister-in-law who has them in Utah. She loved this store. So I was very excited to find out that SC had some too!! 

But to be quite honest, Our Ross is right next to a  HUGE Marshalls/Homegoods. I mean.. WHO DOES THAT??? SO not fair. So for the first 3 years of our SC existence, Homegoods won the fight.every.single.time.

But one Thanksgiving, I went shopping with my cousin's wife. They all caravanned down here for Thanksgiving. She dragged me in and from that day forward I was hooked. Hook.line and sinker.

Now we are in there every week quite frequently.

My older girls love it too.

So here is this week's addition. 

Dress: ROSS
     Shoes : Payless?
Accessories: Old Navy/ VIntage Pearl

We were late to church and hubby was yelling at me reminding me to move my butt!!

Im loving my new LOUD Zebra purse. It's really nice in person. and of course very very big. I saw it and knew it belonged in my "fancy room."

(what Molly calls my closet)

And this dress was a must. The older girls and I went out one friday night for some shopping. This dress didn't make the first cut even though I LOVED it on and so did the girls.

But I could not shake it.

So 2 days later I went back and THANK GOD it was still there...

and so was a very cute skirt for Hannah..

Most days im just in tanks and skirts. Old Navy had their $2 tank sales and the older girls and I stocked up. Seriously. You really can't beat that... and tanks are all I wear ALL summer.

I can't wait to see what you all LOVE and WEAR!!



Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Don't Think You Have Properly Met...

Please forgive me for being so rude. I don't believe you have been properly introduced to the newest member of our family.

Have you?

I mean, Besides this silly post briefly mentioning something to the fact of the hubs surprising us with one...

This morning I woke up to the words...


Before I could  respond open my eyes and react someone (who shall remain nameless) touched his cold wet nose against mine.

He then proceeded to snuggle down next to me on my nice, soft, snuggly duvet bed.... which, I gotta hand it to him... it is comfy. 

Heck NO! Not in this lifetime Link. Our Master area is CAT FREE which has helped me BIG TIME with my allergic reaction to him in the first place.

But you can't blame the guy for trying to snuggle with his girl right?

But that is Link in a nutshell. One of the gang. He was named by the kids within 5 minutes... after a character on Zelda. I think he spent too long at the Humane society because he thinks he is a dog. He has the art of meet-and-greets at the door down pat.

(and I mean any door... like bathroom doors...)

He is the kids B-E-S-T friend.

He follows them around and hates to be alone. Our first few nights together, when the kids were sleeping for the night, he just walked around the house meowing non stop. Finally my Hannah would come down and scoop his tiny bottom up and bring him upstairs to cuddle with him all night.

But that lasted a week.

She is too exhausted to continue.

His late night hair playing, feet batting, nose licking got the best of her.

Quite frankly Im not sure what he does all night??

The kids wear him OUT!

An occasional throw in the toilet has happened but personally, I think He likes it.

He hunts all sorts of imaginary creatures in his land. and when he is hungry, abigail shares his food with him he goes upstairs and eats.

His favorite places to sleep are anywhere where I prefer him not to be. On Penelopes play mats, Hubby's laptop bag, couch pillows, folded laundry... its endless.

And in an instant he will be snoring away.

We never know where he will turn up next.

Dishwasher, fridge, cabinets... my purse...

The phrase "Curiosity killed the cat" is his own personal challenge.

My Aunt says he is so thankful that he was taken out of that place and given a home where he is loved and adored.

I secretly think she is right.

Although I was hesitant to have another cat in my "new" home...

I have a feeling Link and us were meant to be..

Its a match made in Kitty Heaven!

( Did I mention his gas is enough to make paint peel... UGH!!!)



Friday, June 24, 2011

The 14th Year

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Today is my oldests 14 th birthday...


When did that happen.

When did I become a Mom...

and now a mom to a High Schooler

and a


But It happened and I did.

At 2:53 in the afternoon, I saw the tiniest, cutest little being in the world.

My world changed.

and she was the cutest and fattest baby of all!!

Emma has always been my quiet one. She hides her excitement and prefers 1 on 1. She is loyal and sweetly naive.

Her heart lies in her drawings and her books.

And she is beautiful.

so so beautiful.

even if she does have blue hair...

Happy Birthday My Emma baby.

I love you always.



Thursday, June 23, 2011

So... Today...

What has been up with the weather??

Crazy crazy crazy...

Coming home from church last night, we discovered another neighbor lost their tree. I took this pic a few minutes ago and I don't think they even know it broke.

They don't leave their house much...

It might stay there for a while.

Of course, this is my tree....

Nice and big and FERTILIZED!! I think I would cry if this tree snapped. When we moved in, it was an itty-bitty q-tip. We nursed it and watered it to be as big as it is now...

Not bad right?

Im obsessive. Every storm Im watching all my trees.

I hate when new trees break. Especially in new neighborhoods where trees are VITAL.

See the yellow house in the corner??

They lost their maple a few weeks ago. It was a nice big one. But they are great neighbors and replaced theirs right away...

But they are moving... =(

The skies look crazy again. Pop up severe storms will be happening all day.

Last night at church they had us move away from all the windows due to the severity of the "storms" A.K.A tornadoes... But for some reason southerners don't like to call them that. They call them storms..

For instance...

"Look where the storm threw my house... clear across town...."

Yeah... thats what I deal with...

Well I gotta go. The nice weather girl said to take out my weather radio and keep it on for the day..

for "the storm..."



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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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What Im loving right now is...:



Because my hubby and I are flying due south in a few weeks for a 


He surprised me with a trip anywhere... Yes ladies. I said ANYWHERE I wanted to go... And since Im a Travel Agent

I know alot of places.

I came close to a cruise...

and considered Atlantis...

But I want most is to frolic thru the parks of Walt Disney World with the man I L-O-V-E!!!

These pics are of when we went in 2009..

I went for comfy-chic...

Sweater from Old Navy
T-shirt from Old Navy
Jeans from Old Navy and cute quilted ballet flats from...
I seriously can't remember but they were very Chanel-ish and I Loved them!!

And in usual GiGi style.. im already shopping for the next trip. All new outfits are needed.( of course...duh!!!!)

And a handsome hubby on my arm.

But I already got him.




Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Because It Was Fathers Day...

I hope you all had a wonderful Fathers Day with your dad's, your hubby's and all other important Father figures in your life..

We had a GREAT day. After church, we came home and had a quick dinner and ran off to a Baseball game. We love our Local Team. They are just awesome. The stadium is re-done and walking thru the gates just really brings you back...

People are hootin and hollerin to "get your popcorn.."

Baseball songs are playing, mascots are meeting and greeting and all that delicious greasy game food is waiting for me to eat it all up.

The tickets were a present. Hubby always wanted to take all the kids to a game but between schedules and the cost of taking a family of 8 out to something like this, it wasn't happening. Hubby and I go at least once a year for a date night but most of the kids haven't been. So I planned this for a while and everyone got to go.

We ran so late and Momma was a bit psychotic  upset...


We had so much fun!!

Until the tornado warnings came and we huddles in the concessions area while the sky tore open. But within 10 minutes... the sunny south was back and we reclaimed our seats to enjoy the rest...

It was a busy and hectic day. One we will not do again for another full 365 days...

But it was F-U-N!

How did you spend your day?!?!?

Monday, June 20, 2011

What My Life Be Like...

This weekend we had so much going on. Parties, Baseball games, Father's day... really. Im surprised I don't have an I.V coffee line fused into my vein right now just to keep my eyes open... But It will take me a few days to get thru everything so I will start with the most cutest and ironic event all weekend.

Couz Neal needed a pet. One that could be left home for a long time and handle banker hours (which now-a-days are around the clock!)

So off to the humane society he went... and my handsome Hoos-band tagged along.

Now, for the first 8 years of our marriage, we had more cats than I like to admit... but when we moved to the south, we came pet free.... for 4 years, we refused to have an animal in our brandy-new built home... until Saturday.

Hubz knew how I loved them and hated dogs. And as a Dad to 6... it kinda has to be done. Ya know??

So home he comes with this:

A cute lil 8 weeks kitty we named LINK.

And he is GREAT!! He loves the kids already. He is crazy but not psycho and seems to be thee perfect fit for our family...

Except 1 small thing...

My hubby and I ARE ALLERGIC TO HIM!!!

What the heck?!?!

Never had a problem before... EVER!!!

Now, I don't expect ANY sympathy from The Chatty Mommy. Not a smidge... ( she told me on the phone today..)

But perhaps my other SUPPORTIVE bloggy friends (JK CM I LOVE YOU) can tell me something...

Is it true if your allergies are slight and annoying that you can get used to it and they go away??

Cause how can I tear my kids away from the furball they already bonded with?

Friday, June 17, 2011


Party mode in our house tonight.

Hmu seems to be the theme...

(for those with no clue, it stands for Hit Me Up. as in hit the cell/text..)

My oldest has her 14th birthday party tonight. Her phone has been non-stop and I seem to be hemorrhaging money on so many cool party supplies  necessities.

Cakes are being cooked, decorations are being assembled and our house will soon be invaded by many teens... cause the guest list just keeps growing. Music needs to be picked. Hair needs to be done and THANK GOD new outfits were already bought!!!

But gotta run and pop some advil.... its gonna be a loooong night.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

In These Here Parts...

NO, I have not disappeared or stopped blogging... IM ALIVE... and well and TAN and summering with my kids. Things have been crazy in our little red house. Visitors have come and gone, SweetTea Travel has taken off and I... yes I am planning a 15th anniversary going away trip with just my hubby and I. Birthdays are in full force, as a new one comes every few weeks. Mothers Day and now fathers day are celebrated... Life is good and we are trying to put our feet up and enjoy a bit.

But I miss my bloggy-friends. I miss visiting you and hearing from you and seeing your smiling faces on my blog frog!! I DO!!

So Im back.

Whats new?? Well for starters today I am going shopping for my soon to be 14 yr olds FIRST EVER boy/girl birthday party tomorrow night. No character themes, no games... just a bunch of teenagers running amuck outside with a fire-pit and some fireworks. Should be fun. One can hope.

Last night we drove thru a tornado...


We did. And my kids are scarred enough to prove it.

In the evening, because of the heat, thunderstorms always roll in. Dinner has been eaten with black clouds and lightening. Its usually not unusual. But last night as we drove to church, the sky looked different. So of course I managed to take pics while almost driving off the road several times. To capture it.... and within minutes I realized I should have stayed home. The wind almost took my van, Hail sounded like it was going to cave in my roof and I had to stop driving due to no visibility... My kids were scared and for 1 second I felt completely helpless. Thank God  it passed as quick as it came and we made it to church!!!

That night on FB, people shared their stories of uprooted trees, playsets destroyed and holes in their vinyl siding from the hail.

Im glad its OVER. And even though our county refuses to ever delclare a tornado touchdown... we all know one did. 



Friday, June 3, 2011


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So, Im pretty sure vacation laundry did not take me a full week to finish, even though it felt like a full week. But because I was doing so much of THIS:


and THIS:

on vacation... the laziness relaxing extended far more than it should have. It took me a while to adjust to the hustle and bustle of our everyday routine. I missed housekeeping and was a bit spoiled by hot towels at the touch of a button.

But all good things do come to an end. Even after being convinced I should be living like spoiled royalty (ha), Im back to lovingly caring for my Little Red House....

Once again, the south is confused about the seasons. We somehow went straight from winter to summer. The last few days have have been almost 100!!! YOW!! The pool has been a lifesaver to say the least. Last night an unexpected storm blew in with heavy rains and cooled our corner of the earth a bit. Today it will just be 90. The sun is burning off some clouds and once the sun is out, I plan on sending everyone down to the pool for a bit of splashing.

Yesterday Hubby's family also flew down for a visit. His grandmother has not seen the family since we moved over 4 YEARS AGO!!! ( WOW has it been 4 already?) So she is here visiting the kids, meeting some of our newest additions and trying to keep track of everyones names. Ha!! But we are having fun. Its FRIDAY!!! Which means we will spend the weekend doing FUN things. Not quite sure what yet.

I started a BRAND NEW bible study wednesday night by Beth Moore.... DAVID!! And let me say GOODNESS. I missed the first session due to being on vacation so I felt a bit lost when I went to class and have 2 weeks of homework to do this week instead of 1 but I hopefully can catch up. But of course God spoke CLEARLY that night and brought half the women to tears as Beth pounded into our brains that " We are able to do whatever God wants us to do and when He comes... He comes in POWER"
Is that not powerful or what?? Many of us ladies have lots of things going on in our life that we just cant handle... We think we can't handle, we don't want to handle but God is all-powerful and when He puts something in our path, He gives us the POWER to do it. We just need to be in prayer with him.

Whew... thats what I need to hear because I just might be reminding God that He needs to throw down some ALOT of power my way as I have an overflowing plate right now and am about to just scrape the whole plate in the garbage... if you know what I mean.

Well, School is out for us right now ** HALLELUJAH ** and my house is utter chaos. So I will go now and try and escape to read my study a bit before it turns into even MORE chaos.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend.




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