Friday, June 3, 2011


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So, Im pretty sure vacation laundry did not take me a full week to finish, even though it felt like a full week. But because I was doing so much of THIS:


and THIS:

on vacation... the laziness relaxing extended far more than it should have. It took me a while to adjust to the hustle and bustle of our everyday routine. I missed housekeeping and was a bit spoiled by hot towels at the touch of a button.

But all good things do come to an end. Even after being convinced I should be living like spoiled royalty (ha), Im back to lovingly caring for my Little Red House....

Once again, the south is confused about the seasons. We somehow went straight from winter to summer. The last few days have have been almost 100!!! YOW!! The pool has been a lifesaver to say the least. Last night an unexpected storm blew in with heavy rains and cooled our corner of the earth a bit. Today it will just be 90. The sun is burning off some clouds and once the sun is out, I plan on sending everyone down to the pool for a bit of splashing.

Yesterday Hubby's family also flew down for a visit. His grandmother has not seen the family since we moved over 4 YEARS AGO!!! ( WOW has it been 4 already?) So she is here visiting the kids, meeting some of our newest additions and trying to keep track of everyones names. Ha!! But we are having fun. Its FRIDAY!!! Which means we will spend the weekend doing FUN things. Not quite sure what yet.

I started a BRAND NEW bible study wednesday night by Beth Moore.... DAVID!! And let me say GOODNESS. I missed the first session due to being on vacation so I felt a bit lost when I went to class and have 2 weeks of homework to do this week instead of 1 but I hopefully can catch up. But of course God spoke CLEARLY that night and brought half the women to tears as Beth pounded into our brains that " We are able to do whatever God wants us to do and when He comes... He comes in POWER"
Is that not powerful or what?? Many of us ladies have lots of things going on in our life that we just cant handle... We think we can't handle, we don't want to handle but God is all-powerful and when He puts something in our path, He gives us the POWER to do it. We just need to be in prayer with him.

Whew... thats what I need to hear because I just might be reminding God that He needs to throw down some ALOT of power my way as I have an overflowing plate right now and am about to just scrape the whole plate in the garbage... if you know what I mean.

Well, School is out for us right now ** HALLELUJAH ** and my house is utter chaos. So I will go now and try and escape to read my study a bit before it turns into even MORE chaos.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend.




  1. So glad you had a wonderful, relaxing vacation. Stay cool.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation! Beth Moore studies are AMAZING! Summer break has started here too, my house is chaos as well :) I hope that you have a wonderful weekend with your family!

  3. Your vacation sounds WONDERFUL!!!

    I've done that Bible Study - A Heart Like His, I believe? LOVED IT!!!! I just saw Beth Moore - she came to Minneapolis - near where I live. VERY WONDERFUL! What a great weekend...I went with a girlfriend and we saw a bunch of mutual friends from a women's ministry I lead. It was GREAT!!!! (Don't you just LOVE Beth Moore???) You are going to especially love this is my favorite one of hers...I'm probably biased...I LOVE David...he's my favorite Bible hero. :)



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