Monday, June 20, 2011

What My Life Be Like...

This weekend we had so much going on. Parties, Baseball games, Father's day... really. Im surprised I don't have an I.V coffee line fused into my vein right now just to keep my eyes open... But It will take me a few days to get thru everything so I will start with the most cutest and ironic event all weekend.

Couz Neal needed a pet. One that could be left home for a long time and handle banker hours (which now-a-days are around the clock!)

So off to the humane society he went... and my handsome Hoos-band tagged along.

Now, for the first 8 years of our marriage, we had more cats than I like to admit... but when we moved to the south, we came pet free.... for 4 years, we refused to have an animal in our brandy-new built home... until Saturday.

Hubz knew how I loved them and hated dogs. And as a Dad to 6... it kinda has to be done. Ya know??

So home he comes with this:

A cute lil 8 weeks kitty we named LINK.

And he is GREAT!! He loves the kids already. He is crazy but not psycho and seems to be thee perfect fit for our family...

Except 1 small thing...

My hubby and I ARE ALLERGIC TO HIM!!!

What the heck?!?!

Never had a problem before... EVER!!!

Now, I don't expect ANY sympathy from The Chatty Mommy. Not a smidge... ( she told me on the phone today..)

But perhaps my other SUPPORTIVE bloggy friends (JK CM I LOVE YOU) can tell me something...

Is it true if your allergies are slight and annoying that you can get used to it and they go away??

Cause how can I tear my kids away from the furball they already bonded with?


  1. get rid of the cat- can I write that anonymously? guess not :)

  2. Aw, Link sure is a cutie! I don't know about the allergy thing, I hope it clears up for you guys!

  3. That is a serious bummer. The kitten is adorable! I don't know what to tell you about the allergies. My initial thoughts were that I had never heard of anyone getting over allergies. They usually get stronger.....but I could be so wrong. I want to be wrong.

  4. take meds. Really, only an allergy skin test can tell you how severe your allergy is. If its a 2 or so, you can build up an immunity to it. If its a 4+, probably not :(



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