Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Can Read!

My little Miss Molly can read!! She is learning and can read a few words and a few "sentences" and the best part is... I TAUGHT HER!

We are using the "Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons" program and from lesson 1 it has been amazing.

We have shared some awesome times together. Laughing, sometimes crying and high fiving... celebrating while we learn. I have enjoyed watching her eyes as they beamed with joy at learning something new. Nothing compares to "hearing" your childs brain turn as they think and think and then answer correctly. I did it, Im still doing it. It can be done!

If only I could tell every mother in the world how rewarding homeschooling is.

If only they were able to capture the look of wonder on their precious childs face as the words and sounds "clicked" in their head and they got it!!!

If only they were able to hold their childs face in their hands and look them straight in the eye and speak into them..." I know you can do this...."

If only they were there to see their child do it right and beam with pride.

If only they didn't send their child off to a stranger and have that joy taken from them.

If only I knew this years earlier... I would have schooled them at home from the start...

If only everyone knew this....

Saturday, January 30, 2010

How Sad

This morning started out great! My hubby let me sleep in, my children came into my room cheering that winter has come!! Ice and sleet lay like a white blanket over everything that stood still outside.
I walked out to the living room. The house was light and bright thanks to the new winter weather.
Hubby had made my coffee just to my liking! I filled my coffee cup and headed back to my bedroom to see if I can catch some news. As soon as I turned on channel 4 my heart sunk, my stomach got queezy and my blood pressure rose high!
On it was some woman declaring how wonderful it was NOT to have children. The title... Childless by choice.
I quickly called hubby into the room so he could also hear the lies and propoganda coming from national news.
He shook his head. He told me that the world is outraged! Focus On the Family bought a 30 second spot during the superbowl as a tribute to pro-life... or actually pro-choice!!! Tim Tebow's mom declares how thankful she is that she chose life. Hubby then told me how in the last 2 weeks women have been outraged that something with any moral integrity dare be played across our screen!
This quick 10 minute segment ruined my morning. Im angry. Im mad that the world is so fooled. Im pissed that women, society consider children such a bother. Such a curse. I sit here in my jammies feeling helpless. I can't change the world. I can't change how evil people have become. I wonder if our God just weeps up in heaven for the way His beautiful creation turned out.
I understand its a free country. I get it. But what makes me so sad, mad is that they willingly and happily choose evil over good.
What I wouldn't give to have more children... to snuggle a warm little baby on this cold winter morning...
If they all only knew what a blessing children are...

Friday, January 29, 2010

I WON!!!

For those of you who read Keely's light hearted blog over at MannLand5 know that a couple of weeks ago she had an amazing giveaway... and I WON!!!!

An adorable Anthropologie Apron that I got to pick out myself. Another precious apron to add to my collection. I am truly thankful and now can never say..." I never win anything..."

At homegoods last night I saw plenty more aprons that will be added to my ever growing collection. But do you want to know something horrible???

I Don't like wearing them when I cook in fear of staining them!!!! Is that bad??? Ha ha ha

Now I must be going. The south is embracing for a WINTER SNOW STORM ya'll!!! Do you know what that means? Every store south of the Mason Dixon line will be emptied. Time to grab the milk and bread and hot chocolate and prepare for the craziness. Thank goodness its friday

God Bless The South!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do You See What I See?

Guess who came up to say hi?

My strawberry plants.

Are you as excited as I am?

Its Wednesday!!!

Its Wednesday! Do you know what that means??

2 more days till the weekend!
Fiesta Taco night for dinner!!
Some prayer time and bible study at church!
Everyone will be up way past their bedtime tonight.
11 days till the premiere of the new season of SURVIVOR!
11 days till my SURVIVOR night hot wings tradition starts back up!
day 2 of my new workout plan!!
16 days till family comes to visit (still working out details)
I am 27 days into my 365 day bible reading plan. This is the furthest I have ever gotten and stayed on track!!!

Yup, its definitely Wednesday in my house...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So Delicious

I had to share one of my families favorite dishes, casseroles, meals, snacks all rolled into one. Our Hashbrown Casserole. After many great meals eaten at Cracker Barrel, I knew this dish must be replicated at home. I added my own twist as only I can do, and the final results were fabulous! Its a secret I must share with the world. Its quick and easy and oh so delicious!

1 medium onion diced
1 bag frozen hashbrowns or shredded raw potato ( I have used both)
2 cans cream of mushroom soup
1 cup of milk
shredded cheese
bacon bits
salt and pepper to taste

* now word of caution. I threw this recipe together and do not use exact measurements. I also base it on a larger amount due to my family size, so be creative when making this in your kitchen*

saute the onions in butter in a small frying pan. salt them lightly. In your casserole dish, add your hashbrowns (I usually use a whole big bag.) In a separate bowl mix the soup and milk together. Add the salt and pepper to taste and throw in lots of shredded cheese...(see, I told you I don't use measurement.) Mix good and pour over hashbrowns. Add onions and mix all together!!! Once done, cover the top with more shredded cheese and sprinkle the bacon bits. Cook in the oven for about an hour or until the hashbrowns are cooked thru and dish is nice and bubbly.
Try this next time you have a get together and don't know what to bring. Throw in some chicken and make it a main meal, or just do what I do and make a big batch to munch on for the next few days. However you decide to use this, you won't regret it. I promise!!!


(Sigh... I really need a new camera =(

Monday, January 25, 2010

An Interesting Dilemma...

This is my Banana. She is my responsible animal lover! We pet sit many of our friends animals and she is always by my side, making sure each pet gets the required daily dose of love and affection. She is pictured above with our newest "client" Lucy! She lives next door and is a 10 year old St. Bernard and our newest love. We LOVE Lucy. She also has 2 brothers, a bloodhound puppy named Hubert and a very mean dashound named Frank. EVery day we walk next door and let them out to play. Hannah immediately kisses them, runs them around, picks up the poop and makes sure they all get a few treats before being put back in their house.
This weekend, as we gathered around our family table, the conversation took another unexpected twist. Pets. We currently have no pets. Our beloved fish Bob, died a few weeks ago leaving us completely pet free.
Talks of a puppy entering our home have been placed on the backburner until the next tax season. The breed we want is beyond our current budget. Until then, we will prepare for his/her arrival.
But the thought of waiting another year for a furry friend (and totally convincing Mom to let an animal into her beloved Red House) is too much for my Banana to bare.
As we left the wal-mart parking lot saturday evening, we saw a little black kitty on the side of the road. Hannah almost cried at the thought of leaving that little precious feline to fend for herself.
Her pleads and cries for mercy on the kittens behalf must have softened an itty-bitty piece of hubbys heart. Although we didn't scoop that ball of softness into our car, we did in fact spend the remainder of our dinner time trying to convince daddy that a kitten is a MUST!!!
The kitten would of coarse be a family pet, but I know the moment it comes into our home, it will forever be attached to Hannah's heart. I know, from experience, she will love and care for this kitty as if her life depended on it. I know her heart, its made to love little furry animals.
At 2 years old, we brought home a puppy and even as little as she was, she never left the dogs side. When everyone else was tired of him drooling all over us and hitting us with his tail, my banana covered him with kisses.
When he had to be placed in a new home 2 years later, she was devastated. It took her almost a year to get over him. The bad dreams and the tears lasted forever.
She was made to love!
So, over dinner she stated her case.
I could tell she somehow wormed her reasons right into Hubby's mind. He was thinking... not happily though. But thinking none the less.
She vowed to save up enough money to buy a kitty that came with shots and spayed/neutered.
Right then and there the agreement was made. If she saved up enough money for a kitty and its supplies, Hubby would think about it....
But of coarse, in her mind, this was a yes.
So thus the saving has begun. She has $13 for her future kitty. She earns money from going above and beyond around the house and she earns money from pet sitting our neighbor. She is on a mission... and when she has her mind set on something... all things are possible.
I wonder what hubby will do when he is presented with the cash she needs to pick out her new pet? What should he do?? What do you think? What should be the right thing to do?
I think a little kitty would make this Little Red House complete! Don't you??

Oh did I mention Emma is saving up for a lizard??? Sheesh...


Growing up as a public-school kid I was fascinated with history. Mainly Ancient Civilization. Egypt, Rome, The Greeks. I loved it all. I participated in the Greek Olympics and proudly wore my toga thru the school gym as a Spartan!
I made Egyptian Jewelry for my social studies project and spent most of my time at the Metropolitan Museum Of Art in the Pyramid and Mummy halls. Amazing!!
I learned all their was to know (at that age of coarse) and I was happy!!
I also grew up as a Sunday School girl. A Missionette!! (FOR JESUS!) My chart was filled with stickers for memorizing my Sunday School verses, I knew all the New Testament stories and had the ABC'S of salvation down pat!
Fast-forward many years and my mind is still segregated. World history over here and biblical history over there.
After church yesterday, Hubby sat down to watch a documentary on the egyptian pyramids and the Shpinx. I half watched as I surfed the net. I heard all these scientists babble about how amazing the structures were, who made them and how!!!
A few years back something so simple dawned on me!!! The Hebrew slaves, the ones who Moses delivered all those years ago, were the ones responsible for those ancient wonders!... in my eyes at least.
I began doing some research as this documentary continued. Exodus never names specifically what Pharaoh was in place during the great Exodus nor does it give us a specific year, but thanks to a few books ahead (and before) times are listed and timelines can be made.
My research took me all over and right before my eyes, my public history lessons and my sunday school lessons collided. The two became one! It was amazing.
Perhaps this is not as profound to most people. But for me, the angels sang. For 15 years I have segregated the two. Never making the connections of where the bible stories and the school lessons would intertwine. No one told me, no one mentioned that possibly during Caesars " E to Brutus" moments, Paul.. the greatest missionary of all times was in the middle of writing his letters.
I never made the connection of the Hebrews building the great pyramids. Bible time lines and secular time lines begin to slowly interweave.
On skype last night with my cousins (who happen to be visiting my sissy-Cindy-lu in NY0 our topic turned to just this. My cousin's wife (a TRUE homeschool scholar) began rattling off countless forms of information to me. Where both sets of history collide and why/where are the records.
Im on a mission. Im going to stop the segregation of world history. My journey begins today. Whenever I can, I will research. I will be buying books and studying timelines.
In 2 weeks my girls start a new History subject! The Ancient World... how convenient. I plan on learning right along with them, soaking in everything these Christian educators have to say.
My children will not have a segregated view of history as I knew it anymore!
I am excited to uncover "secrets."
I will be hanging timelines and world maps on our walls.
Dvds will be watched and studied.
Can you feel the excitement?
Records on the Old testament will be slim as paper was just being invented over in China during certain times (thanks again Alicia) but I will do my best to learn everything I can. Perhaps I will become a walking history buff. We homeschool, so we can all join in on the fun.
Reason # 73976 of why I love homeschooling my kids....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Check It Out

*** I added some great songs on my play-list so turn your volume up, walk away from the computer and let the songs echo thru your home today!***

Please bare with me a I try to rip my house apart looking for my Emmas camera cord. I can't download any cool pictures for you!!! Im reduced to cell phone pics. Blech!

Now do you understand my need for organizing my home to remain on my resolution list??

Wish me luck, this could get ugly =p

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just Some Rambles...

I was on the phone with my dear friend and another subject was brought up in our usual "theoretical" conversations. You can read about what was discussed last time we TALKED. Anyway, an interesting fact was brought up. Divorce. Not just divorce, but Christian divorce. The rates of Christian divorce was only about 2 percent LOWER than non-christian divorces.
What happened?
This subject has been discussed a lot between hubby and I. Why do people, christian and non christian, divorce?
Say what we want to say, bottom line is Satan loves to kill and destroy anything that is holy. What better way to destroy someone's life than to break up a Holy Sanctity such as marriage?
The sad thing is, we let him.
While I was eating my bagel and drinking my coffee this morning, I was skimming thru my facebook. One of my friends who I don't know as well as I would like to, asked a thought provoking question.

"Whats the 1 piece of marriage advice you would give out to someone who is about to get married?"

Hmm, 1 piece? Thats it? Well if you just want to give one piece, they won't get very far before harsh words are being thrown around and tears are produced.

See, thats the problem. Its something that needs to be seen. It needs to be heard. It needs to be felt.
It needs to surround that person like a blanket. Security.
Marriage is a lifestyle, not an act. Its life changing, its taught over years and years of seeing tender embraces. Its watched as mom cares and loves for dad and as dad comes home from work happy to see his family.

Its a precise circle of love that once gets on track runs as smooth as silk.

Unfortunately society has taught us, has brainwashed us, exactly how to avoid that track. In a world where the words I, Me and Mine have overcome the words... Till death do us part.

A world where respect and commitment have been replaced with self seeking desires and excuses.

As I sit here drinking my coffee, I hope and pray that hubby and I set a better example for our children. I pray we can be an example to other peoples children.

We don't have a perfect life. We fight, we yell, we (I) nag (just a bit ;) but at the end of the day we love.
But we refuse to let satan get a foothold of us.
Not today, not tomorrow. Not in our home.

Just some thoughts running thru my head on a saturday morning. Now to clean the bathroom...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Time For An Update...

Yes, its accountability time. You can read all about my New Year resolutions HERE!!! Im counting on my faithful readers to keep me motivated and to keep me on track. I must admit, when I do/did fall behind in any of my 6 resolutions, I always think of you all and tell myself I just CAN'T disappoint!!!
Without further adu...

1) Well, the weather has been warmer the last few days and I spent some time outside with the kids, pulling the wagon and weeding out my front garden. Does that count as exercise?

2) I have stayed on top of my homeschool planner. Keeping records are vitally important. My computer area has stayed semi-clean and free of papers. My closet is still great and my linen closet as well. I have been trying my best to toss, toss, toss!!!
Shopping day is coming up fast!! I will spend a day or two making my list and purchasing more files and folders (and boxes) My bills will be categorized this weekend!!!

3) At my Banana's b-day party this weekend I was chatting with a fellow mom in my back porch and Debi Pearle was brought up. I squealed with joy and hugged her. She was a fellow Help-Meet girl!! A true rarity if you ask me. We chatted about the book and about how life changing it was. It confirms what I hold so dear. Along with that I have committed to prayer... daily... all the time. What a difference!

4) Oh baby.... A friend had her baby yesterday and posted pictures... Im so happy for her but yet so sad. My most favorite moments with my newest addition is late at night in the hospital. No distractions, no visitors. For a few hours its just us two. Bonding, cuddling and getting to know each other. I so wish for that... just one more time... (or 2...)

5) We are on track!!! With bible reading that is. We slipped again over the weekend. Mostly due to a change of routine with our homeschooling (or lack of it). Weekends always get the worst of us. During the week we are more regimented with our reading and our studies.
Every day or night... we read one Psalm, One chapter in the New Testament (we are in Matthew now) and 2 in the old Testament. While reading chapter 37-38 I let the girls skip a bit after (forgetting) and realizing that sometimes the bible is NOT G RATED!! Sheesh...

6)As far as decorating goes... I have been potty training Abigail. Its going quite well. She has made the wood floors very wet and shiny... does that count?

Well, thats all folks. Check back next week to see if I can keep up!!!

The Family Table, Psalm 128

How important is The Family Table?
Recently I have taken an interest in the family dynamics and how they relate to shaping our culture. Better yet, how they COMPLETELY shape our culture. In our itunes library, we have a great audio message by Doug Phillips called "The Family Table." What an amazing 45 minutes. What seems like just a place to eat our vegetables and balance our checkbooks actually is the key to defining family culture. Especially Christian family culture.
Did you know the table was patterned by Christ through the bible? Doug Phillips explains how the table... your table is the center of peace, instruction, hospitality, discipleship, and cultural transformation.
It was at the table where we were given our first communion and where Christ broke bread. We in turn gather with our families and break bread with them.
In Psalm 128 we read about the gathering of the table and who is to be seated there... The righteous man, his wife, who is the fruitful vine and the sons... like olive shoots. Olive shoots.... did you know that olive shoots were highly sought after in a Hebrew economy? The bible compares children as highly sought after jewels. Blessed is the man who has them...
The knowledge this man pours forth is amazing. Too much to ever include in one post.
We have one precious table in our home. It was our dream to have a big one. So far ours seats 8, but we have squeezed 12. We are never limited. There is always room.
Our table is the center of our home.
Its where we laugh, where we gather to talk, where we teach, where we play and at times where we cry. Each chair has a story. We have welcomed many many people at its side in the couple of years we have owned it.
In the center sits our big red cast iron pot filled with delicious warm food I cooked on my stove. Its used every day.
Every meal is eaten together at this table. Hubby at the head, children gathered at its side and myself on the other end.
All are welcome. We discuss our day and share our souls. The table is our heart.
During the day, we school on it. We learn, we study and we write. What better place than learning at our heart?
I would not have it any other way.
Our table remains the center point in our home. Its worn and a bit stained. Its comfortable. I don't wish for another. 2 tables do not excite me. I love my one.It defines OUR Christian culture. It defines OUR family. Its where dreams and hopes are shared. Its where we break our bread.
How do you define your table?

My latest Fiasco...

Ok, so maybe this isn't my LATEST fiasco... its just the latest hobby to take up my time. Back in the fall I hosted a class in my little red home and had some great mommies teach me how to knit. We had knitters and crocheters and rug makers. It was awesome. Gals came with home made hummus, salsa and treats and we chatted about homesteading, raising chickens and children. Others just stared at us wondering what the heck was wrong with us!!! Regardless, we all left with a bit more knowledge of how to weave some fabric.
My knitting bag with my teeny-tiny garnet scarf hung on the back of my rocking chair in my bedroom for months. Calling my name, hoping someone would pick her up and keep her warm. It never happened.
Now that the holidays have passed, I recently dusted off my yarn. At night, I relax in my bed, turn the tv on and watch all those shows on DVR that hubby just hates to watch. I knit away. I find it amazing. I think about the people that "discovered" knitting. I, for one, am not organized enough to ever figure out how yarn can be weaved together to actually form something... but I so enjoy doing it.
My scarf is coming along. It has some pulls and mistakes in some rows but its made with love. Its my first. I will continue to practice and watch those shows on tv that I enjoy. I look forward to my quiet evenings.
I also have picked out the desk for my bedroom!! In just a few weeks it will arrive. If I play my cards just right, a nice sewing machine might grace the top. I can't wait.
Am I good at sewing you wonder??? Well, lets just say I was not Mrs. Price's favorite student in Home ec class. Did I mention I failed ? Oh yeah, I also broke the sewing machine...
Who would have ever thought!

(please excuse the horrible cell phone pictures. I still have not replaced my lost camera =()

Monday, January 18, 2010

Straight To The Heart...

As we were decorating for Hannahs birthday party, our conversation turned...

Hannah..." Mommy, if the baby would have lived, what month would he have been born in again?"

Mommy..." March. His birthday would have been in March."

Hannah..." So, He would have turned 1 this coming March?"

Mommy..."Yes, He would be about 10 months old right now..."

Hannah... with a smile..." Awww, that would have been so cool. We would have had birthdays in January, February, MARCH, April, May, June AND July."

Mommy..."Yup, your right..."

Hannah..." Oh, I want you to have another baby mom..."

Mommy..." Me too banana... me too...."

and then we finished decorating the kitchen....

It was a GREAT party!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Luke 6:45

Our words tell who we are...

The expression on your face shows what is in your heart...

Your face is the greatest witness you have...

Your face tells others who Jesus is...

"The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks...."

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tweet Tweet...

Do you tweet? I have been tweeting way before 90% of the world knew what the heck twitter was. When I mentioned twittering I got dirty looks.. (I guess it sounds dirty? I don't know...)
Anyway, HERE is my profile. See for yourself. Its years old....
Do you tweet? If so, tell me your name. Bet you can't guess mine... Maybe I just might follow...

Im Busy...

The party is over and most of the girls went home. It was a success. My banana had fun! Now as the clouds roll in and the rain begins to fall, I will settle down on the couch and read thru my beloved book. In just a few short weeks the planting will begin. The strawberry patch will be doubled. Another raised bed will be added. Oh the joys of picking out what to plant. I can't wait!!!
A backyard garden oasis awaits. Plants growing anywhere I can find a spot. I pray it can be done. Can Gapboy be convinced of an Apple tree? One can pray. I have a feeling it won't be hard.
Solar ovens WILL be conquered.
I can't wait for spring!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mayhem and Madness

Home ec was declared today as we prepared for my Hannah Banana's 11th birthday party (tomorrow). My house will be filled... no, really filled with tween girls. Giddy, glossy and hyper.
As for mommy... im pooped. I have made over 3 cakes, melted 2 lbs of white chocolate, dyed cake pops in all pretty colors, wrapped and tied, made tissue paper flowers, ice cream cone cakes and chiseled more hard chocolate off my counters than I care to admit. My kids diet consisted of... well, sugar.
It will be a hit though, and the best party these kids have had in a while. The hard work will pay off.
As I sit here folding tissue paper into pretty shapes, I think that it might not be too long from now that I will be up late and exhausted from making other types of crafts. Bridal shower gifts, wedding centerpieces and cute baby shower keepsakes. I guess this is the start of many late night crafting events to come.
I smile. Deep down I love it.
I will fall into my bed tonight utterly exhausted (and smelling sweet). My home will be left in a pink and green mess.
I will wake up tomorrow renewed and busy. Party excitement will be in the air. Punch will be made and last minute decorating will be thrown on whatever stands still.
But I will pause for a moment. I will enjoy that this is just a pretty party for my 11 year old. Once the party is over, It will be cleaned up and she will take all her treasures up the stairs into her room to sleep.
Today, she is my little girl. She is home with me..
"Tomorrow" might come too quickly... so today I will enjoy.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

StockPile Anyone?

Stockpile- Noun a large accumulated stock of goods or materials, esp. one held in reserve for use at a time of shortage or other emergency.

That is a word that has kept popping up in conversations, news articles and conservative radio chats.
10 years ago, I wouldn't even of had a clue of what that word meant. But as the years pass and age brings wisdom.... you learn a few things!
Hubby and I have taken an interest in the whole mindset of stockpiling. With some research, we have discovered you will never know who has a "stocked" pantry. Possibly more than you realize... or better yet, more people who are willing to admit.
But why? Why do people insist on packing their homes with goods and grains? With the exception of clinical hoarders,...many reasons!! Religion places a huge factor. Some faiths encourage emergency supplies such as food and water for families for 6 months to a year. Do they know something spiritually more than most? Of coarse not.

Some store up their harvest to get them thru the winter. Yes, even in this great land of America, thousands of people live off the land and rely on their own resources to supply their needs.

And then their are the others... for emergencies, economic collapse, religious persecution, and world turmoil. The list is endless. Regardless of the reasons, as Christians... do you ever wonder if its "bad" to stockpile?

In the bible, we read the story of the deliverance of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. Who can forget the manna that was dropped from heaven daily. If they stockpiled some, it would rot. Instead they had to wait for their daily bread. (Exodus 16)

We all know this bible verse:

"And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus."
Phillipians 4:19

And lets remember Jesus telling us in Matthew directly NOT to worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow has enough problems of its own!(Matthew 6:25)

With that being said... lets flip the coin....

Whether its a hurricane, tornado, a nor'eastern or a winter blizzard, we have all found ourselves at the store with a cart full of milk, bread and eggs. Come on admit it... I, for one, grew up watching the weather. Growing up on Long Island, we had hurricanes in the summer and blizzards in the winter. At the first sign of a storm we were all out stocking up on essentials. Emergency kits were re-stocked each season and checklists were made. Before city water became popular, washing machines were filled up with water and bathtubs were scrubbed clean to hold water. Hurricane Gloria in 1985 hit us hard. Were we prepared? Not as much as we should have been. No power for almost 2 weeks and trees down all over our property made me thankful I was 9 years old with very little memory of it.

Unfortunately, I was an adult with small children during the widespread power outage of 2003 that affected the whole northeastern part of the US and parts of Canada. It was a day I will never forget. A HOT STICKY summer afternoon on Long Island. Within one second everything went dead. With 9/11 still fresh in our minds, the block/town/city/Island was in a state of panic. No means of communication. No way to buy food, no way to get money out of the ATM and little food in the cabinets (it was close to grocery day). What little food we had could not be prepared and everything in the fridge spoiled quickly. Cell phone lines were jammed. We had no idea what happened. Rumors were flying. Hospitals went into state emergency procedures. Family members went "missing." We were, as my husband eloquently put it...


Praise God our power went on and no major world crisis happened. But the memories of that day have forever left an imprint in my mind.

At the first sign of a cold, do we not go and prepare our bodies for the fight? Medicines, rest, fluids all seem to take a front seat in our lives.

Our ancestors, who were not as blessed as we were, stored up grains, hay and the sweat of their gardens to last thru the winter. Was that considered stockpiling? Cupboards filled with canned goods that had to last for months on end... they prepared for the future and always opened their home to those in need.

With the topic of stockpiling of great interest to us, we began "interviewing" people we knew who did in fact choose to store up. Why do they do it? Is it a lack of faith? How do they do it? We discovered the endless supply of stores out their that cater to this very popular ideal.
At first, questions about their ways were not always answered as enthusiastically as they were asked. I assume this is because of the harsh responses they usually get. But once they realized I meant no harm, my curious itch was scratched!
By no means did anyone I conversed with have a lack of faith. Nor did their "supply" go above and beyond anything ridiculous.
Walking away, I had a different perspective on the topic that I once thought was crazy. A fine line between trusting our most wonderful God who DOES in fact supply our needs AND making full use of the resources (that includes news, media, common sense, biblical prophesy) that He puts in front of us began to take a remarkable balance.
I was able to see both sides of the coin in situations that I clearly laid out for you above. Do we not take the medicine that helps us get better WHILE we pray for healing? I began to think... are they really crazy? Are they not just a bit more prepared than most? What a great opportunity to be able to minister to others during a time of great need. Out of a disastrous situation comes a family that is not afraid of the darkness that might be to come.... for they are prepared for the situation ahead of them. They know what to do from having spent the time learning . They are able to help others, and in turn spread the love of Jesus Christ. What a great way to responsibly prepare and provide for your family for anything that might be to come (or not come prayerfully.)
We also learned that everyones stock was different based on the needs of that particular family. Some could survive for weeks, months. Others for years. There are books that teach basic food prep without modern devices needed. Out of curiosity, Hubby and I purchased some books. What amazing reads... and what knowledge. Remember... no internet to quickly google! For those that live near coasts or in tornado alley, weather radios and H.A.M radios were just as important as clean water supply. They have stores they go to such as Emergency Essentials and Shelf Reliance that makes food rotation easy and 100 lb wheat berries easy to ship. A whole "underground" world. Or perhaps its not as underground as you think?

Our newfound knowledge brought great late night discussions between hubby and I. We compared notes and shared what we both read in our books. We really enjoyed learning about this "different" way of thinking.

Most importantly, we learned that no one is right or wrong. There is no certain answer. Its personal and it all depends on how low you want your pants down when you are caught!

You Know Your A Large Family If....

Pregnancy tests are under your bathroom sink and/or on your shopping list at all times....

which reminds me, gotta re-stock. Keep praying for me girls. God is Good. 2010 will be the year of a new little GapBaby. I can feel it!!!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Cannot Blog...

I cannot blog, oh I simply don't have the time. A new homeschool book catalog came in the mail. Time to get my red pen and practice my circles. I can't wait. I simply can't wait.
I have a pretty princess running around in her underwears. I think she just peed on my foyer.
Some kids are at the table munching on sliced apples. One just announced very proudly that he just ate all of his seeds.... like a good boy of coarse.
Leftover lunch is hardening on the plates. Pizza boats. An official kiddie favorite.
Church is tonight. I must prepare. Shirts, shoes, shiny faces are a must, Remember your bibles, books and offering please. Eat quick! Lets go, we can't be late.... again!
RECESS! Time to switch loads, fold laundry and finally make my bed. The bed MUST be made. Its my one of many quirks. It must be fresh before I go under the soft sheets.
The foyer must be swept and tidied up.
Please continue with your 30 minutes of reading. Stop fighting. SHHHH the baby is trying to nap. You wake her YOU DEAL WITH HER! Thats the rule. They know it well. Tired babies are vicious babies.
Im tired.
I want to goof off on the computer. Did I update my status on facebook today? OOHH THATS where my coffee cup went. I simply don't remember leaving it there....
What was that noise? What broke... Its just who? who is me? Oh nevermind....
Did we pay our car insurance? Oh no, do we have car insurance now?? Add that to todays list.
Where is that UPS man? without our delivery, the birthday party will be a bust. Why doesn't anyone have cake mix on sale??? Out of 4 grocery stores no one has it on sale? Ughh off to wal-mart. I can't forget the ice cream cones or the cotton candy... where is my list? I know I have it somewhere....
Please turn the tv off, no tv till after school. Didn't we go thru this yesterday? The day before? every day last month? You know this. Why must I repeat myself?
You did what? To who? Get over here. Whats the golden rule? Remember the golden rule... REMEMBER THE STINKIN GOLDEN RULE!
Im in the middle of scrubbing the toilet... can it wait? Must you go potty NOW? With bleach and lysol all over? No, That toilet has cleaner in it too... sigh, hold on, let me flush it away and THEN you can go potty.... you too? Go use the upstairs one but flush first....DON'T FORGET TO FLUSH FIRST!!!!
Please don't play with the computers... no don't touch that..wait...don't.... I don't know what happened, call your dad and ask him how to fix it.
Where is your sister... no your other sister... now wheres your other one?
Noah is a boy, yes Noah you ARE a boy... Abby, stop calling him a girl....
No you cannot use my makeup. I promise no one can see your pimple. I assure you its not the end of the world.
Please wear pants, its too cold for shorts, Yes it is.... Yes it is.... thats it, go to your room...
Comb your hair....
Clean up your toys....
See, I simply cannot blog today, I just have way too much to do.....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I LOVE Lemonade....

Yaa, I recieved this cute award from the sweet gal over HERE. IM so excited. Now, in order for me to officially accept, I must list 5 things about myself. Hmm, what should I say??

1) Green might just be my new pink

2) I love having my tv off most of my day and LOVE relaxing in my warm comfy bed with my tv on late at night!

3) I love anything argyle...

4) I truly can't wait to get a 15 passanger van. NO JOKE!

5) I love Jesus, but you already knew that.=)

Thanks for the award and all my few faithful readers who tune in (almost every day) to read my rambles.


Update Tuesday...

Here is a quick update on (almost) week 2 of trying to keep my resolutions!!!

1) Began workout video today and have not decided it I like it yet. Its alot of WORK! Im drinking more water and cutting out late night snacks including all oohhy gooey mexican goodness. GapBoy is not pleased as he LOVES his late night snacks. Pray for him...

2)I added another bookshelf to my living room to hold more books and schoolbooks and everything else that is finding its way into my home. Now the search is on for a really nice lamp to put on top of it (says Gapboy) one is needed. I will remind him of his request when I come home with one (or 2) and he goes to scold me for spending more money!

3) I show my love though food. So last night I cooked my hubby his most favorite italian meal. Linguine with sauce, eggplant parmesan and a salad with the works. We all ate like kings and queens and ALL had seconds. Abby and Molly had thirds and then decided to just eat right out of the salad bowl.Tonight I have another warm filling love meal planned! He really appreciates it!

4)Im not doing so well in the baby department. Im upset Im still not pregnant, I want to just forego the whole... make me happy and content with whatever.... and wrestle with God until my prayer is answered! You know, go boldly!!!
Gapboy is content with the whatever. But last night as we mentioned having another baby.... and "what if it were a boy..." He was beaming from ear to ear.... I know whats in his heart. He can't hide a thing from me ;)

5)Our bible reading took a turn over the weekend. We fell behind one day then 2 and part of 3. I quickly recovered Sunday night and caught up with it ALL!!! I will NOT fall behind. We do daily bible readings together in the start of homeschool. (I really should be doing that right now instead of blogging...) The more I read, The more I want to read. The more I want to learn. Im excited! Keep praying for us. We will conquer!!!

6) I have my paint colors picked and thats about it. Money is tight right now as I plan for banana's 11th bday party. My bedroom is taken over by a gazillion tissue paper flowers in every color and design. Its beautiful. I still have tons more to do, and tons more to bake. I declared friday home ec day as we prepare all the delicious treats for her gathering. She deserves nothing but the best!
As soon as I can, paint will be bought and thrown on my walls. I have a goal.... mid-february the latest. Im sure tax returns will play a big part.... another benefit of having a large family.... a large return. Its already accounted for. Bills, Playgym for the kids (oh my its so awesome I can't wait!!) more homeland security for GapBoy, landscaping, homeschool books for this year and next year and some in savings....
My homeschool list is long and ready for purchase. I buy in bulk with our tax return since its one of the only times we have the extra money to do so. We don't use credit cards, so this time of year is always carefully planned, listed and accounted for!
We have a small cookie cutter yard in a development that is still building. As houses pop up next to us, behind us... GapBoy's security measures increase. Large trees will be systematically planted all around the perimeter of our beautiful fence. They will be bought large and grow even larger. His goal.... a private fortress where no one can see in. Will this be accomplished? Well, you obviously don't know Gapboy or his insane need for privacy. It might take time but it will be done. In the meantime I will garden and plant and nurse my honeysuckle to cover my fence. I will sing to my wisteria so they grow on my pergola that much faster and watch my hubby fertilize his trees so they grow taller than the sky.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Who Is Your "Rabbi?"

Last night I braved the frigid temps and went to my connect group at the church. Im so glad I did. Not only did I walk away with amazing insight into "my rabbi" (Jesus). But we dined on 3 different home made soups, sandwiches, biscuits and CHEESECAKE!!!! ( much to your confusion, I do not attend this group for the food alone. Hee hee)
We have been watching this video series by Rob Bell called Nooma. Gapboy and I are longtime fans of Rob. We have his books and have done some of his series before.
In our dvd session, Rob explained exactly what a Rabbi was and the devotion it takes to become one... and an even stronger devotion to become a disciple.
During 1st century Jewish culture, around the age of 5 years old. Jewish boys went to school to study the Torah. A quick explanation... the 1st 5 books of the bible which was the focus of their educational system.)
By the time they are 10, the first part of school was over, by this time they had the entire Torah studied and memorized!!! WOW!
Most boys began learning the family business, thus ending their education but the best continued on to the 2nd part of school where they studied and memorized the entire Hebrew bible. Genesis-Malachi.
If you were the best of the best of the best, you then went to a rabbi and asked to be his disciple. Which means, you devote your entire life to him. Study his interpretations of the Torah, his ways, his life. You left your family, your home and your city to now follow your Rabbi. BUT only if the Rabbi thought you were good enough.
If you passed his own tests and he found you worthy, he would tell you to "Come, follow me..."
Thus, your discipleship had started.
Looking into Matthew, we read the start of Jesus's ministry. The calling of the first Disciples... With this bit of knowledge I just learned, the story in Matthew 5:18-22 takes a whole different turn.
These men he called were young. They were not in school meaning they were not the best and far from the best of the best. James and John were with their father...learning the family trade... fishing. They too were very young and not good enough for any rabbi. But here comes Jesus. The most holy Rabbi of them all. He saw these men and in His eyes, they were perfect. He CHOSE them. He said those most coveted words any Jewish man wants to here from any Rabbi....
" Come, Follow me...."
Upon hearing those words, they dropped their nets and "Immediately left their boat and father and followed Him..."
I have heard this story a million times growing up. I sang the songs, acted out the story and taught it to my 3 year olds many times. But now, I can say, I truly understand the story.
Jesus could have picked anyone. He could have walked straight to the temple and picked the best of the best. He chose a different path. He chose every day people. Imperfect people. He chose you and me... with faults and failures and sin and blemishes (and big mouths =/) because He KNEW we could do it. He knew we had what it takes to do His work.
At the end of the study, we were asked this simple question.
" Are you a disciple?"
Again... wow... by the biblical definition?? Sadly, Im not sure. To have that devotion, to leave everything behind, to take that yoke and see one way. I want to say YES!
I struggle to read thru the entire bible in one year. I am challenged to make sure we get to church on time. I, in no way, have the first 5 books memorized. But God in His infinite wisdom already chose me and knew I can answer the call.
As I start a fresh week and a great New Year, I hope to truly become a disciple of Christ. Its a challenge, but one Im excited to take the challenge. Are you a disciple?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Bought a New Body!

Technically!! While out and about shopping for everything I wasn't supposed to buy, this workout dvd found its way into my cart and in my Little Red House. I am a DIE HARD Denise fan. I used to burn butter every morning back when Lifetime used to air her awesome workouts. Since that has stopped, so has my daily activity.
Since I am starting the New Year NOT pregnant, I might as well make use of the time in between by getting fit! I always wanted to lose those extra pounds from baby #5, 4, 3, 2 and gulp...#1! What better way to pass those weeks than to see my old thin and trim body back! This is not on my resolution list since at any moment (prayerfully) it will be thrown out the window once that little white stick turns pink!
I have yet to try it. Im waiting for the "perfect" time. Hey, don't judge. Have YOU ever tried to exercise with 5 kids in the room? Yeah, need I say more? During crucial moments of bending and stretching in the most inhumane positions, gasping for my next pathetic breath since Im sadly out of shape (I get winded walking up the stairs)... I hear..." Ma... Maaa, MOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM..."
Word of caution. When I exercise... DON'T talk to me. Don't look at me, Don't even breath in my direction. It takes all my energy to focus in on what Im doing.
My children have learned this lesson the hard way, and thus raising my blood pressure to an all new record!
But, Im determined. I will conquer. I will lose the weight and I will look amazing... until Im pregnant again. Then I will gain it all back with a merry fat heart.

A Busy Bee

As I sit at my computer on this way too cold saturday morning and drink my coffee, I am subconsciously putting off the inevitable. I would love nothing more than to stay in my warm little red house and enjoy the weekend but alas, life has a different plan for me!
1) Craft store for more cute decorative organizing folders
2) Topiary Styrofoam molds
3) Eye doctor for me Yippie time for new glasses =)))
4) Emmas first eye doctor appt. She is praying for glasses...
5) Warehouse store to buy loads of milk and eggs and bananas.
6) Buy the rest of the items needed for Bananas bday party!

In the meantime:
1) The 2 older girls will be coming back from (a very drama filled) sleepover
2) Molly will be getting ready to go to a birthday party (which she is just thrilled about)
3) My sweet, handsome, muah muah muah Gapboy will be assembling my new bookshelf that I finally bought!

and then by the afternoon we will all be reunited again where I can work on some super cute birthday favors and decorations and indulge in a delicious chicken Marsala dinner made by me!
Now if only the temperatures were warmer so I would not freeze, but don't be happy my northern friends... our temps go back up to the 50's by next week. Praise The LORD! God is GOOD!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

4 instead of 2

Right before the holidays I had some houseguests stay with us for about 2 weeks while they job hunted and prepared for relocation. They were actually more than guests, they were my cousins! We so enjoyed them being a part of our home for that brief period of time. The house actually felt empty when they left!
A few days before they packed up their car for the 10 hour ride home, they handed me a box. In it was something so exquisite I squealed with joy.
Out came this shiny stainless 4 slice toaster. It was beautiful!
It was a simple thank you for opening my home to them... or they just got so sick and tired of holding down the button to my old, white cheap 2 slice toaster . (come to think of it, the old one was a gift as well. Another thank you from my sister-in-law for letting her live with us. Hmm I see a pattern here...)
Perhaps most women would not be so happy to get such an appliance as a gift. For me, its perfect! Just what we need to make our morning breakfast go a little bit faster.
The funny thing is, we are all still in amazement that 4 slices of bread can be toasted at once. Is that bad? Ha ha ha

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Be Still My Heart

There is a give-away over at THIS blog. Oh my and its RED! Ya'll just know I LUUVVV me some red. Oh pretty please pick me ;)


Do You Think?

On the phone one day with one of my dear friends back in Ny, the question came up... "Do you think Everyone should homeschool?"
How absurd I thought that question was. "Of coarse not." I blurted out. I prided myself in always saying that each decision to homeschool/raise children is unique and altered based on their own families and relationships with the Lord. I sounded good! I had the answers and I was convincing.
As days go by (and months in this particular case) and I reflect on how our lives have changed since that decision over 2 years ago, I have noticed a big change in thinking. I often putter around my kitchen and see how the relationship has changed between my Emma and I. During her 5th grade school year I saw the gap grow between us. I tried so hard to stop it but I couldn't. All the stereotypical tween tendencies were showing. Our family was divided more than I wanted to. The babies had their favorites and the older girls had their "chosen one." Breakfast conversations were replaced by yells to get out of bed, throw all belongings in the car and drop them off for someone else to tend to. By the time I had them home again, dinner was bubbling over on the stove and I was tired!! Homework, hubby time, chores and more homework took the place of casual kitchen chatter.
I could not find the time for my own precious children. How could I train them up in the ways of the Lord when I couldn't even find the time to help her with her strange homework assignments?
As we are entering in our 1.5 years of homeschooling in my little red house, I can no longer identify that horrible home environment I once had. Our family is whole. We laugh at the events of the day over dinner instead of playing catch up. I no longer feel like an outsider as my kids retell the life they live without me all day.
Our home has no favorites now. We are united. The younger kids look up to the older kids and the older kids have more patience with them. Life living among the littles is normal.
My Molly read her first word yesterday and its because I taught her. She writes her name because I taught her. When she has questions about life, she comes to me and I answer.
The south is under a cold spell with possible snow tomorrow night. We have been in hibernation for days. Quick runs to the mailbox are braved by one of us. Today my 12.5 year old told me that she loves being "trapped" in the house. That warmed my heart. Most kids her age would just die if they spent all week in the same house as their family. Not my kids. Thats normal, thats welcomed and even asked for.
I can't imagine our life any other way. I can't imagine not having them around me. Of coarse, if you happen to peek in my windows, you might catch me (gulp) yelling, losing my patience, and surrounded by a quite messy home . Under no circumstances do we spend days holding hands and singing kombaya. We are real. Down to the core! We have our good days, bad days and days in between. But never a moment of regret.
I don't know what I would do without them scurrying around, having 3 projects going on at once. I know that day will come one day... sooner than I hope for. But when that day does come, I will know in my heart I have loved them and trained them and spent as much time as possible with them. I will have no regrets ( ok maybe a few less days frazzled...)
Perhaps my answer to my friend was a PC answer? Perhaps thats not how I really think? I don't understand any other way. For me, it just doesn't make sense BUT to homeschool. I want all families to be like ours. I think the world would be a better place. Most problems in the world can be solved by just fixing the family.
Im sure many people disagree. And thats fine I guess... But for me and my precious ones that live in MY little Red House... I think Homeschooling is the only way!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Quick Update

Here is a quick update on day #5 of keeping my New Years Resolution.

1) walked the neighborhood today in hopes of having the weight lost somewhere... didn't work!

2) My closets are staying neat and tidy. I have not bought anything yet due to lack of funds but will get started soon! In the meantime, my list grows and the cleaning continues...

3) I Love my hubby... need I say more?

4) Im still letting go as hard as that is and more pregnancies are announced. Im so happy for them but can't seem to help the stabbing that I feel in my heart. But God is good and grants me peace when I need it the most. Time to be strong and no time for saddness!

6) Oh boy, do I have a long list of things I want to do to my home. Can't wait!! ;)

5) I have kept up with the bible reading. My older girls joined me and its a great time together. Hannah reads half aloud to practice her reading. She struggles a bit, this is a perfect opportunity to have her practice while we are reading God's word. It reminds me of all the men and women of yesteryear who did the same thing by candlelight many years ago. They didn't have libraries or bookstores and their main goal was learning to read so they can read the word of God! I LOVE being able to help and teach her during our bible hour together.
Emma is joining along as well, but since she is such a bookworm, she usually gets it done way before us! She listens along. Molly, if she is around, carries her own little bible and pretends to read. Its so precious. But most of the time you can catch her "preaching" to the other littles. Thats Molly for ya!

As I have been reading day by day, I have kept the people who took the 90 day challenge close to my heart. I can't imagine the sacrifice and self discipline it must take to stay on task. I have been following one bloggers journey as her and her older kids read thru. I have not looked into the day to day schematics of it all but my heart is being tugged stronger and stronger each day. Perhaps that will be my next goal. Until then, I will pray that they endure to the end! I will look forward to hearing about their progress and admire them to the fullest!!! You go!!

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho. Its off To Gap I Go...

This morning my inbox greeted me with wonderful news. Gap is having a fabu sale. An additional 20% off of sale items. PLUS I have a 20% off coupon to be used on a non-sale item. Time to go in my closet, put on my Gap jeans and shirt, spray some of my Gap perfume and shop! I can't wait!
Yes, I know... there are more important things happening in this world but Im a girl, 'Nough said! =)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Its Party Time!

Its that time of year in our home! Birthday time! My banana turns 11 in just about 2 weeks and plans for her birthday are underway. Last year we had a HSM party and we all remember how that ended. Aunt Cindy got control of the Wii sing-it and off she went. It was hysterical.
This year the theme is a bit different! Candy bars are in order. I have a whole notepad of cool cute ideas that will be put to the test over the coarse of the next week. I already predict late nights watching my tv shows while I make tons of tissue paper topiaries and flower balls. Not to mention, Ice cream cone cakes, Snow drops, Cotton candy cupcakes, color co-ordinating m&m's and pink punch!!!
All done up in my favorite colors...PINK AND GREEN! With blue of coarse because its Hannah's birthday and she calls the shots (sort of)
I love the fact that my banana is still such a girly-girl and loves all things sweet. My shopping list is long and comprised of about 4 items in all various colors. Sprinkles, chocolate ,ice cream and candy. Healthy huh?
Well, we only live once and since sweets are limited, we will indulge on this one day!
Im so excited. I can't wait to begin. I can't wait to tackle the craft stores and most of all I can't wait to be surrounded by all the P-I-N-K!!!


I did NOT spend a lot of our Christmas vacation in pj's and my kids did NOT stay in theirs most of the day!

I am NOT counting the days till spring.

I am NOT already planning my spring garden and summer birthday parties.

I am NOT frozen to the core and ready to move to the equator because of this cold spell in the south. (after all I am a NY'er)

I did NOT change the color of my foyer (yet again) simply because I can't decide...

These are all the things I am busy NOT doing.

Happy Monday =)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Is It Spring Yet?

Im sure this is just one of many hopeful posts to come. As I sit in my living room watching the 30 degree winds breeze past my window, my heart yearns for spring.
I have taken out my little plant care cards and reviewed all the beautiful perennials I planted last year. Some planning and research took place to ensure beautiful growth for this spring and I am slowly picking out new flowers I want to purchase. I still have a long way to go with my little red house. Many more plants and many more years are needed to make it a flower-filled covered cottage but Im patient. I can wait.... maybe ;)
Tonight will be in the low teens. A rarity in my neck of the woods. I will hibernate in my warm house. My flannel sheets are freshly washed. After the kids go to bed, I will settle in my room and read. I will hear the wind howl outside my big bedroom windows but in my heart, I will be planning for spring. Yippie!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Last night we welcomed in a new year along with a new decade. For the first time ever, my Hannah Banana actually stayed up (barely) to watch Dick Clarks Rockin-New Years Eve ball drop in Times Square. For years past my poor 2nd born would fall asleep on the couch just minutes before the big moment. We would try and wake her but to no avail, she was exhausted.
Before that big moment, We all had our favorite dinner (tacos) decorated the house with streamers and hats and headed out the door. After sparklers, blow horns and echoing screams, the littles went to bed and the 4 of us had some great family time together.
Now that the first day of the New Year has almost come to a close, I will formally list my resolutions. These are things I have been thinking about alot the last week. Some are silly and pretty cliche, others are dear to my heart and I share them with you as another motivational tool to make them happen.

1) Lose those annoying last 10 pounds that have been following me all thru the town!

2) Sift thru my home and organize to the fullest. Not just clean. I have the deepest desire to go beyond normal day to day clearing and really make sure every little thing has its perfect place. I want to go beyond plastic storage bins and invest in decorative boxes, baskets, fabric bins and even a custom label maker. Hobby Lobby will be my newest and dearest bestie. Coordinating correspondence stationary with matching push pins, photo holder, letter opener, note pad, folders weekly calendar and mouse pad. (some of which I already have) My dearest hubby bought me more shelves for the garage and a nice 4 drawer filing cabinet. I can't wait!! Every closet, every corner, every cabinet will have a make-eovr. I already started in the kitchen and the downstairs LV room closet. What a difference that has made!

3) Every year my church publishes a bible reading plan book. If done according to the calendar and their scriptures, I would have read the entire bible in one year!! Every year I try and every year I fail. This will not be another year I let it slip away from me. With my organization resolution and with new order and scheduling taking place in my home, I am determined to read each and every day. I look forward to the wonderful plans God has in store for me thru this new goal.

4) Continue to be an even better help-meet to my husband and loving mother to my children. My 2 favorite books will remain on my nightstand and will be picked up often when I need encouragement and ideas. Understanding our full roles that God gave us enriches our lives more than we will ever know.

5) Let go and let God.
For my faithful readers, you all know the struggles I have had the past 2 years trying to conceive and keeping my pregnancies. It has not been an easy road... especially when friends and acquaintances have come and gone along the pregnancy road. They welcome their babies with such ease. Its hard to remain hopeful sometimes. Its hard to accept reality. Its just plain hard.
I want to leave all that behind. Its such bondage. It takes effort to feel that way and sucks the smile right off of my face. I hope and pray that this year will change. Not just in a successful pregnancy but in just an overall attitude. Gapboy and I will leave our family planning up to God. We don't use any forms of prevention but are well versed in ourselves to know when is good and when is bad.
I pray I can leave all emotions at Jesus's feet and be completely satisfied with His provisions...whatever they may be. I pray I can wait in faith. Peacefully. I pray that no matter the outcome, my heart will be healed. I pray for God to completely handle this situation.100%. I can't handle it on my own. I don't even know what to pray for anymore... its time to hand it over. It won't be easy but thats why its a resolution. It might take all year to accomplish but I will give it my all.

6) FINALLY finish decorating my beloved Little Red House... but then again... are we ever done decorating ;) I hope not!

My list is not long but it is meaningful. A year that will not be wasted. A year that will not find me wondering where the time went. Every moment is precious and every moment needs to be used for good. I pray I can make that happen, even when I have bad days, a messy house and unruly children. Tomorrow is a new day and order can always be restored.!



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