Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Busy Bee

As I sit at my computer on this way too cold saturday morning and drink my coffee, I am subconsciously putting off the inevitable. I would love nothing more than to stay in my warm little red house and enjoy the weekend but alas, life has a different plan for me!
1) Craft store for more cute decorative organizing folders
2) Topiary Styrofoam molds
3) Eye doctor for me Yippie time for new glasses =)))
4) Emmas first eye doctor appt. She is praying for glasses...
5) Warehouse store to buy loads of milk and eggs and bananas.
6) Buy the rest of the items needed for Bananas bday party!

In the meantime:
1) The 2 older girls will be coming back from (a very drama filled) sleepover
2) Molly will be getting ready to go to a birthday party (which she is just thrilled about)
3) My sweet, handsome, muah muah muah Gapboy will be assembling my new bookshelf that I finally bought!

and then by the afternoon we will all be reunited again where I can work on some super cute birthday favors and decorations and indulge in a delicious chicken Marsala dinner made by me!
Now if only the temperatures were warmer so I would not freeze, but don't be happy my northern friends... our temps go back up to the 50's by next week. Praise The LORD! God is GOOD!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a productive and crafty day! I had company for breakfast and a baby shower to go to at 2. I've got one kid with my dad at the ranch, one napping, and 3 playing upstairs, so now's my chance for my 90 day Bible challenge daily reading. I wish I were crafty, but have absolutely no talent in that area.



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