Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Cannot Blog...

I cannot blog, oh I simply don't have the time. A new homeschool book catalog came in the mail. Time to get my red pen and practice my circles. I can't wait. I simply can't wait.
I have a pretty princess running around in her underwears. I think she just peed on my foyer.
Some kids are at the table munching on sliced apples. One just announced very proudly that he just ate all of his seeds.... like a good boy of coarse.
Leftover lunch is hardening on the plates. Pizza boats. An official kiddie favorite.
Church is tonight. I must prepare. Shirts, shoes, shiny faces are a must, Remember your bibles, books and offering please. Eat quick! Lets go, we can't be late.... again!
RECESS! Time to switch loads, fold laundry and finally make my bed. The bed MUST be made. Its my one of many quirks. It must be fresh before I go under the soft sheets.
The foyer must be swept and tidied up.
Please continue with your 30 minutes of reading. Stop fighting. SHHHH the baby is trying to nap. You wake her YOU DEAL WITH HER! Thats the rule. They know it well. Tired babies are vicious babies.
Im tired.
I want to goof off on the computer. Did I update my status on facebook today? OOHH THATS where my coffee cup went. I simply don't remember leaving it there....
What was that noise? What broke... Its just who? who is me? Oh nevermind....
Did we pay our car insurance? Oh no, do we have car insurance now?? Add that to todays list.
Where is that UPS man? without our delivery, the birthday party will be a bust. Why doesn't anyone have cake mix on sale??? Out of 4 grocery stores no one has it on sale? Ughh off to wal-mart. I can't forget the ice cream cones or the cotton candy... where is my list? I know I have it somewhere....
Please turn the tv off, no tv till after school. Didn't we go thru this yesterday? The day before? every day last month? You know this. Why must I repeat myself?
You did what? To who? Get over here. Whats the golden rule? Remember the golden rule... REMEMBER THE STINKIN GOLDEN RULE!
Im in the middle of scrubbing the toilet... can it wait? Must you go potty NOW? With bleach and lysol all over? No, That toilet has cleaner in it too... sigh, hold on, let me flush it away and THEN you can go potty.... you too? Go use the upstairs one but flush first....DON'T FORGET TO FLUSH FIRST!!!!
Please don't play with the computers... no don't touch that..wait...don't.... I don't know what happened, call your dad and ask him how to fix it.
Where is your sister... no your other sister... now wheres your other one?
Noah is a boy, yes Noah you ARE a boy... Abby, stop calling him a girl....
No you cannot use my makeup. I promise no one can see your pimple. I assure you its not the end of the world.
Please wear pants, its too cold for shorts, Yes it is.... Yes it is.... thats it, go to your room...
Comb your hair....
Clean up your toys....
See, I simply cannot blog today, I just have way too much to do.....


  1. Absolutely PERFECTLY written! I may need to come back and read this now and then to remind myself that I really am not the only one! Now the world will know what that odd little smile with the little twitch at the corner means when they say "So what did YOU do today?"

  2. Hi! I found your blog while watching your segment on WYFF 4 (the coupon thing!) and I've been hooked every since! I really enjoy reading it and I love the insight into homeschooling. My husband and I don't have children yet (just had our third wedding anniversary!) but the idea of homeschooling has always been one I'm fond of and I learn lots by reading your blog. Please keep the posts coming! I have a blog also..

    Hope you have a very BLESSED week!

  3. hah. is it possible? how did you know so word-for-word exactly what has taken place in my house today?! everyday.


  4. LOL So funny! It sounds like life at my house! Isn't life grand?

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  6. Perfect! Just perfect! I cannot blog today, either, or visit other blogs or leave comments... thanks so much, your blog is so refreshing, just love it!

  7. Oh, I just stumbled across your blog and sprayed a bit right there on the monitor from laughing. (It's a compliment in my country...the U.S. OK. Not really). But whatever. Great post! I barely hold it together with my two. I will peek in again soon!

  8. I love the inside thoughts of your brain, too funny! enjoy your day! :)

  9. Sounds like my life!! Yep...that's what it sounds like.



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