Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My latest Fiasco...

Ok, so maybe this isn't my LATEST fiasco... its just the latest hobby to take up my time. Back in the fall I hosted a class in my little red home and had some great mommies teach me how to knit. We had knitters and crocheters and rug makers. It was awesome. Gals came with home made hummus, salsa and treats and we chatted about homesteading, raising chickens and children. Others just stared at us wondering what the heck was wrong with us!!! Regardless, we all left with a bit more knowledge of how to weave some fabric.
My knitting bag with my teeny-tiny garnet scarf hung on the back of my rocking chair in my bedroom for months. Calling my name, hoping someone would pick her up and keep her warm. It never happened.
Now that the holidays have passed, I recently dusted off my yarn. At night, I relax in my bed, turn the tv on and watch all those shows on DVR that hubby just hates to watch. I knit away. I find it amazing. I think about the people that "discovered" knitting. I, for one, am not organized enough to ever figure out how yarn can be weaved together to actually form something... but I so enjoy doing it.
My scarf is coming along. It has some pulls and mistakes in some rows but its made with love. Its my first. I will continue to practice and watch those shows on tv that I enjoy. I look forward to my quiet evenings.
I also have picked out the desk for my bedroom!! In just a few weeks it will arrive. If I play my cards just right, a nice sewing machine might grace the top. I can't wait.
Am I good at sewing you wonder??? Well, lets just say I was not Mrs. Price's favorite student in Home ec class. Did I mention I failed ? Oh yeah, I also broke the sewing machine...
Who would have ever thought!

(please excuse the horrible cell phone pictures. I still have not replaced my lost camera =()


  1. I know only too well about likeing tv shows that hubby does not. I dvr alot also. I love to crotchet but unfortunately have not picked it up in while(along with my cross-stitching). Your pictures were just fine.

  2. Whoever the special person is that receives that scarf will love it because you made it with LOVE!! enjoy your new hobby, and your quiet time.

  3. I think its great that you have learned to knit :)



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