Saturday, January 30, 2010

How Sad

This morning started out great! My hubby let me sleep in, my children came into my room cheering that winter has come!! Ice and sleet lay like a white blanket over everything that stood still outside.
I walked out to the living room. The house was light and bright thanks to the new winter weather.
Hubby had made my coffee just to my liking! I filled my coffee cup and headed back to my bedroom to see if I can catch some news. As soon as I turned on channel 4 my heart sunk, my stomach got queezy and my blood pressure rose high!
On it was some woman declaring how wonderful it was NOT to have children. The title... Childless by choice.
I quickly called hubby into the room so he could also hear the lies and propoganda coming from national news.
He shook his head. He told me that the world is outraged! Focus On the Family bought a 30 second spot during the superbowl as a tribute to pro-life... or actually pro-choice!!! Tim Tebow's mom declares how thankful she is that she chose life. Hubby then told me how in the last 2 weeks women have been outraged that something with any moral integrity dare be played across our screen!
This quick 10 minute segment ruined my morning. Im angry. Im mad that the world is so fooled. Im pissed that women, society consider children such a bother. Such a curse. I sit here in my jammies feeling helpless. I can't change the world. I can't change how evil people have become. I wonder if our God just weeps up in heaven for the way His beautiful creation turned out.
I understand its a free country. I get it. But what makes me so sad, mad is that they willingly and happily choose evil over good.
What I wouldn't give to have more children... to snuggle a warm little baby on this cold winter morning...
If they all only knew what a blessing children are...


  1. I totally agree. I am so upset with these decisions. I had also heard on the news along with prolife and prochoice commercials there was a debate to run a Gay ad promoting a date site for them. I was so upset, I dont want to see this during the game nor do I want my kids to see this garbage. I am angry at the ignorance in this country.

    Maybe we should rally a bunch of bloggers to gether to post about this or write an angry letter complaining on this. But truthfully, All it will do is let people know others are ticked but there is no guarantee of stopping any airing. Blah! I agree with you my friend, it is unfortunate and sad. I will be opt to shut the tv off each commercial.

  2. I agree 1000%. Thank you for the sweet blog comments. I'll join you in prayer that God opens your womb and blesses you with more children, for they truly are a blessing!! Hugs...

  3. I whole heartedly agree with you!!

  4. I totally agree with you, too. If only they realized how selfish they are being when they make these decisions early in life. I have never met a woman who ever said that she wished she had less children. In old age women usually say, "I wish I had more". Who will be around to care for them when they are old? Do they even think of that? No! Life for them is all about this present moment! If only they knew the true joy children bring into our lives and how much they change us for the better.

  5. Children really are such a blessing, and I am grateful there are at least some people who feel the same way!

  6. I get so many comments. People baffled as to why I'd want six kids. They don't understand why I wouldn't rather have a bigger house or a new boat. Maybe a sporty car. I just tell them "You have your treasures... I have mine."



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