Saturday, January 2, 2010

Is It Spring Yet?

Im sure this is just one of many hopeful posts to come. As I sit in my living room watching the 30 degree winds breeze past my window, my heart yearns for spring.
I have taken out my little plant care cards and reviewed all the beautiful perennials I planted last year. Some planning and research took place to ensure beautiful growth for this spring and I am slowly picking out new flowers I want to purchase. I still have a long way to go with my little red house. Many more plants and many more years are needed to make it a flower-filled covered cottage but Im patient. I can wait.... maybe ;)
Tonight will be in the low teens. A rarity in my neck of the woods. I will hibernate in my warm house. My flannel sheets are freshly washed. After the kids go to bed, I will settle in my room and read. I will hear the wind howl outside my big bedroom windows but in my heart, I will be planning for spring. Yippie!


  1. My heart longs for Spring as well. IT is just freezing here. I want spring here fast. I want to be able to take T* outside and watch his world get bigger. :) AHH! now this blog has got me aching for it even more! :) Lets start a COUNTDOWN!

  2. I'm excited about my planting and gardening this year, too. I have ALWAYS wanted a garden and now I have the space! Unfortunately, I have no idea where to start. Everyone is talking about buying seeds and planning and here I sit with big dreams and no clue! Guess I'd better get busy with some research.



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