Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Update Tuesday...

Here is a quick update on (almost) week 2 of trying to keep my resolutions!!!

1) Began workout video today and have not decided it I like it yet. Its alot of WORK! Im drinking more water and cutting out late night snacks including all oohhy gooey mexican goodness. GapBoy is not pleased as he LOVES his late night snacks. Pray for him...

2)I added another bookshelf to my living room to hold more books and schoolbooks and everything else that is finding its way into my home. Now the search is on for a really nice lamp to put on top of it (says Gapboy) one is needed. I will remind him of his request when I come home with one (or 2) and he goes to scold me for spending more money!

3) I show my love though food. So last night I cooked my hubby his most favorite italian meal. Linguine with sauce, eggplant parmesan and a salad with the works. We all ate like kings and queens and ALL had seconds. Abby and Molly had thirds and then decided to just eat right out of the salad bowl.Tonight I have another warm filling love meal planned! He really appreciates it!

4)Im not doing so well in the baby department. Im upset Im still not pregnant, I want to just forego the whole... make me happy and content with whatever.... and wrestle with God until my prayer is answered! You know, go boldly!!!
Gapboy is content with the whatever. But last night as we mentioned having another baby.... and "what if it were a boy..." He was beaming from ear to ear.... I know whats in his heart. He can't hide a thing from me ;)

5)Our bible reading took a turn over the weekend. We fell behind one day then 2 and part of 3. I quickly recovered Sunday night and caught up with it ALL!!! I will NOT fall behind. We do daily bible readings together in the start of homeschool. (I really should be doing that right now instead of blogging...) The more I read, The more I want to read. The more I want to learn. Im excited! Keep praying for us. We will conquer!!!

6) I have my paint colors picked and thats about it. Money is tight right now as I plan for banana's 11th bday party. My bedroom is taken over by a gazillion tissue paper flowers in every color and design. Its beautiful. I still have tons more to do, and tons more to bake. I declared friday home ec day as we prepare all the delicious treats for her gathering. She deserves nothing but the best!
As soon as I can, paint will be bought and thrown on my walls. I have a goal.... mid-february the latest. Im sure tax returns will play a big part.... another benefit of having a large family.... a large return. Its already accounted for. Bills, Playgym for the kids (oh my its so awesome I can't wait!!) more homeland security for GapBoy, landscaping, homeschool books for this year and next year and some in savings....
My homeschool list is long and ready for purchase. I buy in bulk with our tax return since its one of the only times we have the extra money to do so. We don't use credit cards, so this time of year is always carefully planned, listed and accounted for!
We have a small cookie cutter yard in a development that is still building. As houses pop up next to us, behind us... GapBoy's security measures increase. Large trees will be systematically planted all around the perimeter of our beautiful fence. They will be bought large and grow even larger. His goal.... a private fortress where no one can see in. Will this be accomplished? Well, you obviously don't know Gapboy or his insane need for privacy. It might take time but it will be done. In the meantime I will garden and plant and nurse my honeysuckle to cover my fence. I will sing to my wisteria so they grow on my pergola that much faster and watch my hubby fertilize his trees so they grow taller than the sky.


  1. Love your posts - you are all over - and all energy! You exude (is that spelled right?) happiness!

  2. You amaze me! Honestly I really do admire you...love reading your posts!



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