Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Can Read!

My little Miss Molly can read!! She is learning and can read a few words and a few "sentences" and the best part is... I TAUGHT HER!

We are using the "Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons" program and from lesson 1 it has been amazing.

We have shared some awesome times together. Laughing, sometimes crying and high fiving... celebrating while we learn. I have enjoyed watching her eyes as they beamed with joy at learning something new. Nothing compares to "hearing" your childs brain turn as they think and think and then answer correctly. I did it, Im still doing it. It can be done!

If only I could tell every mother in the world how rewarding homeschooling is.

If only they were able to capture the look of wonder on their precious childs face as the words and sounds "clicked" in their head and they got it!!!

If only they were able to hold their childs face in their hands and look them straight in the eye and speak into them..." I know you can do this...."

If only they were there to see their child do it right and beam with pride.

If only they didn't send their child off to a stranger and have that joy taken from them.

If only I knew this years earlier... I would have schooled them at home from the start...

If only everyone knew this....


  1. That's the same book that I used to teach Maddy to read. I LOVE that book and will sing the praises high and low of Mr. Engelmann!!! : ) Maddy's in first grade now and her reading level is 4th grade, all because of the techniques in that book!

  2. I use the same book for my Levi, and we are on lesson 6? and he is such a good reader! Love it, and it is sooo simple and wonderful. It is amazing how they start out with this one sound, and then before long they are reading these long stories with no problem! I do supplement with sight words though, and teach a little more like, ow says ow, and oy says oy, ect.

  3. Woooo!!!!! :) Way to go Molly!!! So proud of you & and your MOM! woooop! woooop!

  4. my friend Suzanne loves that book and has used it with all 4 of her kids!

  5. wonderful! The whole world is open to her, now that she can read!!

    I love homeschooling!

    p.s. I have a blogging award up for you at my blog.

    much grace and peace to you,

  6. Circumstances are the rulers of the weak, instrument of the wise..........................

  7. You are the only other person I know that has used that book, so I thought I would ask you what I've been wondering myself. Do you use anything else along with the book, like another curriculum in conjunction? I've been debating on whether to go ahead adn take Levi through 1st grade stuff next year, which will just be a repeat and review of what he's done in that book, or move him on to 2nd grade stuff. Just wondering how you are using it in the grand scheme of things.



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